Chapter 63

Jian Ruixi was now the young madam of the Fu’s young lady; with her status she knows it was impossible for her to just send clothes.

In fact, if it’s a big brand like Grandma Xiang nevertheless it was still elegant, but if it’s J.S women’s clothes founded by Mother Jian, she doesn’t say it has low quality but it doesn’t really level with her value.

So Jian Ruixi prepared a room full of prizes, in addition to J.S clothes, she also prepared a large number of makeup, perfume and bags that girls likes.

This should open the eyes of the humans with fish lips.

It was just a wide range of goods. Lisa and her took some time to sort them out, and it took them few days. It was Wednesday morning that Jian Ruixi posted on her weibo.

In recent days, her fans have risen again. Many of them were melon eaters. The purpose why these melon eaters was paying attention to Jian Ruixi and visits her weibo every day was to ask why she didn’t kiss Fu Shiyuan that day and when to would she make up for the kiss, she owed to everyone.

Jian Ruixi: “….”

I don’t know much about this sand sculpture netizen.

It was precisely because the heat was still there that her lottery weibo instantly attracted countless fans.

When they received the message, they thought she should come up to distribute food at everyone’s request, so they rushed over happily and wiped their eyes after reading it. They always wondered whether they were dazzled, because Madam Fu said so——

Dear Annie: celebrate the children’s summer vacation, and thank you for your support. Forward this microblog and pay attention. Draw a friend to send all the goods in the picture, and the prize will be opened by @ weibo lottery platform on July 15. [photo. JPG]

Jian Ruixi doesn’t have many words, but instead shows the room filled with cosmetics, clothes, bags and shoes in the photo, just like every girl’s dream.

Netizens have never seen such an inhumane prize, and the comments were crazy.

[Ah, ah, I hope the young master will spend 365 summers a year!!! Not to cheat the lucky draw, but to wish the young master 365 days and be happy every day like the new year]

[It is worthy of being called young mistress, she not only sent an eye shadow and lipstick but a table of eye shadows and lipsticks, and a neat sized foundation powder in the drawer. The key is that the eye shadows and lipsticks are all expensive and the colors were part of a collection. Almost all the colors were those easily out of stock were assembled! If you can have these two tables, you really have no regrets for a lifetime.]

[Without further ado, mom are you still short of daughters, the kind that went to college?]

[As a loyal fan of the J.S family, seeing this room of clothes I really couldn’t sit still, this year’s new models are all here, more than the brand store goods, ah, I deliberately zoomed in to see, there are three full rows of styles I have not seen, should be the new products to be marketed, the young mistress is simply trenchless!]

[The same J.S fan expressed excitement rubbing hands, you can all have the lipsticks and bags, clothes are all booked for me.]

[Didn’t anyone notice the golden card in the lower right corner? The noble color revealed on the card can be seen as a VIP card for viewing the sea. The big boss has one. It is said that if you show it for dinner and accommodation, you can enjoy the authentic British housekeeper service. Our big boss is very precious and jokingly calls it his magic weapon. Holding the card to accompany big customers to see the sea can improve the success rate of business and add ten points… ]

Jian Ruixi didn’t exit her weibo yet and saw this comment. It was a little bit unexpected. The eyes of the netizens were really sharp.

The golden card of the hotel was hidden in the eye shadow and lipstick that girls were all dazzled for, making sure that the card was well hidden.

In fact, Jian Ruixi already planned to do reveal bit of information after two days if no one found the prize, but it seems that she had underestimated the eyes and knowledge of the netizen.

Just when Jian Ruixi sighed, other netizens also explained the details further for the people who didn’t understand it under this comment.

In short, the golden sea viewing card was very rare. They couldn’t buy it with money, but they have to apply to get one, however the application threshold was also very strict.

One should invite at least two members to be the “introducers” and then submit the information to the headquarters for assessment. The most abnormal thing was that the headquarters only sends 88 gold cards a year.

Enough to prove the value of this card.

In other words, it’s not a membership card, it’s a status symbol.

The following netizens have expressed their unawareness and conveyed how precious the card was to be part of lottery. But the most amazing was how worthy of the young mistress Jian Ruixi was.

Jian Ruixi was actually eating melons with everyone. Before that, she also didn’t know how rare this gold card was.

First, Madam Fu has been to the hotel n times in her memory, but she doesn’t get VIP services because she doesn’t have a card, even if she was with those young madams.

Second, on the morning of President Fu’s return to Beijing, she just casually asked whether he could give her a membership card of guancanghai as a raffle prize. It was out of the principle of fairness. After all, he could not advertise for his mother-in-law and ignore his mother-in-law.

Of course, if President Fu refused, it had nothing to do with her but did he refuse? No, he did not. He said in a light tone that he would ask the people in the headquarters to send the card home. Then at noon that day, a pair of handsome men and women with good image and good temperament sent her this card.

The girls smiled and explained some rules. For example, in addition to exclusive services, this card also has 10 high-level room occupancy qualifications, which were universal and unlimited in time.

No one has mentioned how difficult it was to apply for it to Jian Ruixi. So of course, Jian Ruixi herself didn’t think much of it. But now, she was happy to pretend to be forced and replied to this comment alone.

[I’m not sure about the housekeeper service you said, but since other members have it, there should be no mistake. Judy also told me that there is exclusive service, and then there are ten check-in qualifications, which are universal and have no time limit.]

The girl who came to deliver the card that day was named Judy, the PR manager, and they often appear in media interviews and other activities.

After the reply, Jian Ruixi continue to brush the comments. She was also wondering, for instance the young madam was using and wearing all famous brands which seems to have been popular for years.

However, J.S which seems to have been popular for a few years was never been reported even supposedly Madam Fu likes this brand.

Of course, there are reasons why the media did not report about this. Madam Fu herself was very low-key and rarely takes the initiative to mention her mother’s brand, let alone wear those clothes.

There was no need for reporters to advertise J. S. after all, they charge money for advertising. Also, who was willing to do free things.

There was only one third of an acre of land in the city. If the media does not report, it could still be spread by word of mouth after all many people know the relationship between Madam Fu and J.S. As for the in the capital, the news travels slower since it was far away.

Jian Ruixi has often been on hot search recently and failed to bring it up. It could be seen that in most people’s hearts, these two were really in eight pole relationship1.

(TN: 1– proverb means to describe relationship between two was estranged or unrelated)

So, they did not expect that Jian Ruixi would take initiative to advertise J.S Clothing. Especially after some intelligent netizens went ahead andcheck her and the origin of this women’s clothing.

Soon there was speculation.

[I went to the official website of J.S to look up its family’s introduction, the founder, Ms. Song Huilian, seems to have the same name as the young madam’s mother]

[I saw Ms. Song’s name too, and isn’t J.S split up to be Jian and Song?]

Some netizens from Hong Kong city came forward and said.

[J.S was indeed founded by Madam Fu’s mother. Not only that, Madam Fu is also a major shareholder. It is said that she invested 100 million, and the scale of J.S has expanded rapidly. Now it is a well-known enterprise in Hong Kong City, and it is said that it has done well in the mainland?]

The Hong Kong City netizens who mentioned this local enterprise was also proud, but J.S was just boasting so well on how they were able to make money in the mainland.

Because in fact there were only seven or eight stores in the mainland, in addition to several first-tier cities in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, there were only cities with relatively developed economies such as Hangzhou and Chongqing.

At least in Jian Ruixi’s view, this scale was still far from enough. People in Hong Kong and cities still don’t fully understand the consumption capacity of the mainland.

This time, an unprecedented lottery was born. Jian Ruixi, together with the golden card and J.S women’s clothes, occupied the weibo hot search respectively, which not only set off a new lottery upsurge, but also had a general understanding of those who had not heard of these names before.

Jian Ruixi’s name was listed in the first place of hot search. The forwarding volume continues to rise every day. It could be imagined that as long as she doesn’t open the prize all day, these heats won’t drop.

To say, Jian Ruixi contracted the weibo hot search for half a month with these prizes, but the effect was better than spending a lot of money to invite stars to speak for her.

Lisa called to report the good news. Before the prize was opened so soon, J. S’s sales in the mainland have broken the record, and all major stores have supported the transfer of goods to the headquarters.

MotherJian mother was so busy that she pulled her over to help. Of course, she paid an hourly salary; The occupancy rate of the hotel also increased significantly, and then the Fu’s stock rose a little. Whether it was related to her remains to be concerned.

Finally, when the media couldn’t find Madam Fu, they harassed her every day.

Hearing this, Jian Ruixi laughed without guilt. Yes, she’s no longer in Hong Kong City. It’s not to hide from the omnipresent reporters in the city, but what they agreed before.

Jayce accompanied her grandmother to live in Britain for a week during the summer vacation while Jian Ruixi happily tag along with them.

Now it’s the fourth day in London, and she was already a bit overwhelmed with joy.

First, they experience picking grapes and making wine in Old Madam Fu’s winery, and then they have a good drink in the cellar all afternoon. The next day, they accompanied Jayce to the manor to see his little partner, Louis.

At this time, Jian Ruixi realized that Old Madam Fu not only have her winery but she also have a manor in England that specializes in raising horses and running horses.

Rich people were so capricious, but she likes it. Jian Ruixi followed again with great interest to go horseback riding.

Jayce the little man, riding Louis, a tall handsome white horse with long and lean, bright hair. He was raised very well for children ride like a prince charming, while Jian Ruixi could only ride a meek little mare, but still requires for a teacher to hold the mare and walked it around with her riding on it.

Despite this, Jian Ruixi still enjoyed the two days, and said that if there was a chance to come over again, she would learn how to ride the horse.

After playing crazily for several days, Old Madam Fu who was with them from day one couldn’t move and said she needed a day off.

Tomorrow was the Duchess of Kent’s birthday. The invitation has been sent and Old Madam Fu needs to conserve her energy. Of course, she would be bringing Jian Ruixi and Jayce with her appointment tomorrow.

This was probably the advantage of sticking to her mother-in-law. Madam Fu used to come to Britain however she mostly goes shopping with her friends or attends some girlfriends’ parties, and only stay in a hotel or in a house under her own name.

She rarely has the opportunity to visit Old Madam Fu, therefore, in the past, she didn’t have the opportunity to follow Old Madam Fu to those noble and rich banquets.

Jian Ruixi was certainly overjoyed with this oppurtunity. The British royal family, ah, she has only heard of their gossip on the Internet but now she has the opportunity to meet the legendary characters.

Wasn’t it like a dream come true?

So now hearing Lisa’s little complaint, she has no sympathy at all, and even gloated.

“It’s time to adapt in a few days. I’m optimistic about you.”



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