Chapter 16

Cha Cha stopped writing and before she could ask, the invigilator said.

“Someone is looking for you. Stop first.”

Cha Cha glanced outside, nodded and said.


Cha Cha put down her pen, got up and walked towards the door.

The invigilator picked up her test paper, walked up to the podium and looked at her test paper.

When Cha Cha arrived outside, she first greeted the man with glasses.

“Hello, teacher.”

After greeting the teacher, she asked.

“What can I do for you, teacher?”

The class one teacher still had serious looked on his face as he asked.

“Yao Yiyi said you encouraged her to set up Ning An to cheat on the exam, is this true?”


Cha Cha raised her eyebrows slightly, looking a little surprised then looked at Yao Yiyi implausibly as if asking her why she made something out of nothing, and then smiled with a hint of little self-mockery.

“Sorry teacher, I can’t admit this kind of thing because I haven’t done it at all. I don’t understand why Yao Yiyi said it was me, but I have no evidence to say it wasn’t me. She was the one who framed Ning An but now she has been caught, it didn’t matter to her who she threw the dirty water on.”

Cha Cha’s voice became more and more aggrieved and loud as she spoke, so loud that everyone in the room heard her.

The people in the room were originally curious, when they heard the loud and aggrieved sound outside they all silently breathed and stretched their ears to eavesdrop.

The student by the hallway opened the window.

“It was clearly you who called me to go to the cafe yesterday and told me to do so!”

When Yao Yiyi heard that she actually denied it, and she immediately shouted.

Cha Cha, afraid of being sprayed by her spittle took two steps back, and moved closer to the window, with a little aggrieved and sad look, she said.

“I don’t know why you are targeting me, was it because the boy you like doesn’t like you, but is closer to me instead? You misunderstand, we closer together because we have the same hobby. Or is it because you dislike living in the school dormitory with lots of people, so you want to live in my apartment and I didn’t agree? Sorry, I really don’t like living with others, that’s why I refused you.”

“Or are you angry because you wanted my clothes but I didn’t give them to you? I can’t really help it, although I am a little richer than you, but this money is not inexhaustible, it is impossible to buy you dinner all the time. I’m not sure if you’re angry because of these little things and you’re dragging me down. Have you ever considered me as your friend or not?”

“You, you, you ……!”

The more Cha Cha said, the redder Yao Yiyi’s face became. After all, many things she said were the truth, that she even forgot the reason that they were out because of her setting up Ning An to cheat. What she had in her mind was that the students would think she was a shameless person. It was about her face, so she couldn’t accept it.

Yao Yiyi fingers pointed at Chen Cha’s face, and “You” for a while but could not say anything.

The head teacher looked at the students in the classroom one by one and quickly said.

“Enough. We were talking about cheating, don’t talk about other topics.”

“But this is not considered other topics, right.”

Cha Cha also looks angry, her face looked a lot colder as she said.

“I am taking the examination without any problem but you suddenly appeared, and slandered me. The point is, you slandered me even if she did not give a credible evidence just relying on little words from Yao Yiyi. As the one who got caught she could just say whoever instigate her but what about me, who was innocently implicated am I not allowed to ask her a few questions?”

“You bitch!”

Yao Yiyi was so angry that she lost her reasons and went forward to grab Chen Cha’s hair and was about to hit her.

There were sighs and gasps from the classroom.

The teacher originally wanted to say that Chen Cha’s words were quite believable unexpectedly, Yao Yiyi made it more believable by taking into action. At this time, he didn’t care about the problem of cheating anymore and hurriedly to hold on to Yao Yiyi who was going to commit violence.

After pulling Yao Yiyi to the side, he couldn’t control his anger anymore and scolded.

“How dare you do it in front of me, what do you take the school rules for? What do you think the school rules are? If I wasn’t here, would you still dare to kill someone.”

“It’s none of your business!”

Yao Yiyi was angry and scolded him directly regardless of who scolded her.

“Teacher, can I go back and continue the exam?”

Cha Cha interjected at the right time.

“Go on.”

The class one teacher waved her hand and let Cha Cha go, then resuming his lecture to Yao Yiyi.

Cha Cha came into the classroom and sat down, she then tidily combs her hair with her fingers. She could still hear the voice of the teacher outside teaching Yao Yiyi a lesson.

As she was fixing her hair, she noticed that the test paper was missing and looked up to see the invigilator waving at her, calling her over.

Cha Cha walked up and the invigilator gave her the test paper back and said.

“Don’t worry about anything else, focus on the test.”

“Um, okay teacher.”

Cha Cha politely responded, took the test paper and returned to her seat to continue writing.

Her posture still looks calm.

Seeing how she was unaffected the invigilator was quite impressed with this student.

Originally, he only looked at the test paper because he was idle. Unexpectedly, the student not only looked calm and wrote decisively but also had a good penmanship test paper. Even without looking at the answer, it was very comfortable at a glance.

Her handwriting was very neat, with a bit of sharpness.

The answers were also beautifully written, without any extra or missing parts of the characters.

The students, on the other hand, look at Chen Cha and they have to say, her appearance was really powerful.

If someone else’s hair was messy, it’s sloppy but if her hair was messy, it’s messily beautiful.

And fate was very unfair for that.

But what’s fair about fate was that she made bad friends.

She chose own death, and dragged herself down.

But that should be okay, it seems that Yao Yiyi didn’t regard Chen Cha as a friend at all. And used her as ATM and stick to Chen Cha all the time in order to take advantage of it.

Outside the classroom, Yao Yiyi couldn’t stand the class teacher’s nagging at her, after like forever of scolding, Yao Yiyi turned around and walked away.

The class one teacher went after her, still talking.

The voice of the teacher went further and further, until the people in the classroom couldn’t hear his nagging.

This part of the plot was not very different from what Cha Cha thought.

In the original plot, Ning An was also so framed for cheating in reading comprehension but just like today, since Ning An like reading comprehension she answered it first and the chearing was immediately clarified.

The difference was that after Yao Yiyi confessed it was Chen Cha who instigated her, Chen Cha was too angry and directly scolded Yao Yiyi, making it obvious that she is the mastermind behind the cheating incident.

And Yao Yiyi who was scolded also scolded back.

The two plastic sisters, immediately fought.

Recording demerits together.

As a result, the reputation of Chen Cha has become even more notorious.

Previously, only the senior year students knew about Chen Cha’s arrogance but after this incident, almost the whole school knew that she was a scheming and a super dark hearted girl.

Cha Cha naturally would not go to that route, and also since this was the plot where she and the plastic sister Yao Yiyi separate ways, she just need to make use of her and there would be no need to play plastic sister with her again.

After Cha Cha finished the test paper she handed in the paper early, she went to the small supermarket to buy ice cream and went out of school while eating.



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