IRBB90’S 8


Chapter 8

The husband and wife paid a yuan and began writing. At first, the woman was very proud as if she had already won the 20 yuan, but the more she wrote, the more she understood that it was not easy. She began to regret and talk that the game was a scam and so on. Finally, after checking their answers, just like others they failed the challenge. The man wanted to pay however his wife’s complexion was not good and stopped him as she said.

“Why should I pay for it?”

The man swept a look at Su Weiwei. Su Weiwei looked beautiful, very much like the heroine in Hong Kong films and losing the challenge in front of her has somewhat made him a little bashful.

“We are willing to admit defeat for a bet.”

“What admit defeat! This is obviously a scam! If there were no ghosts, how could we not even write 600! I think she is a liar! We can’t give the money!”

The woman shouted, looking like a bad bully.

When she shouted, many people gathered around and watch the excitement. Everyone pointed at Su Weiwei’s stall and had their own opinions on this matter but because no one has won the challenge so far many people were questioning the authenticity of the game.

Su Weiwei couldn’t help laughing, the game really looked simple but difficult to do, however this woman only wanted to make money but when she lost her appearance was unavoidably unsightly.

“So, what you’re saying is that you wanted to win 10 yuan but since I didn’t let you win, it was a scam?”

The woman said.

“I don’t care! I’ve watched it for more than half an hour. Up to now, no one has won. You still say you’re not a liar!”

At that moment a few women helped the woman to say a few words, gaining more momentum.

“You see! Everyone suspects it’s a scum, and I’m not the only one who says so, I think there’s just something wrong with your game!”

Su Wei frowne.

“Just because you can’t do it yourself doesn’t mean others can’t do it. I advise you to be careful with your words. It’s not easy for me as a woman to take care of children and saying that casually, if you ruin my business can afford the consequences?”

The woman snorted coldly.

“I don’t care if you had easy or not! If you have the ability, write one and let us see if you can write the right one I will believe that you did not scum to me.”

It was obvious that this woman doesn’t want to pay, there’s no such thing good in this world. If she wins money, she’ll smile but if she lose, she’ll scowl. Su Weiwei knew this and was about to argue with her when Cheng Cheng stood up, went to the table and took a piece of paper and stuffed it into Su Weiwei.

Su Weiwei took the paper in Cheng Cheng’s hand suspiciously and remembered that this was the same paper where he scribbled after she teaches him but at the moment she was drawing swords and bending bows1 and has no time to look at it.

(TN1– mutual hostility)

“Want mom to see? Wait for me to have a discussion with auntie first!”

However, Cheng Cheng refused and pointed at the paper. Su Weiwei could only pick up the paper again. At this time, her eyes didn’t leave the paper, and she was more and more surprised. Finally, she showed an unknown smile and turned to stare at the couple with a funny smile.

The woman had a bad feeling, but she then dismissed her thoughts the child was only a few years old, how could he write correctly?

Su Weiwei handed the paper over and her voice got louder.

“Everyone come and take a look! Who says I’m cheating with this game? My son is only three years old, and he can already write the number correctly.”

“That’s not true, right? Such a small child.”

“My little one doesn’t know how to hold chopsticks yet~”

“It’s not like he is a genius, right? You can write 600 numbers even when you’re this young? No way?”

However, as everyone passed the paper around and it was true that the numbers on the paper although crooked and looking like caterpillars crawling, were indeed written correctly. But there were also people who suspect that Cheng Cheng still could not hold a pen and it wasn’t his writing. They immediately let Cheng Cheng took a pen to write word by word, although not as neatly as the adults write and the speed was also slow, but judging from was in front of them, just now the paper was indeed written by him.

It’s not easy to count at a young age but he could already even write so many numbers. Seeing this the woman who refused to pay could not say anything and reluctantly threw the money, leaving with a face full of shame and anger.

Su Weiwei was even more surprised than they were, how could a three-year-old child do that? Although Cheng Chen was character in the book and could not be judged by common sense— but then again, the book once said that Cheng Chen was very talented in numbers and painting.

How talented? It was said that Cheng Cheng’s eyes were human camera, as long as he has seen something he would never forget, or whatever was taught once he would immediately remember. He was especially sensitive to numbers, and because of this Cheng Cheng later jumped from one grade after another and into the class of talented teenagers.

Su Weiwei gulped. Her son was a big shot how did she forget it.

People around were praising Cheng Cheng. Cheng Cheng pursed his lips and looked at Su Weiwei, his eyes twinkled and his face was full of expectation. Su Weiwei smiled, touched his head and said.

“Cheng Cheng is so powerful! Counting more than his mother!”

Cheng Cheng’s mouth curled up, so this was called being great? It turned out that as long as he behaved a little better, his mother would praise him. He decided to behave well in the future and let his mother know that he was definitely much better than sister Liang!

With this episode of Cheng Cheng, many more people came to challenge. Next evening, Su only had a few money and found that the banknote in her hand was a few more yuan than yesterday.

She had nothing to pack, and could immediately leave with a pat on the back. Before she left, several neighboring vendors pulled her in and asked questions.

The grandma said excitedly.

“Little girl you tell Auntie honestly, what is this trick?”

“I see no one has written correctly for two days, is there something wrong with your paper? Do you have to keep interrupting them when writing?”

Su Weiwei smiled and shook her head.

“Where have you have seen it, ah? There is no problem with the paper, and I never interrupt the them, in fact, there is no trick to this game.”

“There is no trick?”

The aunt was obviously not convinced.

“How can there be no trick? I say, girl, you do not want to tell me the trick, right? Are you afraid that I’ll steal your business? Don’t worry, I’m sure I won’t be with you in the stall.”

Su Weiwei smiled and waved her hand,

“It’s not that I don’t want to tell you, there is really no trick, why do you think they could not write it correctly? To tell you the truth, the game itself has a certain degree of difficulty, because most people who took the challenge admonish themselves to write clearly write carefully write carefully, never make a mistake, which requires a high degree of concentration of the brain, and the human brain can only concentrate within 5-10 minutes at most, after a high degree of concentration once people relaxed they will immediately get very tired and that’s when it’s easy to make mistakes therefore it is easy to make mistakes when writing those numbers. This ame take many people’s psychology for granted and thinks it is very easy but in fact it was very difficult.”

“So that’s how it is…”

The Aunt nodded her head with seemingly understanding.

“Girl, when I first saw you, I thought you were different from ordinary people. Really, I can’t tell. You said we couldn’t think of such a game. Sure enough, people can’t do without knowledge. Girl, you should be a person who has read books?”

Su Weiwei smiled and nodded without saying anything else, how many people had she met in her previous life? And how many people did she have deep friendship? And how many people have had a one-sided relationship? In fact, Su Weiwei no longer remembered, and just like her previous life, this life would be the same they would be other insignificant people in her life who come and go not leaving any trace.

When they went back in the evening, Cheng Cheng and Liang Xiaomei both got to eat the eight treasure candies bought by Su Weiwei as they wished, and the two of them held one candy each and leaned on Su Weiwei happily. The front one nestled in her arms, the back one stuck to her back, each sticked tightly and did not want to let go.

That night, Liang Weidong was called by his master and never came back. The next morning, Su Weiwei planned to go to the hospital for a physical examination before seeing him. Recently, she always felt dizzy. When she went to the hospital, the doctor asked her to draw blood. Fortunately, the examination results were not too serious, just ordinary anemia. When she got out of the hospital, Su Weiwei’s needle eye still hurt. She couldn’t help rubbing it just now the nurse was so outrageous that when the needle poked her it was like she being stabbed into a kebab.


Su Weiweiwei kept her spring-like warmth to this big shot.

“I was looking for you, I’m going back later before I leave, I want to give you the money I just earned.”

Su Weiwei said pulling out a handkerchief, counting while sighing.

“Sister-in-law is useless it took so many talents to raise such a small amount of money, after all the calculation sister-in-aw can only give you 150 yuan. Weidong, don’t worry about the lack of money. I’ve inquired no. 1 middle school in the city is accepting retakers. You can reduce the tuition fees with your grades so 150 yuan should be enough for a semester. Your sister-in-law is useless and can’t make a lot of money. There’s only such a small amount of money but please accept it …”

Liang Weidong’s master was recently hospitalized and his master was good to him, so he was in the hospital last night to accompany his master in bed.

After hearing Su Weiwei’s words, the surprise on his face was expanding,

“Sister-in-law, where did you get the money?”

Su Weiwei smiled dryly and with difficulty.

“Don’t ask your sister-in-law’s where the money comes from and just take the money quickly and I’ll go back to the village.”

For a moment, Liang Weidong was surprised that he could finally walk into the campus again, but the next second his eyes fell behind her. This was the side entrance of the hospital, if he was not mistaken this was the entrance where people sell their blood people and would go out all pale while covering their arm, and in front of him was Su Weiwei who looked exactly the same. Although she was smiling but it was obviously forced, it unable her to hide her paled face as she rubbed her arms with her fingers. She also has this dodging look not to mention she wanted him to ask any more questions….

Liang Weidong’s face turned white, and the money Su Weiwei handed over to him becomes hot. Just now, he actually happy having the money to study. But when he knew the origin of the money, he could no longer enjoy his sister-in-law’s helped. He gradually retreated as his eyes started to blurred.

“Sister-in-law, how can you!”


Su Weiwei did not know why he looked like he had seen a ghost, looking at her as if his soul was tortured, what did she do? It’s hard to believe that Liang Weidong knew that she was acting and knew that she was going to set up a stall to make money?

“Weidong listen to my explanation, in fact, things are not what you think, the money…”

“That’s enough! Sister-in-law how can you…”

Liang Weidong’s tears kept welling up in his eyes.

“No, no, no, Weidong, ah, listen to me, this money is actually… hey, let me tell you the truth…”

“I know! Sister-in-law, you’ve gone to draw blood and sell it for money, right?”

“You know? Well, it’s actually…what?”

Su Weiwei’s face was full of shock, selling blood? Where on earth did Liang Weidong come up with that conclusion?

Liang Weidong lowered his head like a beaten peacock, but the one meter eight man cried like a child in front of Su Weiwei.

“Sister-in-law, how much is blood worth? How much blood do you have to sell to make up the 150 yuan? How many needle holes must have been poked in this? No wonder your whole arm hurts, sister-in-law.”

“…” that was pressed by Cheng Cheng when he was sleeping last night.

“Look how pale you are…”

“…” there was no sunscreen, and I wiped a lot of prickly heat powder to protect myself from the sun.

“Sister-in-law, how can you do this? Although I want to study, how can I be so selfish and feel at ease to see you sell blood to collect tuition fees for me? I’m really useless. My eldest brother is gone and I the next eldest can’t even take care of you, take care of this family but ask you to suffer this crime for me. I can’t take the money. I…”

Liang Weidong sobbed.

“…” This is a big fucking misunderstanding! What if I can’t close the show?




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