RB80’s: VMRHCD 15


Chapter 15- Two pots and pans

A bowl of rice was not a large amount and when divided into two bowls, each person gets a little less.

But they had eaten lunch just over two hours ago and they weren’t particularly hungry now.

Pei Shanshan and Pei Jing share a bowl of rice plus vegetable and that’s about it.

Pei Shanshan looked at the rice in front of her then at Jiang Ran, she hesitated but still asked.

“What about you?”

“I’ll have noodles.”

She also ordered a bowl of noodles with shredded pork!

While they were eating, the noodles with shredded pork was served.

The bowl was large and the quantity was very generous.

Covered with green vegetable and shredded meat, the heat curled up and the aroma was delicious.

She have to say that the food at this time was really affordable.

It doesn’t pay attention to whether it looks good or not, it’s the most important thing was to have a large amount of food.

If the taste could be better, it would be more popular.

These three people openly eat the food that was ordered.

After eating and drinking enough, Jiang Ran paid for it.

When paying, Jiang Ran found that not only was the quantity large but the price was also affordable.

The meat was 80 cents and the shredded potatoes were 30 cents.

A bowl of noodles with shredded meat costs 60 cents and a bowl of rice costs 20 cents.

It all adds up to a total of nine yi kuai1 (Tn: unit of money)

A piece of nice could have meat and vegetables, three people eat a full meal. This price was really not expensive.

Jiang Ran doesn’t think it was expensive but she was very distressed to see Pei Shanshan’s expression.

Apparently for Pei Shanhan the meal was quite expensive.

Pei family makes a living by farming, the land has only distributed to households in recent years so that they could sell grain for some money after grain harvest.

If they want to buy oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, needles and thread on weekdays they have to rely on the hens at home.

One egg could be sold for a penny and there were many families in the village who used their chicken butts as a bank.

The Pei family keeps more than ten chickens but it was impossible to save and sell all the eggs they pick up every day.

The original owner alone had to eat several eggs a day.

Everyone else in the Pei family could not eat, even Pei Jing who was still young could only eat one every day.

Thinking about the Pei family’s situation Jiang Ran could understand Pei Shanshan’s thoughts.

But that would be all temporary.

When she makes money from her business, Pei Shanshan would not have to worry about the money for this meal.

After this meal, Jiang Ran had an idea of the price, taste and quantity of the food in the county and also figured out exactly what she needed to do.

Opening a restaurant was a sure thing but not now.

With limited funds in hand, Jiang Ran could only save money.

The family has a wagon which was used to pull grain during the autumn harvest and was idle most of the other times, and just in time to pull things.

With the wagon, the only thing left to buy was the stove and pots and pans.

Pei’s family kitchen uses the old-fashioned earth stove. The pot was directly embedded in the stove, so it was impossible to move it down and used it. She could only buy it separately.

If this was a few years ago, if she wanted to buy a pot she had to ask for an industrial coupon.

Without industrial coupons, she couldn’t buy an iron pot even if she have money.

But these years of reform and opening up, the policy has been relaxed a lot.

As long as there was money, iron pots and pans could be bought.

In the department store building Jiang Ran chose for a long time before finally selecting a pot.

This pot was not as big as the one used by Pei Family’s but for the current Jiang Ran it was enough.

In addition to the iron pot, another aluminum pot was also bought.

Aluminum pot and pans were cheaper but the two pots and pans add up to forty yuan.

Pei Shanshan looked at Jiang Ran who paid forty yuan without blinking but making her bleed.

That was forty yuan!

(End of Chapter)


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