IRBB90’S 9


Chapter 9

Su Weiwei was only a little guilty, after all it was undeniable that she treats him well because she had purpose. She has always looked at the people around her from the perspective of a deity.

Liang Xiaomei was the future film and television leader, Cheng Cheng Cheng was a talented painter, Liang Weidong was the leader of scientific research, and even her dead husband who she has never met was an invisible rich man…

She cares about their identity, which was the label she labels them and in order to get more benefits in the future, she kept helping them—helping them in their most difficult time. But Liang Weidong’s tears let her know that they were all living people and have real feelings. The plot was beyond her control, just like now she never expected Liang Weidong to cry, and the tears still left a different emotion in her heart.

When the ink touches on the paper, it doesn’t matter what you were going to write.

She had never encountered a similar situation and didn’t know what to do for a while. Fortunately, there were many people around and taking the bystanders into the account Liang Weidong quickly stopped his tears.

“Weidong, I am your sister-in-law, it is right to take care of you. Your brother left early, if I do not support this family, then who will?”

Su Weiwei rubbed her arm and sighed.

“Your sister-in-law only suffer a little and is really nothing, you must take this money.”


Liang Weidong refused. If he really took the money, wouldn’t he be an asshole? What would his dead brother in heaven think of him? How could he leave all the burden of his family to his sister-in-law?

He refused to accept it for a while but but Su Weiwei stuffed it several times and said with a frown.

“If I tell you to accept it, then accept it! The money can’t be returned. If you really want to repay me, study hard. When you become successful and rich, it’s not too late for you to repay your sister-in-law.”

Of course, she wouldn’t refuse if he could send her more villas.

Su Weiwei forced the money into Liang Weidong’s hand and before he opened his mouth to refused again she ordered.

“The registration of No. 1 middle school in the city should still be accepting retakers, go and ask people if they are willing to accept you. If you got accepted, you can take the money and report directly. Don’t feel sorry to sister-in-law, this also an investment. The money invested in you is not given in vain. When you succeeded in the future, you should double it back to me, you know?”

Liang Weidong choked, he knew that his sister-in-law said these so just to reassure him, but could he really get into college, could really succeed?

“What? You don’t want to?” Su Weiwei raised her eyebrows.

Liang Weidong hurriedly shook his head. How could he not be happy? With the kindness of his sister-in-law to sell blood for his tuition, if he could really become a successful man in the future, he would have to repay his sister-in-law first. He would buy a big house for his sister-in-law, buy a car for his sister-in-law, what she wants he would buy it all and hold her as an old mother.

“Sister-in-law, do you really believe I can pass the exam?”

Su Weiwei smiled.

“Why don’t you believe in yourself? I said it’s not your problem that you can’t pass the exam, it’s the school that’s really bad. When you get to the No. 1 middle school in the city, you may place first next year.”

Liang Weidong’s lips were slightly raised. He secretly vowed that he must redouble his efforts when he go to college next year and let his sister-in-law live a life of honor.

“It’s time to go back, are you guys homesick?”

Liang Xiaomei’s eyes dimmed when she heard that she was going home. These days, she had enough to eat and her sister-in-law would buy her popsicles, these days were simply the best days of her life. If she could, she would rather live outside with her sister-in-law than go back to see the faces of Liu Yumei and Jiang Tao.

Liang Xiaomei kept shaking as she lowered her head and not speaking, and Cheng Cheng’s reaction was similar to hers.

Su Weiwei smiled and pinched their faces, one in each hand. They don’t need to tell her, although they only spend three days outside, the two children’s faces were obviously round. Don’t mention how good they felt, she smiled and said.

“Don’t be afraid, I still have money. At that time, we will secretly buy delicious, healthy and popular foods.”

Liang Xiaomei and Cheng Cheng looked at each other with joy.

Su Weiwei had been thinking about how to deal with the difficult Liu Yumei when she got home. As soon as she rode her bike to the door, she saw Liu Yumei, Liang Fugui, Xie Zhenjiang, Xie Baoyun and Jiang Tao coming back with a hoe. They hadn’t seen each other in just three days but they were too dark to recognize.

Liang Fugui had thick skin so it wasn’t that obvious but the faces of Xie Baoyun and Jiang Tao couldn’t be compared with before, especially Xie Baoyun.

Although Xie Baoyun was from the countryside, she was young and spoiled by Liu Yumei since childhood. After Liu Yumei remarried Liu she brought her daughter to their new family, and since then she never wanted to do farm work. Therefore, although Xie Baoyun also helped collect herbs at home, she really didn’t do decent farm work.

This time, Su Weiwei was gone they don’t have enough hands so Liu Yumei had no choice but to let her help. She went out at 4 a.m. and didn’t come back until 7 or 8, and eats some cold bread in the field at noon but this was not the most important thing.

For girls, the most important thing was their face. And Xie Baoyun’s bare skin was exposed to the sun, her skin was red and sweaty not to mention sticky and the painful sunburn. This was especially for her since she loves beauty, she even suffers pain in the name of beauty but at the end she only suffers to pain and becomes ugly which makes her resentment swell. At present, she was only short of someone to vent.

Who was to blame for this? If not for Su Weiwei, could she be this miserable? And she suspected that Su Weiwei had done it on purpose, they could hardly finish the farming work before she came back, it was simply infuriating!

Xie Baoyun’s face was cold as she threw away her hoe.

“Su Weiwei, you’re really powerful. You leave your work at home, and you really pick the right time to go home we’ve just finished working more than ten acres of land, don’t you know how tiring that is. How can we have a daughter-in-law like you?”

She was angry at the right time. Liu Yumei only felt relieved seeing her daughter getting angry as she also looked at Su Weiwei coldly.

Su Weiwei stared at the dark red Xie Baoyun and blinked,

“Who are you?”


Xie Baoyun loves beauty, and Su Weiwei’s words just poke her heart. Her skin was not naturally white and with his skin expose to the sun has even made it worse. Unlike Su Weiwei who never put on sunscreen, but her skin doesn’t even tan even under the sun.

At present, she and Su Weiwei were black and white, and Su Weiwei still had the audacity to satirizes her and pokes her pain which Xie Baoyun almost cried angrily.

“If it weren’t for you, will I be like this? You’re so selfish! You’d leave all your farm work to me for your own happiness!”

Then she stared at Su Weiwei with a aggrieved face, as if Su Weiwei had killed her whole family.

Su Weiwei took Cheng Chen down and couldn’t help laughing:

“Leave my farm work to you? You’re kidding right. Everyone in this family eats the grain and everyone should share the farm work so why is it just my farm work? And besides did you give me all the grain in this family?”

Xie Baoyun hesitates, she knows that Su Weiwei was right, and also knows this was because of Liu Yumei. Although Liu Yumei was good to her, she still loves her son the most and in Liu Yumei’s opinion, Jiang Tao was her own person. After all she, the daughter would be sent off to marry into another family so if Su Weiwei doesn’t work and Jiang Tao doesn’t do it, all the farm work will fall on her. If she does more farm work, her skin would be thicker not to mention she already had dark skin and she was not as beautiful as Su Weiwei, if this continues…

Xie Baoyun shivered and immediately said viciously.

“Isn’t there a division of labor at home? Didn’t we agree that you, brother and uncle would do the farm work?”

“Says who? Did I agree? I’ll do it if you tell me to?”

When Jiang Tao heard this, she got anxious.

“If you don’t do it, who will? I think Baoyun is right, you are really too selfish, how can you leave so much farm work and run away? Look we all got sunburned… Besides, it was agreed before that you do the farm work while I cook at home. Don’t think you are the only one who works hard, I also work hard to cook.”

When Su Weiwei heard this, she got angry and couldn’t help but pursed her lips:

“How dare you mention the division of labor! You cook at home? What kind of cooking? Noodles and pastry? I’m not saying but I only eat cold and salty food every day, you don’t do anything at home all. And even though you don’t do anything you still don’t sell yourself short ah. How about this why don’t we switch, let me do the hard work of cooking, and you go to work in the fields, that should be okay, right?”

Jiang Tao was too angry to speak, she’s not stupid how could she change with Su Weiwei? Anyone knows that the farm work in the field was not only available during busy farming hours, especially in rural area where people have endless farm work all year round. They have to go to the field to weed anytime and anywhere. Her skin was so tender so how could she let her skin be as black as Xie Baoyun.

Jiang Tao hugged Zhuang Zhuang and didn’t speak wisely.

Liu Yumei couldn’t stand Su Weiwei’s complacency. She threw her hoe and scolded.

“I don’t know where you went to hook up with wild men, well little bitch is a little bitch after all. Don’t think I don’t know you have an affair with that Qi Yuanxin! Let me tell you, his family is much better than yours, he is not married and has no children so how can he settle for you? Don’t dream!”

“That’s right!”

Xie Baoyun frowned and said.

“Brother Qi’s family is very good, there are many people chasing him. He even rejected the town mayor’s daughter. How can you compare to them?”

Su Weiwei smiled as she took out the clothes she bought for Cheng Cheng and Liang Xiaomei at the temple fair, shook them in her hand and said.

“I don’t know if he’s interested on me or not but what I’m certain is that he don’t like you but don’t be discouraged, Baoyun ah. Even if you’re a little black, ugly and vicious? It doesn’t matter Qi Yuanxin still don’t like you. But I’m sure there must be other unlucky men who have bad luck to take over the offer by then you can definitely get married. Jiayou!”

Su Weiwei finished with a smirk, holding the clothes and left.

Xie Baoyun was so angry that she almost bled from her seven orifices. She liked Qi Yuanxin, the latter was good-looking and tall. So of course, all the girls in the village liked him, but he had high eyes. However, she looked at Su Weiwei differently.

But Xie Baoyun thinks that she was better than Su Weiwei so naturally she was not convinced. Why should a widow like Su Weiwei who killed a man better than her?

Xie Bao Yun cried in anger, pointing at Su Wei Wei and scolding.

“Mom, look at her, how can she say that about me…”

“That little bitch, don’t be angry, mom will help you teach her a lesson later!”

Jiang Tao on the other hand could not care less about them, but only stared at Su Weiwei ‘s hands holding the clothes.

Where did Su Weiwei go? How could she buy such beautiful clothes? The style was new and had bright colors. Jiang Tao has been to the city twice, the children in the city were dressed like this, fashionable as hell.




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