ECM 59

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Chapter 59

After Zhongtian sent their trainees to Country H for training, five domestic male groups and two female groups came out one after another. There were also many idols who made their debut as solo artists. Soon, the flow model also emerged in the entertainment market and attracted a large number of fans.

The general environment began to develop in the direction of having fan groups; seeing how these star-catching cultures developed gave Xu Zhaixing a feeling of déjà vu. The change in trajectory brought forward the latter-days phenomenon, and she was unable to anticipate the different future possibilities.

It’s a new world.

The only thing they could do was to follow the plan , plant their feet firmly on the ground1, and move forward step by step. (TN: 1– realistic without flights of fancy)

At the end of the year, the Li magazine, which had experienced the suspension crisis, was both re-launched and re-entered the readers’ field of vision with a single stroke. In this period, Xu Zhaixing actually helped a lot during the process behind the scenes . Every time Annan came to her, she would agree as long as it was within her ability.

For example, when they asked for Zhao Jinjin to cover a shoot or to interview Su Ye, they sought their assistants for an interview. All coverage of Chenxing’s related activities and the release of Xu Zhaixing’s new design work was exclusively given to Li Magazine.

Xu Zhaixing knew that the Li magazine would break its cocoon and be reborn. Although she did have the thought of establishing a good relationship in advance to keep from lacking fashion resources in the future, she really took Annan as a friend and wanted to help him.

But she never expected that the director who finally saved the day and pushed Li magazine to the height of the four major magazines would be Annan himself.

She clearly remembered that the name was three words when she first read the gossip!

Finally, she realized that Annan was his stage name in the circle and that his real name was Mo Pengfei. The name jogged Xu Jiexing’s lost memory; she remembered that the man on the news was indeed called this name.

She had acquainted herself with another big shot in the future. With this thinking she had a great feeling of playing online games and picking up artifact equipment.

Anyway, Li magazine was thriving again. It’s only a matter of time before it reaches the top four in the future.

With Annan and Xu Zhaixing, Chenxing has no shortage of fashion resources. In recent years, Chanjuan has gained a firm foothold in the circle and  been on several international shows and exhibitions, becoming a name brand sought by female stars on the red carpet.

As long as the Chinese style high luxury was mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind was inevitably Chanjuan.

However even though the design industry was more or less close to the entertainment industry, Xu Zhaixing was still relatively low-key. When she won the prize, the online media was underdeveloped, and netizens didn’t deliberately search the award-winning videos and designer materials, so people didn’t know much about her. Apart from the professionals in the circle, few people know Xu Zhaixing’s name.

Chanjuan show was now held once a year. Mr. Fei, one of the biggest names in the fashion industry, was furious when he learned that Xu Zhaixing had studied media rather than design. He said he was very disappointed with her and almost cancelled his sponsorship in Chanjuan show.

It was only when Xu Zhaixing kept designing excellent works one after another, each set more powerful than the other, each work beating her previous designs that Mr. Fei finally recognized her again.

As soon as fashion resources were good, it’s easy to make people feel that the certain brand was high end, making Chenxing the representative of luxury. This also made many artists dream of signing with Chenxing.

Moreover, it was found in the circle that Chenxing and a Xingchen Entertainment video were bound like two legs in a pair of pants. As soon as Chenxing has a job, it would be linked with Xingchen Entertainment video platform; other platforms couldn’t even get a mouthful of porridge2. Similarly, other works who wanted to acquaint themselves with the big thighed Xingchen Entertainment had to stand aside when they encounter Chenxing. (TN: 2– small portion of the resources)

It was not until later that someone notice that the chairman of Xingchen Entertainment Media, the company to which entertainment video belongs, was also surnamed Xu.

So, were they a family?

Xingchen Media was not very famous in the entertainment industry, but it was well known in the real estate circle. Knowing that the Chenxing was backed by Xingchen, big companies who had some ideas immediately had second thoughts.

Real estate big shots could smash anyone to death with money, who could afford to provoke them.

Xu Zhaixing did not know that her father had unwittingly saved her a lot of trouble At the moment she was both happy and sad. Happy, because the day that her idol’s arrival was getting closer and closer, but sad, because the closer the day was, the slower time passed.

It’s not that she hadn’t thought about going to H Country to find him.

It’s just that she wouldn’t know what excuse she’d give once she was there.

No matter what reason she used, it didn’t seem to cover up the fact that she just wanted to see him.

She didn’t want her idol to feel like she followed him abroad.

Besides, through their occasional chat, she knew that he trained very hard there; several times harder than he had in China. He still lived in a dormitory, and the company strictly arranged his food, accommodation, and transportation. If she went, she would only give him trouble.

She could only incarnate into a hard-working little bee and devote herself to work harder in order to make his kingdom bigger and more powerful before he comes back.

After the beginning of her junior year’s second semester, Xu Zhaixing didn’t attend school often. The media major paid attention to experience and practice so she submitted an application for an academic internship. Since then, she didn’t have to go to some classes and stayed at Chenxing more often.

Zhou Yue and Bai Feifei both came to Chenxing to apply for internships. There was no way that idols wouldn’t attract star chasing girls just as themselves. And since god made them roommates with the eldest lady of Chenxing, this gave them the opportunity to work with idols!

Bai Feifei still loved Shi Lin as always. Her family was ordinary and she has lived a hard life before. In fact, she had low self-esteem, but Shi Lin’s songs about life interlinked with her own feelings; Bai Feifei felt that Shi Lin’s spiritual world was connected to her own.

Zhou Yue, on the other hand, was different after she found out that Xu Zhaixing’s brother spoiled Zhao Jinjin especially; she decided right then and there that Zhao Jinjin was her love rival.

Although Xu Zhaixing repeatedly explained that her brother only spoiled Zhao Jinjin because Zhao Jinjin was the first national sister  Chenxing created, Zhou Yue refused to believe this reason. She quit being Zhao Jinjin’s fan in anger and began her journey of changing through several little brother’s fans.

Recently, she fell in love with a new actor that just signed with Chenxing and couldn’t wait to ask Xu Zhaixing to get a signature for her.

Leaving behind the reasons they wanted to work at Chenxing, each girl had the capabilities to intern there even without Xu Zhaixing. In recent years, they had scored excellently in professional examinations, so Xu Zhaixing didn’t explain anything before simply asking the human resources department to take charge of their application. In the end, both of them passed the interview with their own strength.

This was why Xu Zaixing gave them a back door and did not let them go to the other department to play odd jobs, but directly transferred them both to her own planning team.

After all, it’s the benefit friendship of sleeping in the same room.

Her planning team was now an independent department in the company and she was responsible for it alone. The members of the department were directly connected with her, not limited by the company’s system.

Company personnel even jokingly referred to them as the Imperial Study.

Truth was that when the variety planning group was established for “Be My Guest”, the planning team under Xu Zhaixing also came to be. After that, she took them to plan other variety shows. Since everyone was used to Xu “Elder sister” Xing’s style, she directly established this department with the staff’s strong abilities and tacit understanding to promote variety shows independently.

Not long ago, Chenxing bought the copyright of a variety show from H Country. Now, Xu Zhaixing wanted to get rid of its dross and make it more in line with their national conditions.

There were variety show models that only need to be improved, which was much easier than the original variety show. Zhou Yue and Bai Feifei had just enough time to get used to the pace of work, both full of fighting spirit.

Half a month later, the complete variety plan was made.

Xu Yan was very optimistic about this project, otherwise he wouldn’t have spent a high price to buy the copyright.

“Let’s start inviting guests tomorrow, and we can send invitations to major companies.” Xu Yan said as soon as Xu Zhaixing brought the plan over and before anyone had left.

“Let’s wait first.” Xu Zhaixing was stunned and contradicted his opinion for the first time.

“Wait for what?” Xu Yan raised his eyebrows.

“Wait for Zhongtian’s trainee to return.” She said after a pause.

Xu Yan looked at her for a while and sat down on the sofa.

“You know that after two years of training, Zhongtian’s trainees are stronger than us, right?”

Xu Zhaixing lowered her eyes.

“I know.”

Xu Yan continued.

“Then you also know that this variety show is still mainly for the launch of our own trainee. If we invite the group of trainees from Zhongtian’s return, the gap will be too big. Even if it’s a secret operation, we can’t possibly hold strong. After all, in the audience’s eyes are discerning. Are you planning to give up our planned C-position to someone from Zhongtian?”

“Just one.” Xu Zhaixing looked up into his eyes and spoke in a calm tone.

Xu Yan was silent for a long time and suddenly smiled.

He seemed a little helpless as he shook his head, sighed and asked.

“You haven’t given up Cen Feng yet?”

Xu Zhaixing also smiled a little bit as she said.


How was it possible to give up?

He was the light of her life.


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