ECM 60

editor: sushi~


Chapter 60

When winter jasmine blossomed all over the streets of city B, the 30 Zhongtian trainees finally returned home. The circle was waiting for Zhongtian’s next big action , wondering what kind of boy group they would launch and whether they would fiercely harvest the market.

However, before Zhongtian could take action, Chenxing’s name came to light first.

Chenxing launched a large-scale trainee talent show named “Teen Idol”. No matter whether they were individual trainees or trainees of other companies, no matter if the participant had been practicing for three days or three years, no matter how old or young or how plain or eye-catching they were, as long as the participant thought they could stand on the stage, they were welcome to join the show.

The top nine participants with the highest number of votes would debut as a group, and Chenxing would give resources and publicity to the best of its ability during the one-year period of the group.

“Youth Idol” was jointly produced by Chenxing entertainment and Xingchen entertainment video. The Xingchen entertainment would open up special voting channels and game gags. Viewers could see not only on stage but could also stream live behind the scenes.

In recent years, Chenxing has been doing a lot of variety shows, practically setting the variety market on fire after producing popular variety shows one after another. Even the audience knew that Chenxing products must be high-quality products.

As soon as the news came out, the circle shook.

Everyone was trying to promote their own team so how could Chenxing promote not just their own but also someone else’s trainees? Although everyone in the circle has different opinions on this, but the viewers were looking forward to and were excited for this new show after all, even if the show was already known in other countries, mainland production still felt different.

After the plan was determined, Chenxing’s official blog released a message:

——@Chenxing Entertainment: Hundreds of trainees gather to fight for their dreams. Who will be the C in your heart? Who will win your favor? Select your idols. Nine debut positions are waiting. Please look forward to “Teen Idol”.

A picture introducing the content of the draft competition was attached below.

In addition to the hundreds of trainees, Chenxing had invited four tutors and one junior executor.

The four mentors were Shi Lin, the first singer of inland folk songs, Yao Sheng, the sexy and hot iron high note singer of Taiwan, Chu Xinyang, a very famous rapper in the domestic rap circle, and Ning Sile, a popular singing and dancing idol who returned home after his debut in H Country.

And the young executor, Zhao Jinjin.

These five guests were extremely popular and capable in their respective fields covering everything from singing to dancing to rap, they were versatile enough and worthy of their names.

Once the news came out on Chengxing’s official blog, all the marketing numbers were hotly debated, and #Chenxing Teen Idol was soon on the top of the hot search.

This talent show had a novel format that was different from many domestic talent contests. Although everyone was chasing their idols, only small number of fans would follow their idols from their trainee days to the present. It was the first time the word “trainee” had officially entered the audience’s field of vision on such large scale, which made the viewer curious enough.

In addition, this was Chenxing’s self-made variety show. Before this, Chenxing’s variety show already had a good reputation. The previous variety shows had full marks for  both laughter and tears, smooth editing, and an interesting contest. Not to mention the guest and director were particularly interactive with each other on screen.

These made them to hot search, and comments held clear expectations as everyone wailed about finally having a new variety show to watch.

The agencies were also very excited. Even if their own trainees could not debut, they could still have some screen time and show their face in Chenxing’s show!

Therefore, when receiving the invitation from Chenxing, no company refused, and immediately chose suitable trainees to enter the show in Chenxing.

Only Zhongtian was reluctant.

Zhongtian had declined in recent years, and could only hold out for long. They had been exploring new forms, one of which was creating remarkable and famous idols they could ever produce. Because of this, their trainee system had become very mature compared to other domestic companies. Now that their trainees were back from abroad, any one of them should be formidable enough. They had their own group plan and didn’t intend to disturb the muddy water of Chenxing.

Moreover, once they participate in the competition, their trainees must sign a contract with Chenxing. Also, the agent of this group would be under Chenxing. They would have trained people for two years to make money for the opposite company, how could they let that happen? They  weren’t that dumb yet.

However, Zhongtian didn’t refuse directly, but chose from the trainees who had never been trained in H Country and handed over the list. Since they weren’t sure if Chenxing make them popular, at least they would be trained and have screen time.

Xu Yan took a look at the list and knew what Zhongtian had in mind.

Their little chairwoman Xu had done so much at home; her goal wasn’t for this list of uninteresting names. He sighed and called Zhongtian.

With the rise of Chenxing, the two companies were not as tense as they were in those days. Usually, they should cooperate have dinner and call each other brothers. They were very friendly with each other.

As soon as the call was answered, the other end smiled and spoke.

“Yo, Mr. Xu, what’s the matter that requires you to call me personally?”

“Old Chen, you don’t want to send the 30 trainees over to have some fun? They are still vegetarians, and this kind of opportunity to show their faces is rare.” Xu Yan also did not beat around the bush with him, and asked directly with a smile.

“So many companies have sent people there, we shouldn’t come to spoil the fun.” The other end laughed perfunctorily.

“Old Chen, this is ungenerous of you. You now hide all the excellent students and send a group of poor students over, then I can’t have it either.” Xu Yan laughed.

The other party did not expected Xu Yan to be so direct and was too embarrassed to answer.


“So, let’s negotiate about it, at least send one over. If the show started airing and there won’t be a single Zhongtian trainee, it won’t look good, don’t you think?” Xu Yan continued

When the other side thought about it, it seems to be so reasonable.

But if he really sends a trainee who they had spent a lot of money for two years, that would be a big loss on them but he was also not willing to offend Chenxing, and… wait!

He thought of something at once, his voice was suddenly happy.

“OK OK OK, I’ll send you one over!”

Xu Yan raised his eyebrows. He didn’t expect the other party to be so nice, repeatedly assuring that it was definitely one of the thirty. Xu Yan hung up the phone with confidence.

As soon as the call ended, his hand quickly contacted Wen Tingting.

“Letting Cen Feng go to Chenxing’s talent show?” Receiving the notice Wen Tingting was a little surprised.

“Yes, he doesn’t want to make a debut so it’s useless to keep him. It’s also valuable to participate in the show, at least we make use of him. It also makes negotiating with Chenxing easier.” Gao Guando immediately replied.

“Cen Feng has a problem with his attitude, but his strength is the strongest. You’re willing to just conveniently give him to Chenxing?” Wen Tingting was a little reluctant.

The executive was familiar with her father and was considered an elder, so he immediately rebuked her.

“What’s the use of being strong, can you force him to debut and start his career? Ting Ting, don’t blame me for this. You knew he had an attitude problem so you shouldn’t have chosen him for training in the first place, wasting a place for nothing! Now Chenxing is asking for someone. If we don’t let him go, should we let our other good talents go? That would be a bargain for Chenxing! All right, this is settled, you arrange it as soon as possible.”

Having said that, Wen Tingting could only agree even if she was unwilling.

Cen Feng soon received the notice of going to Chenxing to participate in the draft. This time, he accepted it calmly.

His contract was still three years away from expiring, and he has to obey any arrangement from the company. Furthermore, this kind of talent show was very much based on strength and popularity. As long as he was not willing, he would soon be eliminated, so it didn’t’ matter if he participated in the show; he didn’t have to argue with the upper level because of such things.

However, he heard that it was also managed very strictly. So, before that, he had to meet the little girl.

After returning home, there were too many things going on in the company, so he couldn’t find the time, and just sent a text message to Xu Zhaixing after replacing the phone card to tell her that he was back.

Soon after, he received her reply: brother, welcome back!

In two years, he thought he would gradually break off contact with the little girl. Unexpectedly, she would send him private messages every few months.

She’d tell him to keep warm in winter and prevent heatstroke in summer. There were always one or two private messages reminding him that she hasn’t forgotten him all year round.

For the first time, he had a feeling that he was missed.

Three days after the show was taped, he dialed Xu Zhaixing’s number on the way back to the dormitory from the branch. Two rings later, the phone was connected and her voice came from the receiver with suppressed excitement.


The long-awaited sound.

“Busy?” His lips curved upwards.

“Not busy, not busy! I’m super free!” Xu Zhaixing said in a hurry.

“Then let’s meet,” Cen Feng said.

They decided to meet in the night market where he used to sing. He hadn’t been there since he left that year. Now, a few years since, many vendors and shops had changed but the grocery store behind his usual spot was still there.

As soon as he was there, the shopkeeper recognized him. Handsome people were always memorable.

“Eh it’s you! Haven’t seen you in years.” She said joyfully.

“Yes.” Cen Feng smiled politely at her.

The female shopkeeper marveled and asked a few more idle questions, suddenly thought of something and slapped her head.

“Right, the little girl who gave you candy back then, did ……”

Cen Feng looked over and said, “hmm?”

The female shopkeeper apologized and smiled.

“First of all, I’m sorry, didn’t you tell me not to tell her that you came here? But then I saw that she was too sad and was about to cry so I couldn’t bear it so I told her the truth. I hope you don’t mind.”

Cen Feng was stunned and thought of the candy he had put in the box.

So, she knew.

But after so many meetings, she never mentioned it. She didn’t seem to mind his insensitive indifference at all then.

Cen Feng smiled at the female shopkeeper.

“I don’t mind, thank you.”

The female shopkeeper chatted with him a few more times until a customer comes in the store and hurrying back. Cen Feng stood right where he used to sing looking in the direction of the street.

Ten minutes later, Xu Zhaixing’s figure appeared in his line of sight.

The night market was crowded and the car couldn’t come in. She got out of the car at the corner of the street and jogged the rest of the way.

It was the season of warm flowers in spring. She was wearing a thin apricot sweater, had a pair of slender legs under the plaid skirt, and her long hair was scattered on her shoulders, flying back at her every step.

She ran and only stopping across the street only because of the traffic lights. She was only a crosswalk away, but that was also ten meters away. She looked anxiously but the next second she saw him—

Ceng Feng could not quite make out her expression, only seeing her raise her hand and rub her eyes for a while.

When the green light came on, she darted in.

He walked up and from a distance he heard her shout, “Brother!”

She had grown a little taller, the baby fat on her face was gone, and her features had transformed from youthful into the playful appearance of a young girl. The dress she was wearing was also beautiful, unlike her previous middle school student attire.

Only her eyes were bright as ever and full of the light, it hadn’t changed. The cherry hairpin he gave her before he left was pinned in her hair, still in mint condition.

“It’s been a long time.” Cen Feng smiled.

Xu Zhaixing made full mental preparation on the way here. Just now she secretly wiped her tears across the street and firmly thought she could face him calmly, but when she heard his sentence “it’s been a long time”, her tears still flow out uncontrollably.

Cen Feng was stunned, subconsciously wanted to get her a handkerchief, but then remembered that he did not bring it today, and could only ask in a low voice.

“What’s wrong?”

Xu Zhaixing cried and said,

“Brother, I’m fine. I’m just a little excited. I… our family has developed lacrimal glands, fluids just come out on its own when I have nothing to do. You don’t have to worry about me, I’ll be fine soon.”

Cen Feng: “….”

Hearing her extraordinary reason, he couldn’t help but smile, the rustiness he thought he hadn’t seen in two years didn’t appear at all.

She was still exactly the same as before.

Xu Zhaixing cried quickly and calm herself quickly too. After crying, she quickly took out a handkerchief from her bag to wipe her eyes she turned her back to wipe her nose, and then nervously asked him.

“Brother, have I smudged my makeup?”

She wore some earth tone eyeshadow today and had applied mascara; her already beautiful eyes were groomed to be deeper and brighter. But now that she cried, her eyeshadow was probably smeared all over her face, looking pathetic.

Cen Feng actually saw it, but for whatever reason he calmly said, “No.”

Xu Zhaixing believed it without doubt and thought to herself this brand of eye shadow and mascara was really water resistant.

“Brother, let’s go buy milk tea!” She said giddily.

Cen Feng held back a smile and agreed.

This was the first time they met in two years, yet everything was the same as before, as if he had never left.

The night market was very lively. Cen Feng originally didn’t like the noisy environment but seeing how happy Xu Zhaixing looked when she hopped around to buy this and that, he also thought this place was good.

Cen Feng didn’t take her to take a taxi until after than nine o’clock.

“I’m going to a show in a few days, I can’t contact you for a short time, you can leave a message first if there is anything.” He said to her after she reluctantly got into the car.

Xu Zhaixing already knew that he was going to participate in the Teen Idol. Knowing that he was participating, her heart couldn’t help but feel happiness. She didn’t show it on her face, only bowing her head skillfully.

 “Go back, see you next time,” Cen Feng smiled at her.

Three days later, the recording of “Teen Idol” officially began.

Cen Feng casually packed some clothes, took his model and parts, and headed to the recording camp.



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