Chapter 48

“Evergrande center, huh.”

Ye Susu received the address, it took her half an hour to finish processing the ingredients.

After the customers in the store finished eating, she locked the store and opened the navigation. She then carried the take-out boxes in the store in accordance with the road map.

“Confess to the child tonight and make a love meal?”

Ye Susu tilted her head and frowned.

Shiguan once made a pink love cake for her birthday.

As a result, she couldn’t eat it and could only watch the cake being shoveled and photographed, and watched the shiguans eat it.

Because of this lack of virtue, she held a grudge against the shiguan for a full fifty-three days, and then scratched the home quilt into a fried dough twist.

“Well, it’s better to think long and hard.”

Ye Susu nodded her little face seriously.

Halfway through the walk, she suddenly twitched her nose.

Across the road, she smelled the familiar scent that she seemed addicted with—the catnip that made her meow and once again made her unable to move her legs.

Ye Susu blinked at once, and in the moment when that familiar figure appeared she hid behind a telephone pole on the roadside.

“Don’t you ever come back here again, no matter how many times, my answer won’t change—I don’t want to hear anything you say! Please get out of my sight!”

Across the road, the young man’s clear voice was very loud.

Ye Susu frowned, slightly poked out her head and looked at them stealthy.

She saw the familiar broad back, tall and straight figure, dressed in a black windbreaker, standing in the sun, looking so eye catching.

And opposite him stood a slightly shorter, clean-cut teenager, but at the moment his expression was full of disgust as well as resistance.

“Get out of here! Take all your stuff with you, I don’t want a dime!”

The teenager’s voice grew louder.

Ye Susu moved her ears closer and heard everything.

Catnip’s arguing with someone?

She sniffed the air and gritted her teeth, trying to suppress the hint of intoxication in her eyes.

She has decided to ignore the catnip.

He ignored her last night.

So, she’s not going to mind his business.

“Sure enough, ordinary people live very hard…”

She turned and walked away, while crossing the road she was unable to stop herself from shaking her head and sighing.

“Xia Ningmeng is right, he probably has a bad job and is very short of money so he let me rent the room for cheap.”

Thinking about the fact that she finished her lunch at noon, she had already left work early and she didn’t need to be like the catnip, blowing the cold wind on the road, was refreshing.



“Well, you actually met that landlord of yours?”

The underground garage of Evergrande Center.

Xia Ningmeng leaned against the side of the car and was eagerly chucking a large piece of grilled fish.

“In this neighborhood, how come you guys are so fated?”

Ye Susu beamed, “Hmm.”


Indeed, this man, looked like he was born to …… shovel her shit1. (1– shiguan in romanization)

However, he was so annoying these days that she disqualified him.

“Hey, someone said to your landlord, ‘Take all your stuff, I don’t want anything,’ and your landlord was wearing a black windbreaker.”

Xia Ningmeng stuffed the fish into her mouth and instantly showed an expression of enjoyment.

“Oooooh, this fish smells so good …… this sounds like, why does your landlord look like a salesman? It happened that you met him when he failed to promote his products?”

“Failed to promote?”

Ye Susu looked sideways and slightly recalled the meaning of a salesperson.

“I think I saw him in front of the internet cafe, so he was selling something to someone?”

“Internet cafes? It seems that his selling computer parts. In the recent economic downturn, it’s estimated that he can’t sell these goods and his capital turnover not working well, or he could embarrassed by the company boss and is facing the dismissal crisis, so he has to find a second landlord.”

Xia Ningmeng swallowed the fish and provided possible reasons.

Ye Susu nodded ignorantly.

In her 56th life, she had been taken in by a middle-aged woman who was poor and destitute.

This woman was always at home crying, shedding tears at her and each time she cries she would hear: “How many times have you been shut down today”, “how many phone calls have been hung up”, “products can’t be sold at all, performance is at the bottom, wages are deducted, and she has to be dismissed”, “I can’t afford you right away, I can only starve to death together”

Thinking of this, Ye Susu couldn’t help but slump her shoulders.

Finally, she remembered that on one of the most violent days in autumn, she became a stray cat again.

The woman lay in bed and suddenly couldn’t wake up.

All morning, even if she stepped on each of her face and meowed, the other party didn’t wake up and feed her cat food as usual.

She sat by the woman and waited for a long time.

She waited until a strange human barged into the room and knew by then that the woman would not wake up.

Originally, she was still waiting to wander with her. She knew where to eat, where to shelter from the wind and rain, and where to hunt. They would not starve or freeze to death.

But as a result, the woman left her behind and fell asleep on her own.

It was said that this was called self-ending by the mortals. They couldn’t wake up after taking an excessive amount of sleeping pills.

“Susu, I’m talking to you, didn’t you hear me?”

Xia Ningmeng reached out and waved her hand in front of her.

“What’s wrong with you, lost in thought?”


Ye Susu shook her head,

“It’s nothing.”

“Why are you crying?”

Xia Ningmeng turned her head and was startled.

Ye Susu was surprised by her loud voice and shivered.

Blinking, she only felt that the corners of her eyes were wet. Being wet by water was the most annoying thing to her and yet—

She looked down and reached up to wipe the corners of her eyes.

A shed of water.

Were these human tears?

How could she, a noble cat, cry?

“No, it was probably blown by the wind and some fur ran into my eyes.”

En, that’s right.

Ye Susu touched her smooth little face and stood up.

“I’m going back.”

Xia Ningmeng breathed a sigh of relief, but grabbed the lunch box and hurriedly stopped her.

“You haven’t told me yet who you’re going to confess to.”

“There are different ways to deal with men of different personalities.”

“The sullen kind that doesn’t talk much.”

Ye Susu scratched her head.

“Then the way of confession should be milder, not too abrupt, so as not to scare him. Hey hey hey, who do you like, it’s not that landlord of yours, is it?”

Xia Ningmeng’s heart raised.

Ye Susu skimmed her lips and shook her hand.

She’s not going to say that she’s going to confess her love to the little cub.

If the cub doesn’t like her and still likes his former Mommy, wasn’t that her losing her face?

“Then tomorrow I’ll try to find time to come to your store, jiayou oh!”

Xia Ningmeng waved her hand.

But since her hands were full, with chopsticks in one hand and a lunch box in the other, she almost dropped something without even tasting it twice.

“I’ll eat the fish in the car before I go up and share it with everyone, en, yes, that’s what I should do.”

She was so focused on the grilled fish in her hands that she didn’t see a car coming from the side and the long-legged man with a cold face and a black windbreaker that was comparable to a model.

Otherwise, she might jump up and call him ‘President’.

Moreover, this model like man was very much like Ye Susu’s description just now.

“A low-key way to confess.”

“Ah, headache.”

Ye Susu stood under the shade of the tree in front of the kindergarten, still torn.

Speaking directly to the cub and say ‘I like you’, was hard for Ye Susu. She was afraid of being rejected and loses her noble self-esteem at the end of her last life in 100 years.

Instead of making a direct confession, she had to complete the confession task. For a while she couldn’t think of a way.

It’s too hard.

Ye Susu scratched her head and frowned slightly, not even noticing that she was once again isolated by the parent group.

Compared with yesterday’s cold reception, today she was not only excluded from the circle of parents, but also has many silent critical eyes pointing at her.

Her pugnacity made the crowd dare not speak out to taunt her but they could not stop the contempt they feel towards her.

“Duoduo, this way, wow, you got little safflower today. It’s great. Grandma will reward you and buy you a toy, okay?”

“Xiaoqi baby, did you get along well with the other children today?”

“Good girl, give daddy a kiss ~ we’re going home.”

At the end of the school day, the kindergarten children come out one by one, according to their classes.

The teachers check the parents’ pick-up cards one by one and release the children from the school.

Ye Susu used to come very late, and since Ye Xun’s class was the last class every time.

But she was now not the same Ye Susu, living inside was the stray cat Ye Susu. And this Ye Susu do not want to let the cub wait in the cold and bitter taste weather so she always comes early.


She had excellent dynamic vision. At a glance, she saw Ye Xun at the back and waved to him.

Ye Xun, at the back end of the line, immediately blushed.

He was obviously not quite used to being the center of attention, and his little hand pinched the seam of his pants with some restraint, becoming more and more uneasy under the gaze of the crowd.

Ye Susu smiled, lowered her head, took out her mobile phone from her bag and looked at the constantly text messages that followed one after another.

[Ye Wan: Susu, call me back when you’re free. The company is looking for a pair of a single mother and child. They want to have a live broadcast of parent-child interaction since it was popular but they haven’t found an them yet. I thought of you after hearing for the first time, you don’t have the talent in front of the camera, so let Ye Xun try it?]

[Ye Wan: That mother and son may have withdrawn from the broadcast because of some things, but that’s heaven’s will, right? With them missing, your chance with Ye Xun has arrived! This is the second chance God has given you!]

[Ye Wan: you can open another live broadcast and let Ye Xun appear on the camera. As long as you get good grades, you can sign a new contract with the company. This time I will talk to the company and strive for a 20% share for you?]

Ye Susu raised her lips as she moved her thumb and deleted the message.



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