Chapter 66

The rules for the second round were also simple.

Each person now already has a penalty item they brought with them, and another one that won over their opponent in the first round.

Because the number of people has been reduced by half, so this round they would directly compete for a ranking. The winner still takes all the penalties from the loser.

The final result was not certain, result could be tied and each of them would win a prize, or maybe one person came out on top with an absolute crushing advantage and the winner takes all.

Everyone was a little excited and glanced at all kinds of penalties on the table.

They were all things of more than one hundred Liang silver, not to mention they were all good things.

Everyone else had already opened their paintings first.

Shang Chuxue painted a picture of a beauty of the first snow that has buried flowers, indeed, people could see a few moods with this painting that could be considered a good painting.

Li Yuan nodded secretly.

Although Song Xinrui said she didn’t care about winning or losing, but she took out four paintings at once, one each of plum, orchid, pine and chrysanthemum.

The painting was also good. Although the artistic concept of a single picture was slightly inferior to that of Shang Chuxue, the victory lies in that slight amount.

Li Yuan secretly ranked this one on the top in his heart.

There was another one, which he painted himself.

He painted a picturesque picture of rivers and mountains, mountains hidden in the vast expanse of smoke. The painting not only see the foundation of his skills, but also be more atmospheric than the pictures showed just now.

After everyone finished showing the painting, their eyes were unanimous looked at Jiang Liangchan.

Jiang Liangchan calmly unfolded her painting.

The half-paralyzed chicken head was obviously inferior to the others.

Seeing this, there was a roar of laughter.

Especially Shang Chuxue who laughed so hard that tears came out.

“My God, what is this thing?”

Song Xinrui on the other hand covered her mouth as she also gently laughed.

“Miss Jiang is really humorous, this is drawn as practice painting of some child in the house, right?”

Li Yuan was also smiling when he suddenly notices a poem on it.

The handwriting was so familiar.

He couldn’t believe it. He took a few steps forward and looked at the signature carefully.

It’s really true, it’s his master!

At this time, Jiang Liangchan asked him with a smile.

“Can you see clearly?”

Soon, everyone noticed Li Yuan’s somewhat ugly face.

While everyone was puzzled, they heard Li Yuan answer Jiang Liangcui with difficulty.

“Is this the inscription of …… my master Li Hongru?”

Jiang Liangcui smiled cynically.

“Yes, otherwise? Don’t you know how to read and write?”

Are you kidding me?

Li Hongru?

Li Hongru has long been out of the mountain, okay?

Seeing Li Yuan frozen in place, Shang Chuxue angrily said.

“Li Yuan, what’s wrong with you? This kind of blatant imitation of other people’s inscriptions, what more do you say to her?”

Li Yuan’s face was a little ugly, carefully looked at the painting again—

“But the signature, indeed, is my master’s and so is the penmanship.”

Everyone’s faces were starting to look a bit ugly too.

Shang Chuxue was the first to disagree.

Her father wanted to ask Li Hongru for a painting and calligraphy, but after two or three years of looking for him, he did not get a reply nor did he received any painting from this said master.

Who was Jiang Liangchan? With that kind of painting, would Li Hongru really inscribe it? Wasn’t that beating her father in face?

Who does she think was so easy to fool?

The lady who invited Li Yuan was even more dissatisfied.

It took her a lot of effort to invite Li Yuan. She spent a lot of money and sent a lot of elegant things. She also specially invited someone to lead the line. It’s impossible to invite a better one.

And yet here at the banquet, someone used Li Hongru’s inscription to pressure her?

Was someone kidding her?

What was the purpose of doing this?

Then iff the other party has no difficulties, she should create difficulties.

Shang Chuxue: This.

Song Xinrui: Yes.

Li Guijin: Fake

Noblewoman A: Yes.

Noblewoman B: Right.

The noblewomen, who usually look at each other with disdain, finally united for the first time.

The noblewomen were noisy and determined to have the signature struck as a forgery.

Li Yuan was in a very difficult position.

“But this signature, indeed, is my master’s.”

He has studied it for years and was really too familiar with it.

However, the support that he usually gets whenever he said something was nowhere to be heard.

This time, everyone was determined, and refused to believe.

As they were even angrier.

Especially Shang Chuxue who found out that after reading the poem, she suddenly felt that the ugly looking chicken and thatched hut were adorable?

There must be sorcery on this painting.

She knew it.

Jiang Liangchan’s intention was not only to drag Li Hongru, but just like what she feared, she wanted to completely blind them.

Therefore, Jiang Liangchan was treacherous, vile and a vicious woman.

Today, she would never allow herself to kneel down and call her father. Jiang Liangchan would just waste her time. She would never ever allow herself to bow down.

Shang Chuxue sneered.

“It seems that we haven’t finished your words just now. Jiang Liangchan you already lose but it seem that you don’t understand how this punishment works, so I will carefully explain it you again, since you lose, you have to kneel down and apologize to us one by one. You can’t cheat people with fake signature like this.”

“Let’s see, otherwise, how about you go outside the manor, find the busiest street and shout to the people coming and going that Jiang Liangchan is a fool?”

The other noblewomen snorted with laughter.

“I think that’s a good idea.”

Jiang Liangchan looked at them indifferently.

“Okay since that’s what you want, you lose, you’ll go out in a line and shout instead, how about that, fair enough?”

She was so confident that the noblewomen who were shouting just now, froze in unison and looked at each other, no one stepped forward to say anything first.

Shang Chuxue looked at them with such a lackluster look and got angry, stepped forward and said.

“Naturally, I can. But the premise is that your inscription must be true.”

She sneered,

“Master Li Hongru is famous all over the world, there are many people copying his paintings and calligraphy, who knows what kind of person you paid to copy his works.”

As soon as she said that, the crowd quickly found the backbone and agreed.

“That’s right, it’s just an imitation.”

Jiang Liangchan looked at Li Yuan.

“Li Yuan, what do you say?”

The only person present who was most familiar with Li Hongru’s calligraphy and paintings was Li Yuan.

He was, by definition, the most authoritative judge.

Li Yuan’s heart turned several times.

He used to accompany his master before and never saw him have any dealings with the Jiang family.

And his master was not the kind of person who would bend because of power.

It’s impossible to inscribe for him to inscribe for Jiang Liangchan who was a famous straw bag.

Although the signature was very similar, the poem was also written in a subtle and incomparable way, just like the handwriting of his master.

But how could Jiang Liangchan have invited his master?

Thinking of this, he also relaxed a lot and said,

“Based on this painting and calligraphy alone, it is true that we cannot tell whether it is authentic or not. Although my master’s paintings and calligraphy are fewer today, there are many left from the early years, so it is not impossible for someone to imitate them.”


He thought he was very kind, saying this.

“You can also give Young Miss Jiang a chance. As long as Young Miss Jiang can take out another thing of my master, if it is authentic, then poem can also be regarded as true.”

The smugness on Shang Chuxue’s and their faces could barely be concealed.

You’ve hit your face, right?

If you can take out one but how can you take out another one?

How can you take out another fake that looked so authentic?

At the moment they were getting ready for their taunting and scolding words and throw it out on Jiang Liangchan’s face.

Jiang Liangchan finally understood why Li Hongru not only gave her an inscription, after hearing about her story and gave her that lotus flower jade medal.

The ginger maybe old but it was still hot.

She smiled, “That’s what you guys said.”

Jiang Liangchan pulled a small cloth pocket in her sleeves.

But she didn’t feel the lotus jade card.

The cloth pocket was empty.

The lotus jade token unexpectedly fell off without her knowing when.

Seeing Jiang Liangchan’s slightly changed expression, the noble ladies laughed loudly.

“It’s ridiculous, the look on her face just now is too confident.”

Shang Chuxue laughed so hard that she couldn’t catch her breath.

“You looking like this, you don’t want to say that you had something and dropped it, right?”

Jiang Liangchan: “…”

Yes, that’s what I really want to say! Are you asking because you’re afraid!

Deep inside Jiang Liangchan’s heart was a bit gloomy.

She’s got the momentum built.

As a result, the bragging rights told her that she had nowhere to put them?

Now what should she do?

Play it shameful?

It’s okay, it’s not a loss anyway.

Jiang Liangcai encourage herself as she was getting ready to thicken her face when a sudden commotion came from the entrance of the courtyard.

She was so far away, but she already heard some girls near the garden exclaiming

“Who is this, so handsome”.

In the midst of her busy monologue, she followed the crowd and took a look.

Then her whole body was stunned.

Chen Fang surprisingly came.

He was clearly only wearing ordinary dark blue clothes, but with Chen Fang’s aura it looked noble.

He has picturesque facial features and a long, slender body, making others looked like the mud dots that the snail mother flung out of her hand when she made a man.

And he, probably the female snail mother repeatedly polished, made out as a sample.

The eyes of the noblewomen turned as this sample walked around.

The young girls finally let out the same cry regardless of master and servant, all being equal.

—Mom and Dad, I’m in love.

The object of love, however, did not look at them much at all, and in their eager gaze, he actually walked up to Jiang Liangcai and stood still.

Chen Fang raised his hand, revealing a jade pendant in and presented it in front of Jiang Liangchan.

Jiang Liangchan did not react for a moment.

Chen Fang blinked and let out a light laugh at a volume that only two people could hear.

“How could you even forget this, so careless.”

After he finished this sentence, he took a step back, his voice was not too high or too low, just enough for everyone to hear:

“I am late, the jade pendant you asked to retrieve from Master Li Hongru yesterday, I have just gone to retrieve it, please reprimand me.”

These noblewomen don’t know exactly which lemon to eat first.

They eyed someone else’s underling who was surprisingly handsome and so loyal.

And this handsome and loyaal subordinate turned out to be from Jiang Liangchan’s family.

Wait, what did this handsome specimen just say?

Retrieve from Master Li Hongru?

What’s going on, why do these same words that come out from Jiang Liangchan was so unbelievable but from the mouth of this handsome sample, it feels to right and very believable?

Jiang Liangcicada proudly raised her chin, her voice was arrogant perfectly matching Chen Fang’s humble posture.

“Well, you’re a little slow, but forget it, give it to me.”

She had inwardly kneeled down to her knees.

Thank you for your great kindness.

Please forgive me if I have offended you more.

A smile flashed in Chen Fang’s eyes as he handed the jade pendant to her.



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