Chapter 18

When Yao Yiyi was on the path to the cafeteria, she saw Jiao Yushi who was walking towards the school gate.

She immediately saw him from a distance.

Although Jiao Yushi was only eighteen years old, he already has a height of one meter and eight, with excellent appearance not to mention that he walks with a correct posture, without any feeling of powerlessness and dishevelment.

No matter how far away he was he could be easily recognized even if they saw him from a distance.

Yao Yiyi subconsciously slowed down her footsteps, and the posture superiority she had earlier immediately diminished.

As she continued walking, she gritted her teeth and walked in front of Jiao Yushi, blocking his way.

When Jiao Yushi stopped, he didn’t look down and just lowered his eyes, looking at her with an indifferent posture.

Yao Yiyi looked up, amazed by his face before she calmed down after seeing his indifference.

She was slightly timid, but did not back down, and said.

“Do you know what Chen Cha has been saying about you behind your back?”

If he heard this before, Jiao Yushi would have immediately walked away with this opening statement.

But recently, Chen Cha has made changes that interest him.

Regarding Yao Yiyi framing Ning An, everyone at school sympathized with Chen Cha being pulled down, but he on the other hand thought that Chen Cha should be involved in this conspiracy.

Yao Yiyi and that person have always been led by Chen Cha and listened to her orders. If she acts alone, she could only insult the students around her at most.

But the Chen Cha now was very quick to respond when things started.

It’s like, knowing in advance how things would turn out.

The Chen Cha now was smart compared to the old days.

Jiao Yushi was a bit interested in the reason behind this change, what was the thing that could make a person change in one day?

“She said you like her and you’re just a little pet that belongs to her.”

Yao Yiyi sneered,

“And that you were a fool who only dared to look at her and run after her, and that she just treated you as a spare tire.”

After listening quietly, Jiao Yushi asked.

“Is that all?”

Yao Yiyi sense that he didn’t refute her she became a lot bolder, she shook her head and continued.

“She said she was not interested in you at all, she just hung out with you because she saw your silly and look funny. Moreover, she was also the mastermind of framing Ning An this time. She said that people in the school were fools and would not think she did it. You see, she is such a disgusting and hypocritical person.”

Jiao Yushi felt bored, what this person said was too boring and contradictory.

If Chen Cha really said that, wouldn’t she know what she would get in the end? And still, listen to Chen Cha to frame Ning An?

There must be something that made her take the risk to do it. But she didn’t expect she was unsuccessful, so she offered Chen Cha but she was beaten down instead. Now she was helpless and could only discredit Chen Cha everywhere.

It’s so boring, this useless struggle.

“I can’t bear for you to be deceived by her again, that’s why I’m telling you these things.”

Yao Yiyi showed an intolerant and determined expression as she continued to say.

“People like her only cheat and use people. I just couldn’t stand it anymore, that’s why I broke my friendship with her.”

Jiao Yushi looked cold.

“What kind of person is she, I will see it for myself. Do you still need to say something?”

Yao Yiyi was stunned and couldn’t figure out how he suddenly said such things when he was just fine listening attentively to her.

She wanted to ask but was scared away by the cold and disgusted look in Jiao Yushi’s eyes.

“Don’t bother me with this kind of boring stuff in the future.”

Jiao Yu Shi threw down a sentence and walked pass away from her.

Yao Yiyi froze in place.

After the initial blank out, she found her own reason, that was Jiao Yushi was like everyone else—they were all stupid, being deceived by Chen Cha’s seemingly innocent appearance.

So, what if he was handsome and have good grades?

Wasn’t he some fool who also only likes good-looking people?

Yao Yiyi was angry and felt a real sense of isolation for the first time.


The results of the midterm exams came down, and Cha Cha was not surprised by her nearly perfect score in every subject.

When she wrote the questions, she found that many of them were brushed before the college entrance examination in her last life. That college entrance examination was the real hell mode. This time, it was the belt hanging mode.

“Chen Cha has made a lot of progress this time. The total score has increased by 200 points since the last monthly exam.”

The smiling face of the homeroom teacher was wrinkled into a chrysanthemum for fear that others would not know that she was in a very good mood now.

The class immediately let out a sigh of relief, and the students couldn’t help but look toward Chen Cha.

She was calm as she looked at the class teacher with a docile smile.

The students forgot about her grades for a while and thought.

‘She’s so pretty, she’s not even the same species as the students around her’

“Huimei, your grades have dropped a few points this time, ranking second. You have to pay more attention, okay?”

After praising Chen Cha, the homeroom teacher said this to the person who came in first on previous exams.

Li Huimei nodded with a stiff face.

The class teacher looked at her and said with a sigh.

“It’s okay, it’s only the midterm, there’s still half a semester left, don’t be too nervous. Work hard during this time and try to get your grades up for the college entrance exam.”

“Um, okay, teacher.”

Li Huimei’s voice was dripping with gloom.

After class, the students around Cha Cha immediately asked her.

“Chen Cha, how did your grades suddenly go up so much?”

Cha Cha smiled and said,

“Maybe it’s because I enrolled in cram school some time ago and took all the free time to review.”

The classmate who didn’t talk much with Cha Cha thought that if she asked Chen Cha she would be looked down, however, seeing that Cha Cha actually answered, several curious people, gathered around and asked,

“Cram school? What cram school?”

“I found it online and heard it was good, so I signed up to try it out. I didn’t expect it to be really good.”


The classmate asked a little embarrassed.

“Can you introduce it to me?”

Cha Cha looked at them with a pair of shining eyes, she nodded and said.

“Of course, you can. By the way, we have a class group chat, right? Who can add me so I can send the address directly to the group?”

“OK, come on, let me add you so I can invite you to the group.”

After Chen Cha was added to the class group chat, she put away her phone and said.

“The address is on my computer. I’ll send it tonight when I get back.”

“Well, good, good.”

The students who were a little offended by her before, after her selfless sharing, instantly felt that she was a good person. They talk for a while and gossip about what happened before.

Cha Cha responded with a smile to all the questions one by one.


Li Huimei’s voice came from not far away.

“She says that she took a cram school, who knows if it was really true. I don’t know if it’s cheating or not, that’s why her grades suddenly increased so much, but it doesn’t make sense that the grades would go up so much just by taking a tutorial class. Tsk, people nowadays.”


Her deskmate laughed and said.

“Maybe she got Luo Junming to tutor her, but now she said she was in a cram class and took all the credit for Luo Junming. Really good at using people.”

When the students around Cha Cha heard their words, they all looked at them like they were a bully.

Cha Cha’s deskmate shouted directly answering back.

“You’re not good at your own test, so now you’re jealous of others’ good tests. It’s really stupid to say such embarrassing words.”

Hearing this, Li Huimei wanted to refute but saw a tall and thin Chen Cha walking directly in front of her and looking at her indifferently.

“Classmate Li Huimei, you are already an adult person, yet you don’t know that randomly guessing the behavior of others, is a very shameless behavior and will inadvertently damage the reputation of others. Moreover, it’s petty to be unconvinced even if you are not as skilled as others. Even if I take the test a hundred times more, it will still be the same score, just like your father, who will always be your father.”




Passers-by who heard these were amused by Cha Cha.

Li Huimei blushed and held her breath, but she was a little counseled at the sight of her insipid look.

“Chen Cha.”

A man at the front door called out to Chen Cha.

Everyone looked over and saw Luo Junming standing in the doorway, looking so eye-catching.

He gave a smile and said, a little embarrassed.

“Are you up to something now? Would I be disturbing you?”


Cha Cha shrugged her shoulders and said.

“It’s just that classmate Li Huimei, in our class, wondered if I had asked you privately to tutor me, and that’s why my grades had improved so much. I’m explaining to her right now.”

“Huh? I’d be happy to tutor if you need it.”

Luo Junming smiled and said,

“But you haven’t asked for me yet.”

The students were originally just eating melons and didn’t really care what the content of the melon was, they just found it quite interesting to know that now Li Huimei was hit in the face on the spot.

But one did not mind falling into the stone laughing out loud.

Cha Cha walked to Luo Junming’s side and walked down the corridor with him, asking.

“What brings you to me at this hour?”

“On the weekend, some of my photographer enthusiast friends asked me to climb up together to the top of the mountain to shoot the sunrise, do you want to go together?”

“It’s fun to shoot the sunrise.”

Cha Cha smiled longingly and said.

“Unfortunately, I have something to do on the weekend and can’t go. It’s going to be the college entrance examination and I’ve left too much homework before so I can only make up for it with my vacation.”

“That’s a pity.”

Luo Junming was a little lost, and then his eyes lit up and he said.

“How about I tutor you?”

“Thank you so much, if there is something I don’t understand, I will definitely call and bother you.”

“Haha, OK, it’s a deal. I’ll wait for you to trouble me.”

“Hmm. It’s almost time for class, go back or you’ll be late.”

“En, goodbye.”

Back in the evening, Cha Cha found a good website on the Internet, selected a cram school, and sent it to the group. A while later dozens of thanks have been harvested.

After that, her daily routine was to occasionally brush on her weibo and brush up on her work.

Her weibo post have been changed from once a day to every other day and every three days.

However, she lost and gain some of her fans since she makes complaints about success. But she’s still getting fans every day, and she doesn’t know where the attention comes from.

Her current fans were about 12,000.

Because it was still just for fun she did not really care.

She intends to wait until summer vacation and then get serious about it.


A budding blogger with about 15,000 followers messages her privately.

Our family silly Wang: Chacha, sorry, can I interrupt? Interested in reposting each other?

Cha Cha used to be a public market in her last life, but she was also studying at that time, so she didn’t have a deep understanding of these things, but she still had some idea how things works so she replied: Yes~

Our family silly Wang: OK, I’ll go pay attention to you first.

Cha love Cha: OK.



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