Chapter 49

[Ye Wan: you can open another live broadcast and let Ye Xun appear on the camera. As long as you get good grades, you can sign a new contract with the company. This time I will talk to the company and strive for a 20% share for you?]

Ye Susu raised her lips as she moved her thumb and deleted the message.

20% share, and attempting to get her little brat to sell himself?

How can this mortal think of pleasing herself!

After thinking about it, she narrowed her almond eyes and sent a screenshot of today’s business income [receipts of $2954.38].

[Ah, cousin, now I realize that too much money is also a kind of trouble, but please, don’t give me any more trouble~]

After sending the message, she sneered mockingly.

And standing at the back of the line, Ye Xun, saw Ye Susu retracted the gaze that fell on him, she also looked displeased. Suddenly his grape black eyes flashed a trace of gloom, biting his small lips.

The small hand that squeezes the seam of the pants also slowly makes a fist.

Ye Susu got angry.

Because he’s not brave enough?

Just now he did not muster the courage to respond towards her and wave at her.

He ignored her in front of so many people so she was unhappy.

Ye Xun hung his little head down.

The small school bag he carried behind him suddenly feel heavy.

“Mom, today’s homework is to learn three foreign words. The teacher said that we have to share them with everyone tomorrow.”

“Yeah? Mom just taught you that last weekend, remember? Nice to meet you, how do you say that in English?”

“Grandpa, do you know foreign languages? Teach me quickly!”

“Daddy taught me Japanese last time, I forgot, say it again~”

Soon the entrance to the kindergarten resounded with more and more conversations.

And more and more sarcastic eyes slowly fell on Ye Susu’s body.

“Aiyo, in case there are parents who don’t know a foreign language, won’t that child be miserable?”

“No way? Is there anyone who doesn’t know two words of English these days?”

“I don’t know. After all, being an internet celebrity has zero cost now and all of them don’t study well when they were young.”

“Hahaha, Hello, goodbye, was all they know? Otherwise, they will be blind. It’s really miserable for children to meet such parents.”

The sarcastic voice sounded almost when they passed Ye Susu.

There were no names, but adult swearing always has various ways to hurt people.

Ye Xun was at the end of the line and moved a little towards the school gate. Every time parents picked up a child, a sympathetic look fell on him.

It’s as if it’s implied that the child who everyone says was miserable beyond measure was him.

Ye Xun’s age was only four or five years old, but at the moment the little face was rapidly turning white, and a little red.

Everyone was talking about him, talking about Ye Susu.

The teacher was there, and so were the children in the same class.

He understood.

His throat was stuffed as if it were stuck.

Ye Susu really doesn’t know English.

He had heard her say it.

Once, she looked at the camera at home and seemed to say to the live audience that her English was poor and requested to not comment or reply in English.

When she was a child, she went to the playground and an accident happened. The small train turned over and hit her head.

Later, she was always at the bottom of the class, and her father said she it had affect her brain, so he did not expect her to study and become successful.

By the time she reached high school, she had been failing English, forgetting the words she memorized, and was close to repeating the grade.

After graduation, she returned1 all the English words she had learned to her teacher.

(Tn: 1– forgot)

Ye Xun remembered, and puffed up his cheeks.

“Ye Xun.”

The female teacher smiled and called his name.

“Your mother is here, go ahead.”

Ye Xun looked up at once and saw Ye Susu standing alone in the daylight.

Usually, she was most afraid of the sun because her skin would turn dark.

But now, because the shade was occupied by other parents, she had to stand in the corner where the sun was fiercest.

All of a sudden, Ye Xun felt the heat in his eyes.

“Mom …… mi…

Ye Susu doesn’t know English, and that’s okay.

She keeps forgetting words, and that’s okay.

He could learn on his own.

Ye Xun immediately spread his short legs and rushed towards Ye Susu like an arrow leaving the string.


Ye Susu hurriedly squatted down and opened her hands wide to took him in.

Lowering her head, she sniffed and pulled the corner of her mouth.

The cub also smelled good, as if they had just drunk milk.

“Let’s see, you got the little red flower today, didn’t you?”

Ye Xun didn’t dare to look up but when he heard this, he gently nodded his head.

The pink little face rubbed on her shoulder secretly and wiped away the tears in the grape black eyes before daring to raise her little face slowly.

A short white little finger poked his chest.

On his chest, attached was a small red flower from the teacher.

“Wow, you’re great, I’ve never received a flower in all the time I’ve lived.”

Ye Susu took a closer looked and expressed her satisfaction.

This was the key to the task; the cub was awesome enough to be praise.

“Mommy ……,”

Ye Xun crooked his little head, covering up the sarcastic gaze of the mothers and grandmothers next to him, with the blinding daylight shining on Ye Susu’s face.

“I can do my own homework today.”

There was no dad at home, so it’s hard enough for Ye Susu.

There were things he has to learn to do on his own, he’s all grown up after all.

He could live broadcast and read and study by myself.

“What is it?”

Ye Susu blinked blankly.

Ye Xun’s little face was stunned. He looked at her in surprise, and then looked around at the parents.

Finally, he lowered his head and said weakly in a mosquito-like voice

“Teach three sentences of foreign language as assignments.”

Only then did Ye Susu dawn.

“Ah, this ……”

Ye Xun held his breath nervously.

Did his Mommy find out that other uncles and aunts were criticizing her just now?

So now that he said that in public, it make Ye Susu sad instead?

His grape black eyes flashed, and was suddenly filled with entanglement and regret.

“Child, um…”

Ye Susu touched her nose.

And blushed a little.

“Do you want to learn cat’s language?”

If its foreign language, that’s all she knows.

Other than that, it’s too late to flip the book and it would be too difficult for her as a cat.


Ye Xun’s eyes widened.

And the parents around who hadn’t gone far almost laughed out loud.

Even the teachers at the door who was about to leave, stopped in their tracks.

There were parents who teach their children in such a way that they were unheard of.

“That’s awesome.”

“What? Do you want to talk to the kitten on the side of the road?”

“It will be useful if you become a veterinarian in the future. This mother is really smart, she even knows how to do this!”

The parents who had been taught a lesson by Ye Susu yesterday were almost all happy and fell over themselves to mock her.

While the children they were holding were drawn to the conversation.

“Is there really a cat language?”

“My cat never talks to me.”

“Impossible, Xiao Xun’s mother is cheating!”

Children were always curious.

But education nowadays sometimes stifles this curiosity.

Just as Xiao Pang was being pulled by his mother into the car next to them, he turned back his head with contempt.

“My mother never lied to me.”

Ye Xun’s ears turned red and glared at him.

And just when he was about to open his mouth, ready to speak for Ye Susu, he heard a meow sound that stopped his movements.

With a soft meow, it landed at the gate of the kindergarten, which seemed a little abrupt.

Xiao Pang looked at the door and his little round face was stunned.

Only to see the corners of Ye Susu’s mouth raised slightly and hooked a finger towards him.

Xiao Pang pointed to himself suspiciously, with a question mark on his face.

However, there was a lightning-fast orange fur ball, swoosh, and flew out from behind him.



The author has something to say: Sue: Emma, ​​I almost forgot… I took out my golden finger. I’m afraid I’m going to make these little children cry!


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