Chapter 19

After Cha Cha followed this blogger, she immediately reposted its recent Weibo post: so cute puppy dog, this old aunt’s heart was sprung to life.

In this life, I am your only one: Oh my God, the missing person has appeared.

Come after me: if you are an old aunt then am I more than an old lady?

No one loves you more than me: (⊙ o ⊙) wow, I like dogs, too.

An ordinary passer-by: I have a lot of dogs in my house. It’s hard to keep a dog. Fortunately, I asked professionals to take care of them, otherwise, I won’t have time to brush my Weibo.

Pure and lovely reply to an ordinary passer-by: startle the local tyrant!


After Cha Cha read the comments that appeared at almost the same time for a while, she went to Our family silly Wang and saw that she also reposted her posts.

She forwarded the photos with the caption: is this the legendary leg that is two meters long?

To make complaints about her success in learning: the truth is always so cruel.

Cha Cha silently liked the first one. She didn’t mind being praised for her long legs.

By the time Cha Cha logged on to Weibo again the next day, the messages were 99+, the comments were more than private messages, and the newest fans were added. Probably up more than three thousand.

She went to see Our family silly Wang and saw that her followers were up almost two thousand or so.

Well, not much different from her.

Cha Cha was at ease. After all, fans circulate with each other. If the other party doesn’t rise her number, it won’t be worth forwarding each other’s post.

If they were all dead fans, then most likely that she won’t be cooperating with someone in the future.

But since not everyone likes cute pets, our family silly Wang’s rise of fans was considered good.

Soon after the trend of reposting people’s posts, other bloggers message Cha Cha privately.

Cha Cha read each message one by one, most of them were her fans, and seeing that most of them were sent by fans that aspires to be like her with many followers which were almost a thousand messages, she didn’t care to read all of them.

These were the ones that intend to circulate traffic to each other, while some of the more bizarre ones were the ones that have just applied for Weibo and had not even sent a few posts, with only two or three zombie fans.

This kind of person will also send a serious private message, and one of them sends to her: Cha loves Cha. Hello, I see that your Weibo always forwards other people’s Weibo. Seeing this I know you must be a very enthusiastic person. I plan to write jokes on Weibo, but there are no followers, so no one would repost them. So I hope you can repost my Weibo, let me increase my followers, and support my dreams, I will thank you very much.

There were more than one or two such people. If she doesn’t reply in time, they would hasten her, saying: why don’t you forward my Weibo? Since you have so much money and fans, give me some. What’s the matter? Can’t you support other people’s dreams?

Cha Cha would just laugh at these wonderful remarks.

Unlike Our family silly Wang blogger, at least she worked hard and had a certain foundation before she proposed to exchange resources with her. This was an equal relationship.

The people who send her these private messages were ambitious but don’t even want to pay for their efforts. They just want to ascend to the sky step by step and cover the sand sculpture of a white wolf with empty hands.

If there were only one or two such people, Cha Cha would directly block them. But they more than two or three of these idiots who were all troublesome.

So, Cha Cha chose to ignore it.

After reading some of the messages for fun, Cha Cha screened several bloggers and forwarded them to each other. She then posted on her Weibo: in my spare time, I used it all to visit Weibo. There are so many interesting bloggers on Weibo and it hurts my heart to get ahead. [cover my face].

It’s not my fault that I’m Sexy: I was shocked. I was swiped by your Weibo as soon as I got on the Weibo.

In this life, you are my only one: even if you hurt yourself, you made me read Weibo all day!

An average passerby: curious about what Cha Cha does, she had all the afternoon as her free time.


Cha loves Cha reply to an average passerby: my career— an average beauty queen.

After handpicking the familiar id to reply, Cha Cha closed her Weibo.

Glancing at the time it was time to have her self-study class.

Cha Cha sighed, she was too busy to enjoy her spare time but thought and encourage herself that she could be busy now so later she could have it easy and live a rich and carefree life.

Packing up her things, she planned to go out and have dinner before going to the self-study class.

Just downstairs, she saw outside Lu Ruoruo fiddling with her phone, and then not long after Cha Cha’s phone rang.

Cha Cha hung up the phone.

She then looked at Lu Ruoruo put the phone down from her ear and glanced at it in exasperation.

Cha Cha walked to her side and called out, “Ruo Ruo.”

Lu Ruoruo turned her head, showed a smile, and said.

“So, you were already down ah, I was thinking why you hanged up my call. Have you eaten dinner, let’s go eat together, I heard about a very good restaurant.”

It turned out that she was looking for her to freeload on her dinner.

Cha Cha didn’t mind. She was just going to have dinner, so she said.

“OK, you lead the way.”

The restaurant was indeed good, but the prices were not affordable for an average high school student.

Lu Ruoruo took photos all kinds of photos of the food and then kept fiddling with her phone afterward. The dishes were almost cold before she began to lift her chopsticks to eat.

Cha Cha has also heard from Lu Ruoruo how she severely discredited Yao Yiyi with her classmate and gossiped about how Yao Yiyi framed Ning’an for cheating in the exam.

Cha Cha was very satisfied, so when she paid for the food, she didn’t embarrass Lu Ruoruo and took the initiative to pay.

Lu Ruoruo was also very satisfied. She was still thinking about what excuse she will find to make Chen Cha pay but it seems that she didn’t need to do find that excuse.

After the self-study class, Lu Ruoruo once again called Cha Cha to invite her for a late-night snack.

They went for street food which was a newly opened stall that sells barbecue. It was a popular stall recently and people line for the stall making it hard to buy this barbeque.

Hearing this barbeque stand Cha Cha became excited. In her last life, she used to buy food at barbeque stalls but lately because of environmental protection policies, barbeque stalls quickly disappeared in the street of the city.

She hadn’t eaten at a barbecue stand in a while.

Although there were many barbecue restaurants, not the street stall barbecue. It was soulless.

“Okay.” Chacha responded and went to the street stall with her.

Although the street stall was near the school, it was still two blocks away and it takes more than ten minutes to walk.

But if you take a shortcut, you’ll have to take an off-the-beaten-path alley.

They took a shortcut. The streetlights in the alley were sporadic, not to mention it was darker.

But seeing the road was no problem.

At the corner of the alley, Cha Cha and Lu Ruoruo met a group of girls.

If only they were ordinary girls, Cha Cha and Lu Ruoruo wouldn’t care and would just ignore them and pass by. After all, they always pass by little girls every day, and they won’t deliberately make trouble either. Otherwise, they will be tired to death.

But among the girls, there was Yao Yiyi, which whom they don’t have a good have relationship recently.

One of the girls noticed Chen Cha at one glance She couldn’t help it, her appearance was too eye-catching and she also looked very bright in this dark alley.

“Yo, isn’t this Chen Cha?”

Yao Yi Yi saw her and was immediately elated with these sisters supporting her she was very strong to go against Chen Cha.

“Chen Cha? Who?”

“Our school’s flower girl, maybe. One in front of people, one behind people.”

“Hehe, it’s she so powerful. Shall we help you teach her a lesson?”

“How can you? She’ll go to the teacher and cry.”

“Oh, then hit her until she doesn’t dare.”

The girls and Yao Yi Yi were discussing how to beat up Cha Cha as if she was not around.

Cha Cha was not afraid, but not Lu Ruoruo. She pulled Cha Cha’s sleeve and whispered.

“Why don’t we go another way?”

Lu Ruoruo, who could only bully good students was immediately scared seeing these real gangsters’ girls.

“What are you afraid of?” Cha Cha deliberately didn’t control the volume of her voice and her tone was very calm.

Lu Ruoruo thought that she was stupid. This was not the school and these people would not care if she was good-looking, so they wouldn’t be tolerant of her.

Hearing what Cha Cha said, these gangsters’ sister felt that her self-esteem had been hurt.

They all act dense, and she’s not afraid? Was it challenging their gangster nature?

The girls immediately gathered around the two of them. Lu Ruoruo was so frightened that she stepped back and hid far away, which attracted the head of the gangsters to sneer.

Lu Ruoruo at this time simply does not have time to care about her reputation, she was more afraid of pain, don’t want to be beaten.

Bruised nose and eyes were even more humiliating.

Cha Cha, who was half a head taller than the head of the gangsters, looked down at the leader and said.

“Little girl, what do you mean by that? Are you trying to get me in trouble?”

She was smiling, and her tone was gentle.

But Mu Qingqing, the leader felt a chill, and out of the instinct of human nature to pursue advantages and avoid disadvantages she felt fear. What’s more, she was amazed by Cha Cha’s face.

Their school was not without beauty most of the girls in their school including them were all beautiful. But compared with the person in front of them, just like those who just came out of the village, they still go down to the ground basking their skin in the sun and have a darker tone of the skin.

But they were still beautiful, why would such a difference make a big difference?

Out of the love of beauty, she wants to let Chen Cha go, but Chen Cha’s words were like a provocation. So, how could she just let her go?

Mu Qingqing: “I’ll find you trouble, how?”

Cha Cha smiled.

In her last life, when she was in middle school, she also encountered gangsters, but at that time she has gangster friends as well—so the gangster she met was beaten up and did not dare to be too trouble her.

Several schools in the neighborhood know that her friend was a popular gangster, so no one looked for trouble with her, and will say hello when they meet her.

Only her schoolmates and classmates thinks she was well-behaved, so when she greeted gangsters whom she met occasionally, they were all very surprised. At such times, Cha Cha generally explained that it was a friend of a friend and they may look quite fierce, but in fact, these people were quite nice.

Her classmates never thought that these gangster girls were good and just thought that Cha Cha was too simple.

Yao Yi Yi who had a gangster backing was bold as she stepped forward and push Mu Qingqing away, and tried to hit Cha Cha. She then shouted.

“Laugh a fart!”

Cha Cha’s expression immediately sunken as she dodged Yao Yiyi sideways and hit her face with her palm, her other hand then grabbed Yao Yiyi’s hair and dragged her to the side of the wall, pressing her.

She then calmly turned back and smiled at the girls and said.

“I’m sorry, everyone. This is my personal feud with Yao Yiyi. I think you’re all out to hang out and know it’s hard to meddle in this kind of thing, right? We’ll ignore it this time. I’ll invite you to dinner later.”

Several girls were surprised. The school flower was quick and ruthless as if she had experience fighting every day. But she still has a spring breeze smile on her face.

It looks scary.

Mu Qingqing was just fooling around. She usually bullies good girls and good boys. This was the first time he has met such a cruel character. Suddenly her body was a little stiff.

And she doesn’t know Yao Yiyi very well. She just happens to meet her primary school classmates.

In contrast, as soon as the exit is to invite them to have a nightcap Chen Cha, and as soon as they meet and her close, but also had to let her help Yao Yi Yi, it seems particularly shameless.

But at this time, she felt ashamed if she didn’t help. She was still thinking about whether to come forward to help when she heard Yao Yiyi shouting,

“I □ □ mom! Why don’t you come and help me quickly! Are you friends!”

Mu Qingqing: … face is too big.



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