Chapter 62

This “short video” was not exactly Jian Ruixi and Fu Shiyuan, not to mention the quality of the video that netizens couldn’t help but complain. The video looked like a mosaic cut from a small movie, and the actors were the photographers who were off commenting.

Jian Ruixi after watching the video, silently agreed with the netizens’ comments.

The beginning of the video was in a dimly lit parking lot. Inside the car, the picture was blurred but two male voices could be heard talking.

“Why hasn’t the young flower girl come out yet, the news can’t be wrong, right?”

“The flight was delayed, and the announcement just came out. It will be an hour late. Wait patiently… Who’s in front of you? It’s so scary!”

From here, the netizens know that people were squatting as they hide, trying to take photos of a celebrity. Unexpectedly the young man’s voice still said mindlessly.

“”Is it one of the five kings? There are only a few heavenly kings in Hong Kong. I think the leader is also a little familiar…”

“The Five Heavenly Kings are not so imposing, no wait and see -“

Then there was a loud noise, probably adjusting the lens, making the picture clearer. At least now they could see a group of men in suits, and the one leading them was a more dignified and elegant man.

It was really like what reporter No. 2 said. The man in lead looked like a big man with aura1 that the five heavenly king could not even compare.

However, in the next second, the calm No. 2 reporter went completely crazy as a series of three consecutive “crap” heard from him and with trembling voice he said.

“I just took a picture of a powerful person. You look carefully, isn’t this Fu Shiyuan?”

“My god mother save me!”

The young reporter pissed himself in fear.

“Master what to do ……”

The young reporter was clearly confused.

“What should we do?”

“Are you stupid, this is a once-in-a-lifetime big news, first-hand!”

And it’s the kind of news they can only publish.

The sand carving netizens obviously did not hear the meaning beyond the words of the old rivers and lakes and just giggled in the comments, said the old rivers and lakes this year’s box lunch must add chicken legs, or they would feel sorry for his handful of big news.

When Jian Ruixi saw this was silent, feeling like a fool not knowing someone was already staking them for a long time.

The mini-video continues and was about to reach its only climax.

The Lao Jianghu adjusted the lens again, and even rolled down the window. With the sound of rustling, and the young man’s low voice complaining that the seat was too narrow and how he was squeezed hard.

She could imagine how they huddled together and risked their lives to secretly took pictures.

The picture was clearer than before but the face of the man’s was still in mosaic.

However, this tall man at the moment was standing next to a car while seemingly talking to a woman inside the car, who had her head slightly leaning over outside the car window.

They look at each other and were talking. They were unable to hear what they were talking however this angle was easy for the human brain to make up that the people in the lens were deep love with each other.

There was a highly praised message below the video, which was so brain exploding.

[ah, ah, ah, their eating melons. Why do I suddenly want to be one those head pressing team, really the video is really sweet. When they looked at each other, I thought they would kiss. But instead, I didn’t see a kiss at the end of the video. I’m not happy. I feel like I’m lovelorn.]

This comment alone has a whopping 20,000 likes, which shows how many people also want to join the press head squad.



Jian Ruixi twitched the corners of her mouth and turned off her phone. Unexpectedly, she watched the complete video. What surprised her most was that the picture was so mushy but it didn’t affect the omnipotent netizens to identify the host.

Even for her who appeared the latest, or even had only a few seconds in the video, some powerful fans concluded at a glance that “yes, it’s our little mistress”!

And this, “little mistress” right now was in a panic. She has a relationship with President Fu and was very happy to be able to eat meat quietly, but she doesn’t want to start to show of their love mode at all.

Jian Ruixi put away the phone, a little nervous she look at Fu Shiyuan and asked to inquiry about his thoughts on this matter.

“Ethan, what do you think about this video ……?”

President Fu’s mouth most probably been open for the longest time since after he woke up from bed today. He pretended to meditate for a moment and shrugged humorously.

“Well, it’s not professional enough. He didn’t shoot one tenth of your beauty.”

Jian Ruixi immediately laughed and nodded.

“You’re right, I think so, too.”

She thought to herself that since Fu Shiyuan would always joke and didn’t trust the news, let alone cooperate with the report to pull her out to show her love.

Finally relieved, Jian Ruixi only noticed her son who had been silent since they got in the car, she reached out and twisted his little face, then snickered.

“Look at our little baby, eh, why is his little mouth pouting, is he trying to hang an oil bottle on it?”

This time, Jayce proved to his father that he was not stupid and sweet at all. When he was really angry, he was not so easy to coax.

So, in the next drive he immediately got off the car and was personally welcomed into the house by Jian’s parents. Jian Ruixi coaxed his son wholeheartedly on the way but the child was not coaxed back at all.

As soon as he saw his father-in-law and mother-in-law, he loosened his numb hands and went straight to his mother-in-law.

The elated Mother Jian only had to welcome her daughter and son-in-law before she took her little grandson to the living room.

Jian Ruixi followed up without saying a word, so only Fu Shiyuan and Father Jian were left to greet each other at the door.

Mother Jian was asking Jayce in a soft voice, like how he was doing recently and whether he have plans for the summer vacation in which Jayce answers all questions and speaks eloquently as he snuggles up next to her mother-in-law.

The atmosphere between grandparent and grandchildren was quite good. Jian Ruixi didn’t see her mother and just squeezed in Jayce’s right hand, picked up the fruit on the table and asked

“Jayce, do you want to eat apple? Mommy peels it for you?”

Jayce looked at her mother and saw her father who was still at the door. He realized that he should also be mommy’s true love rather than an enemy. His attitude finally softened. The child nodded and said,

“But I can’t finish it all.”

“Then how about we split it with the three of us with mother-in-law?”


The little one was in a good mood and turned into a cute little milk voice again.

Mother Jian lovingly patted him.

“Our Jayce really knows what he’s doing.”

Then he looked at Jian Ruixi again and said with relief.

“I am relieved to see that your family of three is getting better and better.”

Jian Ruixi looked up after she thought for a while.

“Did you guys see the news today?”

Mother Jian said angrily,

“If I hadn’t watched the news, I wouldn’t have known Ethan was back.”

Jian Ruixi had to explain that she did not mean to not tell them and just quite busy these days, especially yesterday, from the airport to school and then to Fu’s home. It was like a war, and that she was about to faint.

Mother Jian also knows that she was preparing for Jayce’s birthday gift. She doesn’t know exactly what the surprise was but she could understand and support it.

After all these years, she could finally do something serious. Wasn’t it bad for her a mother if she doesn’t support her daughter?

Therefore, she did not dwell too much on this matter, and instead asked with some concern.

“I heard that you are a bit popular now, and many people on the mainland are concerned about you, so how do you plan to respond to them this time?”

Jian Ruixi didn’t consider this a problem. In her opinion, it doesn’t matter how to respond or whether to respond as long as she doesn’t get pulled out by President Fu to show her love.

But when Mother Jian asked, she suddenly got inspired and said excitedly.

“I know how to divert their attention!”

This weibo post was a little different from the reality. Somehow, there was exactly big surprise, so Jian Ruixi thinks she could be a fashion leader. Well, she had been grounded for so long, it’s time to show a wave of rich and capricious operations and advertise her women’s clothes with private goods.

“Mom, I want to make a lucky draw to pack the styles listed by the company this year and give them to a fan!”



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