Chapter 67

Among the crowd, only Song Xinrui lowered her eyes.

She was the only one who knows the identity of this Chen Fang.

Last time, when she met Jiang Liangchan and Chen Fang, she almost fell in love with this man and wanted to compete with Jiang Liangchan.

But to her surprise, this was the same face of the man rumored to be Jiang Liangchan’s boy toy.

Looking around at the attitude of these noble women, she felt sarcasm and relief at the same time.

Behold, she was not the only one who makes a fool of herself in front of such lowly underling.

At this time Jiang Liangchan had already given Li Yuan the lotus flower jade token.

Li Yuan took it in his hand to inspect it, and so was the noble young ladies, they all gathered around him.

Li Yuan couldn’t help remembering Li Hongru’s teachings, these noble young ladies were really no good.

Besides from what they eat and wear.

Li Hongru’s jade carvings were famous, and those with noble status were proud to have one. Although the noble young women themselves do not have one, they have seen it from the old madams and ladies at home.

After seeing the lotus jade token, they all fell silent.

That’s right, no matter how much they want to punch Jiang Liangchan in the face, they still have to admit it.

This was indeed the work of Li Hongru.

The noble young ladies could not speak for a moment.

They remembered the bet they just made with Jiang Liangchan.

If they lose, they were going to go out into the crowded streets and shout that they were a fool.

But they were all dignified people, how could they lose this person ah.

However, this person could only take the first-place.

Li Hongru’s inscription and jade pendant, who could surpass this?

Even Li Yuan that disciple would have to admit defeat.

During the silence, Song Xinrui spoke in a soft voice.

“Even if this is really the work of Mr. Li Hongru, but haven’t you forgotten that what we are comparing today is a painting, not an inscription, and not a jade carving, isn’t it?”

Shang Chuxue’s entire being came to life.

For the first time, she cast an approving glance at this Song Xinrui who looked unpleasant.

“No, we are comparing paintings, not other things.”

She looked at the inscription in Jiang Liangchan’s painting and sneered.

“What is this, can that also be compared to our paintings?”

The noble young ladies were united once again in an unprecedented way.

Even the noblewoman who invited Li Yuan to come was actually willing to withdraw her own accord, saying.

“That’s right, what sister Shang said makes sense. We are comparing paintings, and it has to be our own painting, what kind of ability is it to take others to back ourselves up? In this way, we can only count our own paintings, so I withdraw from this competition.”

When she said that, the noble young ladies became even more united.

The most competitive ones left were Shang Chuxue and Song Xinrui.

Li Yuan, however felt very uncomfortable from the moment Chen Fang arrived.

Originally, he felt that he was being up by these noble young ladies but once Chen Fang arrived, he felt as if he no longer existed.

Seeing Chen Fang and Jiang Liangchan standing there, Li Yuan also smiled and said.

“That’s right, so I’ll also withdrew my painting, the first prize winner I’m afraid are need to be chosen from Miss Shang and Miss Song’s painting.”

This was a foregone conclusion.

The first and second prize were from Shang Chuxue and Song Xinrui.

They even have started to pick their winning items, and were still humbling each other while taking their eyes at Jiang Liangchan boasting their triumph.

“Tsk, some people, ah, they could not just do it, even if you move important people, it does not always work that way.”

Jiang Liangchan lowered her head in shame.

If Chen Fang did not come, it may be okay.

But when Chen Fang came, she felt extraordinarily sorry for Chen Fang.

Her painting was indeed too poor, she let Chen Fang’s kindness who took her to Li Hongru yesterday in vain.

She apologized to Chen Fang in a small voice.

“I’m sorry, it’s my painting that doesn’t live up to expectations.”

Chen Fang sighed.

The voice was so low that he almost the only one who hear himself.

“Didn’t I say that you should not be bullied?”

It’s okay for her to be bullied by him, but what’s the point of being bullied by these messy people?

Fortunately, he saw her jade card fall on the ground this morning. He thought about it and sent it to her.

Jiang Liangchan didn’t hear what Chen Fang said and asked,

“What did you say?”

Chen Fang looked at her and changed the topic.

“The piece of paper you were given yesterday, do you simply not remember it at this moment?”

Jiang Liangchan fumbled to pull it out and saw a line written on it.

“Turn the painting upside down.”

Jiang Liangchan gave him an inquiring look.

Chen Fang pointed to the painting with his chin, indicating that she should do as she was told.

Jiang Liangchan though does not understand why does she need to turn the painting upside down.

But Chen Fang’s eyes were showing meaningful glint, it was so meaningful as if telling her it was by rights and made her also blindly filled with confidence.


Jiang Liangchan took a deep breath.

Give way. I’m going to start pretending.

Jiang Liangchan coldly smiled, a smile filled with the style that only a master has.

And successfully subdued the scene.

“What’s your hurry? Did I say I was going to quit? Xiao Chen.”

Xiao Chen respectfully answered.

“At your command, Young Miss.”

Jiang Liangchan said confidently,

“Turn the painting upside down.”

Show the confident inverted golden chicken!

Shang Chuxue giggled.

“This is funny, you lose so why make trouble? Why don’t you stand one upside down yourself instead, maybe this sisters will forgive you.”

When she finished her sentence, this time, unexpectedly, no one echoed after her.

Shang Chuxue frowned and followed the crowd’s gaze.

The upside-down picture of a chicken pecking at rice has suddenly turned into a landscape painting at this moment.

A vast sea of clouds.

Mountains loom in the clouds.

With a few strokes of the brush, the meaning comes out in full.

Next to it hung Li Yuan’s painting of rivers and mountains. Originally, this picture of rivers and mountains had far crushed Shang Chuxue and Song Xinrui, but since he withdrew in order to crush Jiang Liangchan.

But now, Li Yuan’s painting has become dull after being compared with Jiang Liangchan’s landscape painting.



Jiang Liangchan excitedly collected all the spoils of the day.

She took first place, and all the fines brought by the noble ladies today were all hers.

Originally, she had her heart set on a few in the first round, and at the time, she was having a hard time thinking which she would take, but now she doesn’t even have to pick, they’re all hers.

While tidying up, she whispered excitedly to Chen Fang,

“The strokes you added yesterday were too godly, right?”

Yesterday, she only thought that the strokes he added was to make it more looked complete. She didn’t expect such a miracle.

Chen Fang smiled and was about to speak.

Li Rong ran over excitedly.

“We won all our bets and made a lot of money. Look.”

She laid out a large pile of silver tickets on the table.

Jiang Liangchan’s eyes widened.

Sure enough, it’s a big stack.

If you plant a silver ticket in spring, you can harvest many silver tickets in autumn.

Looking at the side, the jealousy and anger in the eyes of the noblewomen were about to burn a hole in the garden.

Now, they were looking angrily at Jiang Liangchan as they collect their silver tickets and things, while each of them was holding a piece of paper on their backs.

This was the line written by Jiang Liangchan for them. She was afraid that they would be lazy and specially wrote the line for them so that they wouldn’t miss any details of their stupidity.

They were now ordered to memorize.

In a moment they would have to go out into the street and carry it to streets.

Reading the line, they inwardly hope Jiang Liangchan this bitch explodes in place.

Jiang Liangchan however, ignored them and looked at the spoils on the table. She called Li Rong and said,

“Look at what you like in it and take it.”

Li Rong immediately said.

“No, no, no! How can I want the jade ornament and eggshell porcelain tea set you won?

Jiang Liangchan: “….”

With the jadeite ornaments, eggshell porcelain, and the screen she brought, and half of the silver tickets, Li Rong happily bid farewell to Jiang Liangchan.

Jiang Liangchan also sat in the carriage, happy to share the spoils with Chen Fang.

“These silver tickets are all yours.”

She shoved all the silver tickets that looked roughly like a thousand taels to Chen Fang.

Regardless of Chen Fang’s reaction, she went on to divide the rest.

“This snow lingzhi to mother, military books to brother, grease powder to me, this ink stone turn around and give it to old Master Li Hongru …… Eh?”

She took something out of it and identified it for a long time.

Chen Fang saw it and knew what it was, he narrowed his eyes and wanted to tell her that she could give it all to her mother and just don’t mind herself with that.

“Ah, so it’s deer antler.”

Jiang Liangcai suddenly realized.

“This is the best aphrodisiac, especially for men who can’t do it, it’s really a good thing.”

She generously handed it forward and enthusiastically marketed it to Chen Fang.

“Here, it’s for you.”

Chen Fang: “….”


The author has something to say: sorry, self-made, no one can save you.


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