ECM 61

editor: sushi~


Chapter 61

The weather in B City gradually warmed up, but the air was still chilly, with fog in the mornings and evenings.

The recording camp would be held in the recreation area’s large arena. The company has arranged a car to send the trainees who were going to participate in the show there. In addition to Cen Feng, three other trainees were selected this time; they were all very excited and looking forward to it.

When they learned that Cen Feng would be on the show with them, the three were quite surprised. After all, his eccentricity was well known in Zhongtian. Cen Feng’s strength was that whenever he performed all eyes were on him, so when these three people rehearsed, they never once invited Cen Feng.

These three sat at the front of the bus sat and chatted excitedly. Cen Feng, on the other hand, sat at the back and slept the entire way. Not until the bus stopped did he slowly put his hat on and silently leave with his suitcase.

Trainees from various companies have gathered in the open space outside the venue, including groups that were already signed in the company and individuals. Most of them were barely adults, their actions full of excitement and their eyes full of expectation and ambition.

The staff in charge of the reception took a big horn and stood next to the shed under an umbrella, calling the new trainees to come and start filling up the form to sign in.

Cen Feng dragged his luggage and walked over. As he was approaching the tent, a boy rushed over, running as fast as a speeding car, and hit his left shoulder.

Cen Feng moved two steps to the side, the boy panted and apologized.

“Brother, sorry ah!”

“Is this the place to sign in?” He then asked the staff.

“Yes.” The staff handed over the sign-in book and pen.

The boy turned his head and looked at Cen Feng.

“You first.” Cen Feng said,

He grinned, showing a white row of teeth, and buried himself in writing. The boy was very fast; it took him less than 30 seconds to finish filling in the form before he handed the pen to Cen Feng.

After receiving it, Cen Feng thanked the other and leaned over to fill out the information. Name, age, length of practice, agency, debut, and company were all on the form and needed to be filled out truthfully.

Cen Feng saw that apart from his name and age, the boy had filled the previous column with a neat column of “none”.

After filling in his information, he returned the form to the staff. There was still more than half an hour before the assembly. Cen Feng looked around and planned to stay in a corner with few people. Just after two steps, the boy followed him and asked him.

“Brother, are you alone?”

Cen Feng nodded slightly.

“Me too! Ah, let’s make a company! These people seem to know each other, and we should unite if we are alone!” Like meeting relatives, he said excitedly.

After saying that, without waiting for Cen Feng to nod, he enthusiastically put his arm on his shoulder.

“My name is Zhou Mingyu. What’s your name?”

Cen Feng turned sideways and avoided his arms on his shoulder and back. His eyes glanced coldly at the boy from under the brim of his hat.

Zhou Mingyu didn’t notice this and looked silly. He followed him to the steps covered with fallen leaves. Seeing Cen Feng sitting down, he also sat down beside him, propped his head, and asked.

“Brother, what’s your name? Do you have a company? I don’t have any. I can’t do anything and haven’t been a trainee. I’m just curious about trainees, and wanted to have a look.”

He paused for a moment and sighed sadly.

“The girl I like, like trainees. How are they different from me? I just looked around and some of them are not even as handsome as me.”

Cen Feng: “…..”

He found that this man could talk to himself all day even if he didn’t pay any attention to him.

Zhou Mingyu talked for such a long time that Cen Feng, now knew where he lived and that he had a golden retriever. In the end, he asked enthusiastically.

“By the way, what’s your name?”

Not far away, the staff held a horn and shouted, “All trainees, gather here.”

Cen Feng stood up and patted the dust on his pants. Looking up and seeing Zhou Mingyu still waiting with an expectant face, he finally said in a light voice.

“Cen Feng.”

After saying that, he dragged his luggage towards the direction of the assembly.

Zhou Mingyu was struck by lightning, standing motionless in the same place but minus the energy he had a moment ago, staring dumbly at Cen Feng’s back as he walked further and further away.

Cen Feng.

He is Cen Feng!!!

This love rival who ruined his love of a lifetime!!!

The crime of taking a wife was unforgivable!!!

Zhou Mingyu stomped his feet indignantly and walked over with his luggage. Cen Feng stood in the back row and saw the shadow of the talkative boy walking over, Cen Feng thought he was going to chatter again but surprisingly he just stood back to the side and never spoke again.

When hundreds of trainees assembled the person in charge took the loudspeaker and said.

“Welcome to the ‘Teen Idol’ recording camp. For the next three months, you will receive closed training and performances. First, we will go into the venue and complete the first round of ranking. Good luck to everyone. Come on, line up and follow me in.”

The camera next to it has already started filming to take footage.

There was a lot of applause and cheering. The line started to move and noisily follow the person in charge.

The performance venue was in the center of the arena, and it took about ten minutes to walk in from the entrance. The venue was designed grandly. Many indoor variety shows were recorded here before, but this time it was chartered by Chenxing, and the whole venue was labeled with the logo of “Teen Idol”.

After going in, their luggage was put in the locker room and the trainees were given separate waiting rooms according to their companies.

Cen Feng was separated naturally followed the other three trainees of Zhongtian into the same room. In the waiting room, there were sponsored products and a little couple of publicity shelves. There were also hidden cameras in the corner. Of course, these trainees all knew that there was a camera, but they didn’t know where it was hidden.

Some people with active personalities began to play with the camera visible to them as soon as they entered the room, while others sat on the sofa and looked around quietly.

Cen Feng went in and sat down on the sofa without looking up. He pressed the brim of his hat down so that even his face was not visible. The other three looked at him with the same understanding in their eyes: it was still that eccentricity.

They looked around the room, sat down two seats away from Cen Feng, and began to chat in a low voice.

—— “Who do you think will be on the C-position this time?”

——”Chenxing’s, this is their program so of course, they must push their own trainees, and they will give more shots.”

——”That’s not necessarily true. In case there is a stronger one, the audience will still pay according to the strength.”

——”What about the nine spots, I’m not asking for a C spot, just give me the ninth place.”

——”Your dreaming big pal. Didn’t you see Cool outside just now? Seven people have been on many shows. They have rich stage experience and a fan base. Cool alone has to occupy seven places.”

——”I also saw Bian Qi and Fu Xingyan! Isn’t this kind of big guy good at solo? Why come here!”

——”This is Chenxing! Don’t you want to come?”

The three men spoke and glanced to the side.

Cen Feng buried his head like he was sleeping.

Their voice was lower.

“This is not the same. Although his character is strange, his strength should be mediocre and easy to beat.”

After staying in the waiting room for more than 20 minutes, staff came to each room one after another to prepare for admission.

To be fair, the order of entry was determined by the trainees themselves by drawing lots, Cen Feng drew sixty-nine and the other three drew thirty-three.

There was a big room outside the entranceway, where the trainees with the lowest number were waiting for admission. Before entering the site, they should first assess the level by themselves, a total of five levels of ABCDEF.

Those who were more confident could take either A or B, those who were not confident could take a C or D, and those who have a clear perception of themselves or were very modest will take an F. Zhou Mingyu came out in tenth place and gave himself an F.

From the time they entered the venue, the cameras in all directions started filming. Although it was a self-made talent show by Chenxing, the filming team and the directing team were still buttressed by the professionals in the circle, which was of outsourcing nature, only coordinated by Chenxing.

Inside the chief director’s recording room, Xu Zhaixing held a bowl of noodles while looking at the familiar face on the screen and almost sprayed out a mouthful of noodle soup.

She pointed at the screen in horror.

“Who picked him in??”

The leader of the group in her team looked at the boy named Zhou Mingyu on the screen.

“It should be the interview group? What’s the problem?”

Xu Zhaixing: I will kill Zhou Mingyu.



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