IRBB90’S 7


Chapter 7

Liang Weidong learned that they were looking for a hostel. Knowing that Su Weiwei had no money, he arranged for them to go to his dormitory and have himself squeezed with other apprentices. Of course, Su Weiwei didn’t refuse this offer. She was worried about their safety if they live in the hostel with the two children, and the money she has on hand has other uses. Originally, she didn’t take money seriously in her previous life. She usually spends money recklessly but when she came here, she knew that she was really poor that she couldn’t even afford a piece of cake when shw was hungry. So, getting the offer she immediately agreed thinking that she could save the money for staying in the hostel for emergency.

In the evening, Liang Weidong pulled Liang Xiaomei aside to ask about the situation. Liang Xiaomei complained.

“At home, Liu Yumei always bullied her sister-in-law and asked my sister-in-law to plant more than ten acres of land alone and cause sister-in-law to faint because of the hot weather. I also saw her sister-in-law crying secretly several times.”

Liang Weidong knew that Liu Yumei was not a good person. After he flunk his exams, he said he wanted to repeat his study but Liu Yumei’s face immediately pulled down. She immediately scolded him telling him that failing to pass the college entrance examination not just humiliate himself but also dragged down his family and told him told to just hit her and die if he plans to study again. Liang Weidong couldn’t beat her so he became an apprentice and left home. It was his master who gave him food and accommodation, he was also paid two or three yuan a month. Although Liang Weidong wanted to help his family, it was hard for him. One time when he wanted to go home and help with autumn sowing, but his master lived far from his village that he couldn’t go back and forth. Unexpectedly, all the burden fell on his sister-in-law, Liang Weidong was sour at the thought of her sister-in-law and a woman suffering so much at home. His brother died, so it’s reasonable that they should take good care of her but they not only didn’t take care of it, but also let their sister-in-law live like this.

“So, what are you guys doing in town this time?”

Liang Xiaomei thought of Su Weiwei’s explanation and immediately turned her eyes.

“My sister-in-law said she would come out to find work.”

Liang Weidong didn’t say anything and asked Su Weiwei to stay with him. The next morning, Liang Weidong came back from the canteen and gave them food. Su Weiwei glanced at the room although it was a boys’ dormitory, the room was clean. Last night, when Su Weiwei checked in, Liang Weidong even wiped the mat. Overall, the room seemed clean and simple. Su Weiwei looked at Liang Weidong, Liang Weidong was similar to what she imagined. He was gentle and handsome. He wears gold rimmed glasses and has a pedantic air of a bookworm but because he has repeated his studies for two years and was not young anymore, he looks more mature than ordinary students. At first, when Su Weiwei read the story, she found that many readers liked Liang Weidong very much. After all, he was a scientific research leader with strong principles. Before Liang Heming took them to the city, Liang Weidong studied in senior three for three years but failed to enter the University. But he was bent on learning and never gave up studying. Now Su Weiwei looks around the room and finds that there are many senior three books in the room.

“Big brother, are you really not going to repeat another year?”

Liang Weidong stalled then lowered down his head.

“Sister-in-law, I am useless I thought I could make a good life for you after going to college, but I didn’t get in after taking the exam three times.”

“Hey, it’s not your fault. The main reason is that our school is too rubbish. The school doesn’t know what are the questions that will most likely come out in college entrance examination. It doesn’t know how to guide candidates and the information they have are not up to date. Your school needs to the examination form the examination form for college entrance examination. Do you still think it’s your fault?”

Liang Weidong didn’t say anything and remained lowering his head, deep inside he was inexplicably sad.

He has been taking the exam for three years but he also always fails which was devastating for a student. After all, he was once a proud man, but the reality made him bow his head. His sister-in-law’s words of encouragement warmed his heart, but he didn’t want to give himself unrealistic hope. Maybe he really didn’t have the talent to study, didn’t deserve to realize his ideal, and didn’t deserve to go to college.

Liang Weidong continued to lowered his head and ate.

Su Weiwei smiled.

“Brother, you may think I said this to encourage you, but everything I said is heartfelt. You see, you’ve been studying in the town’s high school before. How many college students can take the exam in our town every year? Not to mention the your dream, I think you’d better repeat it for another year.”

Liang Weidong sighed.

“Sister-in-law, if I go back to school, who will make money to support my family? How can I escape responsibility as a man? Even if I pass the exam, I still need tuition fees to go to college. Where does this money come from? Now my little sister has no money to go to school, and Cheng Cheng should go to kindergarten. Should I be so selfish to go to school by myself, regardless of others?”

Su Weiwei sighed, this Liang Weidong’s person was really a good at least not so selfish in nature.

As for the money…

Su Weiwei smiled. Why did she work so hard to make money? Wasn’t it just to be Liang Weidong’s fairy godmother? Now was the time when Liang Weidong was most short of money and needs encouragement. It’s also the time for her to make a contribution and express her support for Liang Weidong. Su Weiwei understands that it’s not only important for her to make money, but it’s more important to send warmth to the future bosses. She knows herself she couldn’t be a popular figure in the future, not to mention her ideal life was to have a building and just collect rent because in the end she was just an ordinary person. But if these seven people really succeed, a few grains of rice in one’s hand would be enough for her to eat all her life. Su Weiwei remembers that in her previous life, a big man borrowed money from the villagers to study when he was young. Later, when he flourished, he returned home and sent cash to the villagers to build a villa to express his gratitude. People were always like this. The person who helped you in your most difficult time will impress you most.

And Su Weiwei would be Liang Weidong’s benefactor and life mentor.

Su Weiwei made a posture of gritting her teeth.

“Weidong! Don’t you worry, I’ll figure out the money.”


Liang Weidong was shocked. In the past, Su Weiwei ignored him and never said anything encouraging to him but now his sister-in-law wants to help him retake the exam?

“No, sister-in-law, how can I let you do that? It’s hard for you without brother and I can’t drag you down.”

Su Weiwei sighed and said sincerely,

“Weidong, it’s okay for your sister-in-law to work harder especially since your brother is gone. I should take care of you siblings more. Besides, what’s the use of my hard work? As long as I can let you go to college, your sister-in-law is willing to do anything!”

Liang Weidong, this big man even had a reddened eyes hearing what his sister-in-law said, he looked at her and was touched by her goodness to him. But he knows that Su Weiwei was not a rich young lady, and he needs a lot of money to study, to say this was not a small amount so how could Su Weiwei a country woman gets such a large amount of money? Liang Weidong did not hold much hope.

In the afternoon, Su Weiwei took Cheng Cheng and Liang Xiaomei out again. On the way, Liang Xiaomei looked up and said with a grin.

“Sister-in-law, yesterday my brother asked about what you were doing in the here.”

“So, what did you say?”

“I said you wanted to find work. I didn’t say you set up a stall.”

The child’s thoughts were written on her face, Su Wei smiled and touched her face.

“Xiaomei is really capable!”

As a matter of fact, Liang Xiaomei got excited and proudly raised her chin at Cheng Cheng, as if she wanted to compete with Cheng Cheng for favor. The little boy got anxious and pulled her mother’s finger to point at himself. Su Wei Wei saw but did not answer, only stood there and smiled.

“Want your mother to praise you?”

Cheng Cheng nodded.

“Then you talk. How will your mother know if you don’t talk?”

Cheng Cheng frowned, seeing him like this Su Weiwei couldn’t helped laughed louder.

Seeing his mother laughing hard Cheng Cheng pouted and nestled on the bar with a depressed face. He suspected that he was being made fun of by Su Weiwei, but he had no proof. However, although he couldn’t talk, he could count.


He would make his mother praise him. With this thinking Cheng Cheng glared at Liang Xiaomei, Liang Xiao Mei always competes for favor with his mother and would always want to make her mother love her, so annoying!

Su Weiwei asked the surrounding vendors for information.

“There is a school in the city, it is said that 20% of the people go to college. Their passing rate is said to be very high. It is the highest rate of passing rate in the surrounding cities.”


20% was actually a very low passing rate in the future generations. Su Wei only remembers that the undergraduate rate of many schools in future could reach 100%, but the university has not expanded enrollment these days so it wasn’t easy to go to university now.

In addition, news in this era were not that widespread or could easily be blocked. Schools in small cities like this sometimes don’t know the scope of the examination.

So, the enrollment rate of this school should be good.

Su Weiwei also heard that the school was recruiting repeat students before. It would be best if Liang Weidong could go there.

Liang Weidong’s score was actually not low, repeat students like him with good scores actually have tuition discount, but if they want to go to school at least make sure he has money for consumption, right? In this way, at least nearly 200 yuan must be prepared for him to study in other cities.

Su Weiwei now has more than 100 and made some money this morning. She was not far from her goal.

According to the plot written in the book, Liang Heming would not know about this college until almost a year later after he return to take his younger siblings to the city. A year was enough time for her, a fairy godmother to establish a persona.

In the early 1990s, the difficulty of taking a college entrance examination was equivalent to that of the later 985, not to mention the university entrance examination. It was even more difficult to take a top university entrance examination, and Liang Weidong studied in a middle school in the town, the difficulty very imaginable.

When Su Weiwei made up her mind, she decided to make good money. Fewer people came to the temple fair today than yesterday, and fewer people came to challenge. However, generally speaking, she still made money. At least for Su Weiwei who didn’t pay a penny, it’s still better to cover a white wolf with empty hands for 100 yuan a day.

This morning when Su Weiwei received some money she smiled and asked Cheng Cheng,

“What would you like to eat with your little aunt?”

Cheng Cheng glanced at Liang Xiaomei, who immediately said.

“Sister-in-law, I want instant noodles.”

Cheng Cheng nodded along. He had seen Zhuang Zhuang eat before, it could be eaten dry or with soap and every time Zhuang Zhuang eat these noodles, he was always watching him from the side. He also heard from Jiang Tao that they wouldn’t even give him the soup to drink.

Remembering this Cheng Cheng thought of the aroma and could not help but gulp. Su Weiwei looked at them like a greedy cat.

She gave them money to buy noodles with soup plus other snacks. Rural children were not sophisticated, usually they eat dried radish and pepper at home so Cheng Cheng although small could already eat some spicy foods. The two people shared a bowl of noodles and enjoying its aroma.

Su Weiwei smiled, she found that raising children could be addictive just like now when she fed Cheng Cheng and Liang Xiaomei, an inexplicably feeling was born it was a sense of satisfaction just like raising cat in her previous life. This feeling, she quite like it.

While they were eating, a couple came to challenge. The woman glanced at the red cloth and smiled contemptuously.

“Is there anyone who can’t pass this simple game? Husband, let’s both take the challenge and won 20 yuan then go home and add food to our son.”

The man also smiled and laughed, looking at Su Weiwei as if she were a fool.




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