RB80’s: VMRHCD 14


Chapter 14- See if I can eat enough ah

Even Jiang Ran who was used to eating good food couldn’t help swallowing her saliva not to mention Pei Shanshan and Pei Jing who haven’t seen meat all year round.

Jiang Ran looked up towards the two and saw two pair of eyes staring straight back at the meat and the corner of their mouth was tightly pursed.

That look was clearly extraordinarily eager to eat.

Jiang Ran also wants to eat.

Since they all wanted to eat, Jiang Ran did not hold back and picked up her chopsticks and took a piece of meat and put in it her mouth.

The meat which had not been out of the pot for long was still a little hot but not very hot.

With a light bite, the gravy flowed down her tongue and into her throat giving an overwhelming sense of satisfaction.

This piece of meat was fatty and lean, the fat was not greasy at all nor was the meat chewy.

Jiang Ran only felt that she had not chewed a few times, and the meat just melted in her mouth.

Delicious was really delicious but was this one piece enough?

Jiang Ran took her chopsticks and was just about to clip the second piece when she saw Pei Shanshan and Pei Jing across her, looking at her with envious eyes.

Jiang Ran raised her eyebrows,

“What are you looking at me for? See if I can eat enough? Hurry up and eat.”

Saying that, Jiang Ran took two pairs of chopsticks from the chopstick tube and handed them to the two opposite people.

But Pei Shanshan didn’t dare to pick it up.

It’s a back to pot meat!

Real meat!

Jiang Ran was so kind to let her eat?

She doesn’t have any bad ideas, does she?

Various thoughts flashed through Pei Shanshan’s mind and didn’t dare to pick up the chopsticks.

Pei Jing on the other hand opened his big water eyes and stared unblinkingly at Jiang Ran.

Seeing this people like this, Jiang Ran simply stood up and slightly bent over which shoved the chopsticks into the hands of the people opposite to her.

“All right, stops staring at me and eat if you want to. Don’t worry, you won’t be left to scrub the dishes to pay for the meal.”

When Jiang Ran said this, the man who served them food just happened to walk out with shredded potatoes and rice.

Hearing this, the man laughed.

“Even if you willing, I am not willing!”

With the boss’s words, Pei Shanshan only then was slightly relieved deep down.

Pei Jing was a child after all, when he sees delicious food he could hold it for a while but he couldn’t hold it all the time.

In addition to being urged by Jiang Ran to hurry up and eat one after another, he won’t be patient.

Pei Jing was not old enough but when he was more than one year old and he had learned to use chopsticks.

Since he learned to use chopsticks, he has been self-sufficient in eating and does not need to be fed at all.

At this time, Pei Jing took the chopsticks and steadily clipped a piece of meat and put it into his mouth.

Pei Jing’s mouth was not big and this piece of meat was not small.

So when this piece of meat all stuffed into his mouth Pei Jing’s cheeks immediately puffed up.

Looking at Pei Jing’s puffed cheeks and his mouth chewing Jiang Ran’s eyes also smiled.

Who doesn’t like meat?

Before crossing over the book everyone could already afford to eat meat and there were still many people who like to eat meat in particular.

Not to mention now, many people couldn’t eat meat for several years so they like more meat.

While Jiang Ran and Pei Jing were eating, Pei Shanshan carefully picks up a piece of meat.

When the meat was caught in front of her, Pei Shanshan didn’t dare to eat it immediately but looked at Jiang Ran again.

Pei Shanshan was really worried that Jiang Ran would suddenly flip out.

But Jiang Ran did not even looked at her, as her eyes were already into the shredded potatoes.

Seeing this Pei Shanshan then quietly sighed in relief.

Pei Shanshan bite the piece of meat three times before swallowing it and after eating she didn’t dare to stretch out her chopsticks.

Seeing Pei Shanshan like this, Jiang Ran simply asked the man for another bowl and divided the bowl of rice into two, giving it to Pei Shanshan and Pei Jing respectively.

(End of Chapter)


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