Chapter 7(3)

It wasn’t at this time that Tang Xinyu finally relaxed, mentally and physically as her palm had a thin layer of sweat. Tang Xinyu suddenly remembered this secret things before she went to bed last night, when the heron in the novel was fighting for the power of the Mo family he found an evidence giving his opponent a serious injury. It was not clear how it developed later as Tang Xinyu already abandoned the story.

No matter what Tang Xinyu’s bottom card worked just fine.

After the two reached an agreement, Tang Xinyu spoke much more casually recommending Mo Yifan to try several dishes one after another like a child who was happy to share food her buddies.

Mo Yifan complied and tasted them one by one, if Lin Vincent was present he would have been surprised to find that the dish that normally would not enter the mouth of Mo Yifan was swallowed not to mention there was no frown.

Tang Xinyu: “Mo Shao the engagement party I need someone from the Mo family to get into the electronic and control room.”

Mo Yifan :”Ok, I’ll arrange him to contact you secretly.”

Tang Xinyu was puzzled.

“And you didn’t ask what I was going to do?”

Mo Yifan: “As long as it does not hurt the old man, everything else is up to you.”

Tang Xinyu imagined how much the probability of the blood pressure soaring would be when the Mo family’s Elder was graphically told on the spot that his young grandson had done something insulting to the Tang family, and was somewhat uncertain.

Tang Xinyu: “What if it’s something that would lose a granddaughter in law?”

Mo Yifan took a sop of the red wine.

“Then pay for one. One in, one out, it’s even.”

Tang Xinyu was delighted, she originally planned to promote the good deeds of Mo Lanqing and Tian Wanwan. In the end, the Mo family married a granddaughter in law and wouldn’t lose anything.

Tang Xinyu immediately smiled,

“Wow, Mo Shao and I really share the same heroic view, for our coincidence let’s go one.”

Mo Yifan clinked glasses happily with Tang Xinyu, he was 100% that he was not thinking the same thing as Tang Xinyu but seeing her happy appearance he could not bear to poke.

Anyway, there’s still a long way to go wasn’t there?

Tang Xinyu’s cheeks were slightly red, she understand her own drinking capacity and always grasps within a margin and would not allow herself to act of bounds.

The sky outside the floor to ceiling windows slowly darkened, a series of lights along the coastline slowly lit up one by one like the sea wearing a pearl necklace with soft light. The sea breeze blowing waves chasing the coastline, the tide rising and falling tirelessly.

She don’t know whether it was the atmosphere, but under the shining of crystal light the exquisite silhouette of Mo Yifan was outlined. Why was such excellent man only sitting on a wheelchair? Tang Xinyu once again once again sighed regretfully and for the first time in her life she complained about the injustice of the author.

So much that when the two separated and each left by car, Lin Vincent rubbed his eyes in surprise. How come he felt that the eye of Miss Tang while looking at Mo Shao he saw a motherly glow?

Lin Vincent did not dare to talk too much and obviously felt that the air pressure in the car was calmer than usual and on the way Mo Shao asked him to play a light violin piece.

Suddenly, Mo Shao’s phone rang.

Lin Vincent glanced at the rearview mirror and saw a flash of smiled on the Mo Shao’s face and immediately turned off the car music to keep the car quiet.


Mo Shao, it’s ok for you to pretend to be a cold person but why do you want to sound cold at the same time with a doting smile on the face? There are still subordinates in your car that you mustn’t ignore ah!

“Mo Shao listen to you recording.”

Tang Xinyue played the whole process of her throwing cards and Mo Yifan being forced to cooperate.

Tang Xinyu: “Mo Shao is right, it’s not good to have first-class storytelling skills. There must be evidence, Mo Shao good night!”

Mo Yifan stared at the hung up phone with his face growing sullen.

Lin Vincent was inwardly roaring: Miss Tang, what have you done?!


Mo Yifan: “Pay one, one in, one out, even!”

Tang Xinyu: “Yes, compensate Elder Mo a granddaughter in law and everyone happy!”

Mo Yifan: “Heh, I’m talking to the daughter in the law.”

Tang Xinyu: “….”


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