Chapter 17

The other road that leads to the entrance of the school.

Yao Yiyi kicked the tree on the roadside. The more she kicked, the angrier she became. How could she not think that she could be overcame by that fool Chen cha.

After kicking around for a while, she went to wait for Lu Ruoruo near her exam room.

She wanted to dragged Lu Ruoruo to her side but when she remembered what Chen Cha told her in the coffee shop her anger over Chen Cha temporarily outweighed the anger that the person she liked was robbed.

As soon as Lu Ruoruo left the examination room, Yao Yiyi immediately went up to pull her and couldn’t wait to pour out her anger about Chen Cha, cursing Chen Cha to death.

Lu Ruoruo looked at her strangely, and after hearing this, she said.

“Really, that’s true?”

As far as Chen Cha’s nasty temper, if what Yao Yiyi said was true Chen Cha would be far from being calm, she would instead certainly rushed over to beat Yao Yiyi.

She felt that Yao Yi Yi was exaggerating, after all she was someone who could make black blacker to make her whiter.

“Of course it’s true!”

With the ‘I see what you are thinking’ written on her face Yao Yi Yi said,

“Don’t you go to her, she actually doesn’t treat us as friends at all, not only did she use this disgusting ploy to harm me, she also said a lot of bad things about you when we were having coffee yesterday.”

As soon as she was involved, Lu Ruoruo immediately became concerned and asked.

“What dis she said?”

“She said you are poor and she didn’t really like going out with you…”

Yao Yiyi gushed for half an hour.

Listening, Lu Ruoruo face were black.

But Lu Ruoruo did not immediately believe what Yao Yiyi said after all she and Yao Yiyi were villains who colluded together for many years, naturally she understands her character.

This woman was selfish to the extreme, for her own sake what lies she couldn’t tell.

In the afternoon, Lu Ruoruo specially went to Chen Cha’s examination room and waited for her. Seeing her coming, she hurriedly pulled her to the side and said.

“I heard about you and Yao Yiyi, what happened?”

After a patient explanation, Cha Cha said.

“I really don’t understand why she framed me, and she didn’t talk to us before doing it.”

“So you guys really went for coffee yesterday?”

“Hmm. I wanted to call you, but she told me not to, so I thought I’d ask her if something had happened with you, and I didn’t think …… well, that’s it anyway.”

“Didn’t think what?”

Lu Ruoruo’s gaze deepened a lot.

Cha Cha looked at him and said.

“It’s nothing, just chatting casually.”

“Chen Cha, if you consider me a friend, tell me what you talk about yesterday.”

Cha Cha looked very tangled before she finally gives in and told her the truth. She took out her phone and said.

“I put my mobile phone in my trouser pocket yesterday. I guess I accidentally pressed the recording button. You decide whether to listen or not.”

Lu Ruoruo did not hesitate to tap play, and Yao Yiyi’s voice came out.

“… disgusting. I don’t mean to say this sometimes I really can’t figure out what Lu Ruoruo thinks. Since she doesn’t want to live in the dormitory she started not buying many clothes. She’s so fat and her legs are thick like a mallet, it’s no use wearing any good clothes. It’s better to lose weight first. She’s ugly and mischievous…”

Lu Ruoruo could not listen to it and pressed pause, her face was filled with anger.

“How can she say that!”

Lu Ruoruo was so angry that she wanted to drop the phone.

Cha Cha hurriedly snatched the phone away and said.

“Don’t be angry.”

“Damn it!”

Lu Ruoruo stomped her foot.

Cha Cha pacified her. Lu Ruoruo then said a lot of bad things about Yao Yiyi in front of Cha Cha, and told Cha Cha all the things Yao Yiyi said to her in the morning.

Cha Cha expressed her sadness.

Lu Ruoruo seeing this comforted Cha Cha and said.

“This kind of person, we did not know who she really was before but now that her true color was about let’s forget about her. Shit, this bitch is so good at putting on a show, it’s disgusting. Shit.”

Shit, has becoming her mantra.

Cha Cha nodded in agreement.

After a friendly atmosphere between the two, a brief revolutionary friendship was reached.

Evening came.

Ning An was eating her dinner when she heard the follow-up news about the frame-up that happened to her from her classmates.

Only then did she realize that Yao Yiyi was only pulling Chen Cha down with her first.

And she usually has been using Chen Cha all the time they were together and not treating Chen Cha a real friend at all and the only reason she befriended Chen Cha was because of her money.

When Ning An heard these her mood was immediately better, but she still had a little bit of doubt.

Regarding this matter even though it was cleared that the mastermind was not Chen Che, she was still a little shaken.

She just really hoped, it was not her.

Cha Cha on the other hand was really in a good mood, she was relaxed and comfortable.

Because after the exam, there were three days off from school, giving her a lot of free time and since she really didn’t have something she wanted to do she basically did nothing the whole day.

Cha Cha returned home and took all her clothes out.

A large pile of clothes was piled up in a three-square meter room.

Cha Cha took pictures on each of the clothes before posting them in a one long post in weibo for her friends.

With the caption: sale for half price, some of the clothes were only tried on and some still has tags on them. Had to many clothes and no chance to wear all of them, so rather than let them stuck and get damage in the wardrobe so putting it on sale. Beautiful clothes only be worn by beautiful woman that can reflect the value. If interested just send me a private message oh.

A WeChat message just came out not too long after the Cha Cha posted, this time because of hot publicity a lot of people, both young and old message her.

Cha Cha did not have the Chen family’s WeChat, and therefore did not purposely set to block anyone.

After posting, she dropped her phone and went to sort out her clothes.

Most of these clothes are not her cup of tea, and even if they were left to gather dust, they would have to be thrown away when they become obsolete.

It’s better to sell it. She could not only get small money, but also empty her wardrobe. It also saves the trouble of throwing away after being outdated.

Two birds with one stone.

It was shameful to waste the property left by the original body, she has to squeeze the light properly to do so.

She could just consider this a salary for a trip to this world.


When Yu Sisi brushed her circle of friends, she saw the words “sale half price, only tried on”. She couldn’t help laughing in her heart, who would buy second-hand goods? How degrading.

But when she saw the caption the words “beautiful clothes can only be worn on a beautiful woman to reflect the value”, her mocking thoughts made a paused in a corner and felt that the caption was indeed very reasonable.

She originally intended to brush straight through but her eyes caught a glimpse of this paragraph that said very nice words so she clicks on the picture to browse through.

And indeed, she really liked some of the clothes so she tried to send a private letter to Chen Cha.

Although it’s second-hand, it doesn’t cost much if you only especially if it was just tried on and never really worn, and she could buy it at half the price, what’s more with the remaining money she could buy other clothes. It’s very cost-effective.

Although she was a second-generation rich kid, her pocket money was enough to satisfy all her desires.

While Chen Cha’s idleness would facilitate her shopping desire at that time.

Chen Cha and she know each other. They were all in the same circle since they belong to the average rich family but they were not very close.

She only knows that Chen Cha usually looks very proud, but she doesn’t have much contact and doesn’t know much about her nature.

So now, looking at the circle of friends on the post that says it was good Yu Sisi thinks Chen Cha’s personality should also be good.

After Cha Cha went out for a meal and returned from a small shopping trip, several people sent her private messages. Fortunately, they had different preferences, so they looked at different clothes.

Cha Cha then quickly check the price online and quote the clothes one by one.

Most of the people who asked her the price were the second-generation rich kid that paid very readily. After receiving the money, Cha Cha asked for their addresses and packed the clothes to those who paid one by one.

She just finished going shopping and left the beautiful packing box empty for those clothes, so it looks even less like second-hand goods.

When she’s done, she went out again and send the orders on the addresses.

Most of the free time after the exam was just wasted by her like this.

After the midterm exams passed, the school notice board posted a notice of warning for Yao Yiyi in senior class.

This kind of thing would not have attracted much attention, but because it involves the school flower of Chen Cha, the heat was very high and almost all students have discussed it after dinner.

Yao Yiyi could practically hear this matter wherever she goes, usually every day since she and Chen Cha were friends almost everyone in the school know her. So, when people talked to her right now, they would not only look at her disapprovingly but glare at her a few times.

She felt so humiliated that she wanted to die.

What’s more, the class teacher called in her parents.

Her mother came and after various confessions with the class teacher, she went back and gave her a beating, and now she still has bruises and black marks on her arms from her mother.

Yao Yiyi hated Chen Cha even more, but Chen Cha somehow was better at using her brain if she said she was dumb, the school would believe her.

Wasn’t it because she was good looking?

This disgusting society.

All people do not have the ability to distinguish between right and wrong and only looking at the face.

This made Yao Yiyi also hates all good-looking people all together.

She has wronged her school classmates for a long time.

She was different from Chen Cha who was only full of malice towards Ning An and was just disdainful of others.

She on the other hand was treating everyone the same, if she feels that the other party was not as good as hers, she insults them casually, which leads to an infinite number of people who hated her in this school but hid their hatred in the dark.

So as soon as she had an accident and broke up with Chen Cha, those who hated her went out and blacked her to death.

This was one of the major reasons why she was surrounded every day in school with people whispering behind her back.

The more she heard about it, the angrier she gets, and couldn’t just let it go.

After school, she stopped Ning An and said.

“Did you really think I did it all?”

Ning An wrapped her arms around his chest as a gesture of resistance and said,

“Who else but you?”

Yao Yiyi sneered and said.

“You are really a fool. We usually bully you, but it was Chen Cha who told us to do it. This time too, if Chen Cha hadn’t asked me to do it, how could I have done that? She’s just a bitch, just because she’s good-looking, she plays the pity trick every day.”

Ning An’s mouth turned down, she didn’t agree but she also didn’t know how to refute her.

Arguing with people was not one of her strong points.

However, although she was excessively soft-hearted, she also knows that a real friend would not say such things behind her back, and immediately felt that Yao Yiyi was even more untrustworthy as a person.

Moreover, among the Chen Cha trio, she has the best impression of Chen tea.

Although Chen Cha has bullied her.

But after spending a long time with Chen Cha for two days, she intuitively believed that Chen Cha was not the kind of bitch that Yao Yiyi said.

Also, she only took some photos at that time but Chen Cha gave her 300 yuan as a salary not to mention the free food. She was very nice and generous.

She also heard a lot of rumors these days, and then thought of Yao Yiyi and Lu Ruoruo who wanted to live with Chen Cha, if they were really good friends then why did Chen Cha refused them.

Because they just wanted her for her money ah, not sincerely taking her as their  friend.

Ning An who received two hundred and fifty for a small amount of work, and with her very soft-hearted personality she was a little sympathetic to Chen Cha.

“Don’t you believe what I said?”

When Yao Yiyi asked, she confirmed herself. Angered, she kicked the table and said,

“You fool!”

Ning An shivered and took a step backwards.

Yao Yiyi was so angry that she wanted to hit her, she raised her hand and punched her in the shoulder. Ning An let out a cry of pain and took another step back, that expression looked even more distrustful of her.

Yao Yiyi looked angry and bored, not wanting to see her face again she turned around and walked out of the classroom and saw a few people outside eavesdropping.

When they saw her come out, the students looked at the sky and the ground as enjoying the scenery around them.

Yao Yiyi straightened her back, maintained her superiority and walked down the stairs.



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