Chapter 71

Seeing his beloved girlfriend rolling with an old man who was not even worthy of his shoes, Tang Yichuan was furious, pointing at Zhao Anan’s nose and cursing.

“You want fucking money than me, you want resources, main roles, whatever you I can give it to you but you fucking roll with a dead old man who is older than your father, you can chew on this kind of goods, you’re not afraid of getting tired of it!”

Zhao Anan has not known the real identity of Tang Yichuan, but the investor was aware of it, he recognized Tang Yichuan as soon as he saw him.

That the man standing in front of them was is the second youngest child of the Tang family. The famous Tang family, he simply could not afford to offend this man.

Even if he has a few money to invest in the entertainment industry for few plays and play with few small actresses along the way, but in front of the Tang family he was nothing ah. The Tang family could just lift a finger and could put him to death.

The investor realized that he made a mistake, sleeping with someone who he shouldn’t and resulting to offending the second youngest of the Tang family.

With this realization his first reaction was to put all the fault on Zhao Anan, he pointing to Zhao Anan and said.

“It’s all because she seduced me, she said she wanted the female number one, so she asked me out. You know I have a wife ah, my wife is much more beautiful than her, how can I look at her ah ……”

Tang Yichuan looked at the investor with contempt, dare to do not dare to be, simply a waste!

He clenched his fist and punched the investor in the face. He stared at him with a gloomy face. His eyes were like looking at a dead man.

“How can you see her? You can’t see her and put people to sleep? You won’t inquire before you fucking go to bed. You mix the entertainment industry into the sperm brain and lose your brain, right? You’re looking for death!”

“Yes, yes, yes, I was looking for death!”

The investor knelt on the ground, half of his face swollen to a high level, and still did not forget to say good words to Tang Yichuan to beg for mercy.

“Tang Er Shao, I was wrong, I dare not again, you spare me, spare me ……”

How could Tang Yichuan easily spare him, he had his bodyguard drag that investor to the bathroom and cleaned him up severely.

Zhao An’an, who witnessed everything in the whole process, wrapped in a quilt and hid at her feet, trembled.

 Looking at Tang Yichuan approaching step by step, she cried so pitifully and lay down at Tang Yichuan’s feet begging for mercy and forgiveness.

“Yichuan, I was wrong, I was wrong, I will never dare to do it again, I was fooled by him all, you forgive me, forgive me.”

Tang Yichuan kept watching her coldly as she cried until she finished crying and begging and could no longer cry and act, before he squatted down in front of her, reached out and hooked her chin, asking her disgustedly.

“Am I good to you?”

Zhao Anan nodded and said with tears in her eyes,

“You were very good to me, very good, very good, no one was ever good to me other than you.”


Tang Yichuan sneered, patting her face that he loved and hated.

“It’s a pity that I treated you so well yet you betrayed me.”

“Yichuan ……”

Zhao Anan looked at the Tang Yichuan in front of her fearfully, only to feel that the Tang Yichuan in front of her was terrifying.

“It was this face that caused the trouble!”

Tang Yichuan gave a light laugh.

“It was also this face of yours that confused me in the beginning.”

“You, what are you going to do?”

Zhao An An looked at Tang Yichuan fearfully, her body was trembling, she wanted to get up and escape, but Tang Yichuan reached out and pressed her shoulders, making her completely immobile.

“If it wasn’t for this face, how would I have met you and fallen in love with you? If it wasn’t for this face, how would you have gotten into the entertainment industry? If you betrayed me for such a small amount of resources, where in the end did you put me?”

“I …… I was wrong, please, let me go.”

Things have happened irrevocably, Zhao Anan’s only way was to beg Tang Yichuan to let her go.

But even without thinking she know Tang Yichuan, how could he let go of the woman who gave him a green hat. Finally, Zhao Anan’s came just like how she feared.

Later, Zhao Anan could no longer mix in the entertainment industry. She no longer has any people nor money and resources.

Until he disappeared later, she couldn’t stay in Beijing. She had to move to other places together with her family.

The investor turned out to be no better. He started from his wife. Because of this, his wife didn’t want to offend the Tang family, so she divorced him directly, and then threw him out of the house. He became poor again and went back to his hometown disheartened.

Although that incident has passed for several years, but the impact on Tang Yichuan was still very big, from then on, Tang Yichuan was like a changed person, what true love was not true love. He does not care anymore.

As for the naive idea that he had to fight his way out of the sky by himself, which he used to firmly believe in, he also received the relentless impact of reality. Even he himself felt that he relied on himself to fight the kingdom was simply a very naive and silly thing, and he has nothing to struggle and maintain him, he as the second young master of the Tang family, even if he does not do anything in his life, just eat and drink, and muddle through was already quite good.


The author has something to say: Tang Yichuan and Zhang Xiaojiao are CP, which play a great role and are assists.


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