IRBB90’S 6


Chapter 6

Su Weiwei understood what she meant, she only smiled and said.

“It’s still crowded, I will talk to you later.”

The grandmother had an “I understand” look on her face, wiped her hands on her apron, turned around and walked away.

The liangpi made by grandmother was more delicious than that made from the later generations. A bowl of liangpi was cut into rectangular strips with sauce on it, the green pepper was also cut into pieces. Eating it in one bite, a full of chili and sweet potato flavor would immediately kick in so it was impossible not eat such delicious food.

“Is it delicious?” Su Weiwei asked with a smile.

Liang Xiaomei squinted contentedly, she also likes to eat liangpi. However whenever Liu Yumei and Jiang Tao bought liangpi they would secretly eat it behind her back, she has not eaten liangpi for many years.

Cheng Cheng also kept nodding. He was only three years old but he was already very good at using chopsticks, holding a mouthful of cold noodles. Su Weiwei looked at them happily.

“Eat slowly, later this kind food will be available to eat every day.”

Cheng Cheng and Liang Xiaomei looked at each other. Eating liangpi everyday? Such a life was too extravagant. Zhuang Zhuang used to eat liangpi every day, but that was because Zhuang Zhuang had his own mother and grandmother. But them, they had nothing. Although there was Liang Fugui but Liang Fugui don’t have a penny in his hand. Even if he did, he wouldn’t dare to give them money behind Liu Yumei’s back. Once Liang Fugui even bought sugar for Zhuang Zhuang and Honghong in front of them, but he didn’t give them any. But now it’s all right, Su Weiwei only loves them.

At present, college students and the math teacher have finished writing.

Gangzi was sweating when he finished writing. Su Weiwei took the paper and looked at it for a while, pointing out the error to him,

“You wrote 457 as 47.”

“What? This can’t be! How could I possibly make such a low-level mistake?”

But he couldn’t deny it, Su Weiwei was right he did miss writing a number but his friend who was watching also frowned and said lightly.

“You’re not a scam, are you?”

At that moment several other people handed over the paper who did not gave their deposit yet and were calling her scam. But Su Weiwei had long expected this, smiling she pick up the paper.

“Everyone say I cheated you, but how? I only challenge you to write 1 to 600, you write it on your own and there’s no time limit, I did not even say a word halfway so you tell me how did I cheat? Besides, today you are writing to lose, what if you write to win? If you guys don’t spend a penny and win $10, then will you still say I’m a scam?”

Gangzi frowned.

“But how can I, a college student, not be able to write 1 to 600 numbers?”

Su Weiwei laughed.

“Yes, how can you a college student write incorrectly? This only proves that a lot of things can’t be done just because you have a high degree education.”

The college student was ashamed of what he said, and the math teacher who made a mistake patted his thigh and was annoyed. He really didn’t understand. The rules of the game sounded simple though he also knew that the more he wrote, the more he suffered. Fortunately, he was an adult, so he doesn’t look ugly after losing some money. Besides, Su Weiwei was a young girl and has a good smile, and he was embarrassed to argue with her so he could only sighed.

“Pay for the lesson!1 This can only prove that many seemingly simple things are not easy to do. It seems that I have also made the mistake of looking high and holding low. I’ll let the students in my class have a try and see if anyone can do it.”

(TN 1– means that you have spent energy and financial resources but at the end failed)

Su Weiwei nodded.

“It’s only one yuan, it’s not much. What can I cheat you ah?”

When she said that, the others were too embarrassed to bother with her and had to pay resentfully.

Liang Xiaomei looked at this and that suspiciously. She didn’t know what her sister-in-law was doing, but no matter what her sister-in-law did, she looked very powerful, because her sister-in-law baffled so many men! Look, this was a math teacher, that was a government official, that was a college student, but the more they write the more anxious they get and, in the end, they would always be found out by her sister-in-law. Their face all looked very ugly, but they were willing to admit defeat and could only give their money to her sister-in-law. Even these great people don’t know why they lose. Her sister-in-law who invented this game was really great!

“Your mother is great, isn’t she?” Liang Xiaomei asked Cheng Cheng.

Cheng Cheng touched his chin and nodded. Of course his mother was very powerful, wasn’t it obvious? What he thought was that there were so many numbers after 10… So many, very many! But it doesn’t seem very difficult, because after looking at these uncle write it once he could remember it all. He just doesn’t know how to read it. Well, maybe he could ask his mother next time.

Su Weiwei received the money with a smile and yelled.

“Who else is challenging? If you win the challenge, you get 10 yuan! If you lose, just give me 1 yuan!”

The crowd gritted their teeth they were not convinced, and still several people came up to challenge.

When her clothes were suddenly pulled, Su Weiwei lowered her head.

“What’s wrong?”

Cheng Cheng’s fingers pointed to the pen and paper.

“You want to learn how to write too?”

Cheng Cheng nodded. He knows how to use the pen and write, Liang Xiaomei taught him before, but he didn’t learn any numbers. Yesterday, Su Weiwei taught him to count. He already remembered that, so now he wanted to learn to write just like these uncles wrote 1 to 600.

“But this is a little hard. How about this, mommy will teach you how to write first, if you can’t write right you don’t have to be frustrated oh.”

Su Weiwei said and began to teach Cheng Cheng, Cheng Cheng’s ability to grip the pen was very good, but this was nothing unusual seeing how good Cheng Cheng’s wrist strength was while holding his chopsticks earlier when he was eating. Many people were not good at writing or holding a pen and chopsticks because of their lack in physical ability and insufficient wrist strength. Su Weiwei realized this when she previously learned badminton, after playing for some time she obviously felt that her writing was getting stable.

“Cheng Cheng is great, he knows how to use the pen. Mother will teach you how to write, this is 0, this is 1, this is 2, 10 after the redundant combination it will be 11, 12, 13, 20 then another redundant combination into 21… after a hundred is 101, 102…”

After Su Weiwei taught Cheng Cheng once, the child tried to write immediately. He buried himself in writing. Su Weiwei didn’t care what he was doing next and regarded the child drawing talisman.

Later, as Su Weiwei expected the challenges were unsuccessful, and she received the money with a soft hand.

One yuan was not much in the eyes of future generations, but these days the monthly salary of government units in small counties and cities was only more than 100. It could be imagined that one yuan was not small amount for them, but it was also not that they couldn’t afford to play, so there were many people who went challenge the game. Everyone doesn’t believe they couldn’t win, and think it’s just writing numbers. It’s very simple, but none of them succeeded in challenging all morning.

Su Weiwei glanced at the money in her pocket with a smile. There were more than 40 yuan in total. If it went on like this, it would be no problem to earn 100 yuan at night.

Su Weiwei hurriedly give money to the grandmother who sent three bowls of liangpi, but the grandmother refused to accept.

“You child, you don’t have much money so just keep it. Tell grandmother, is there any trick in this business?”

Su Weiwei smiled. In fact, everyone could learn how to operate her business. After all, there was no cost. She also already estimated that when she finishes setting up the stall this time, other vendors would learn when they see her making money.

Su Weiwei smiled and shook her head,

“If you want to know, I’ll tell you when the temple fair is over tomorrow.”

The grandmother was startled for a moment.

“You really want to tell me?”

“Yeah, it’s not that hard, besides we can make money together. I’m not the kind of person who is cheap.”

However, the grandmother really has a different attitude regarding this matter, after all, she makes less money selling liangpi. A bowl of liangpi was only 30 cents, even if there were many people in the temple fair. She was alreadt lucky if she could make more than ten yuan a day, but Su Weiwei was different. She has made dozens of money this morning. Who’s not jealous of the thick stack of tickets? Who doesn’t want to do such a good business?

“Then, tell me tomorrow.”

“Okay, then you pull some business for me in the next few days!”

“Okay! We have a deal!”

After that, other vendors also came to ask. Su Weiwei all secretly agreed and asked everyone to win over customers. After all, a dollar was not small these days. Many people would ask the vendors nearby if the game was a lie. At this time, if other vendors pull back, Su Weiwei’s business would be difficult to operate by then. It’s better to give some sweets and let everyone help her. As for the future, anyway, she doesn’t intend to make money in this way for a long time. Anyone who wants to learn will learn.

This evening, Su Weiwei secretly counted the money, surprisingly she had more than she thought, there were 112 yuan. Today for the whole day no one was successful with the challenge, then it was reasonable to say that more than a hundred people came to challenge or there were who took the challenge more than once after all if they couldn’t get it once, there were second and third times but perhaps because of the heat, many people who were writing were irritable and couldn’t even finished 600 numbers.

Since other vendors closed their stalls, Liang Xiaomei took Cheng Cheng to see the ferrules. There were many novel things at the temple fair, they both looked here there and was excited to come back and share their adventure with Su Weiwe. Listening, Su Weiwei smiled and took Cheng Cheng to the horizontal bar.

“Let’s go and take you to eat delicious food.”

Cheng Cheng blinked as his eyes showed full of confusion until Su Weiwei took them to the popsicle stand.

Liang Xiaomei was so excited seeing the popsicle stall. No child doesn’t like to eat popsicles, but she usually has no money to buy, so she could only stare at Zhuang Zhuang as he eats his popsicle.

Cheng Cheng hasn’t eaten a bite since he grew up. He licked the popsicle in his hand and immediately he tasted the sweetness of the popsicle. It turns out that the popsicle tastes like this, he finally doesn’t have to stare at Zhuang Zhuang whenever he eats. What more it’s his mother who also bought him the popsicle and this made Cheng Cheng had an inexplicable sense of pride. He narrowed his eyes and licked it again. If only his mother would be so kind to him forever.

The two children were still in the mood to eat, seeing this Su Weiwei took them to eat pie and spent almost two yuan, after eating the popsicle. The two children went back only when they were full. Su Weiwei had a good appetite after being out in the sun all day today, so she bought two bags of instant noodles from the stall.

They can’t go back tonight because there would be a small temple fair tomorrow. Most vendors come from other places so it was not easy for them to make a trip back and forth. Also, they don’t want to go back immediately after each temple fair so she decided that they would stay in a place for another two days. There was no urban management these days so people who fail to catch up with the first day of the temple fair would go shopping the next day, and she was expecting that there would be more people by then.

Since Su Weiwei was determined to make money, she certainly wouldn’t make it only one day. She wanted to stay in the hostel, but she was stopped halfway.

The other party was wearing a worn white shirt, coarse pants, a pair of green rubber shoes that have been washed white, overall, he dressed very crudely, but on the contrary he very tall, he like the other Liang family has the same narrow eyes. He was wearing glasses that set off his temperament as a literate person.

“Big brother?”

Su Weiwei asked subconsciously.

Liang Weidong was also obviously surprised, he thought he had made a mistake. He helped his master out to run errands and buy something. Who ever thought he had met his sister-in-law with the two children. Although her appearance had not changed, she always felt different from his impression.

“Sister-in-law, are you here to attend the meeting?”

“No, I can’t afford to go to the meeting.”

Liang Weidong remembers his family these days, especially after he heard from the apprentice in the same village that his sister-in-law was going to elope with someone. How long has it been since his brother died? Sister-in-law couldn’t sit still now? But he knew that he had no reason to stop his sister-in-law. His sister-in-law was still young, and there was no member of the Liang family she could asked money from, no one. There was also a stepmother like Liu Yumei, it was understandable that her sister-in-law wanted to go, but he couldn’t let Cheng Cheng go. Cheng Cheng was, after all, the eldest brother’s child. The child has late development and couldn’t speak now, what would he do in the future if he knew that her father died and her mother ran away? So he didn’t expect that he would bumped into his sister-in-law and brought the children to play. He was happy to see her. He was also very enthusiastic seeing Cheng Cheng and her little sister. It didn’t look like she was going to elope then was it someone else gossiping?




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