Chapter 70

Xu Yanwen thought about it and said to Xue Jiayue.

“Tell your friend to stay away from Tang Yichuan. If she see him, stay away.”

“What do you mean? How can Tang Yichuan know her?”

Xue Jiayue looked at Xu Yanwen strangely, she knew he had a friend named Tang Yichuan, but he was just a cynical second master, changing girlfriends or something faster than changing clothes, just not a good person.

If she remembered correctly, Zhang Xiaojiao had just come to Beijing for a few days, and she didn’t know how Zhang Xiaojiao actually knew Tang Yichuan?

Or that Tang Yichuan would actually know Zhang Xiaojiao? One was the second young master of a rich family, and the other was a poor little girl who works hard for a living, Xue Jiayue does not think these two people have the possibility of meeting.

Xu Yanwen also knows what Xue Jiayue means. As far as the identities of Tang Yichuan and Zhang Xiaojiao were concerned, there really was no possibility of meeting each other, but sometimes things just happen.

“That friend of yours, and Tang Yichuan’s first girlfriend looks very similar.”

Xu Yanwen recalled the look of Tang Yichuan’s first girlfriend, he have to say, Zhang Xiaojiao does look very similar to Zhao Anan.

Her eyebrows, nose and face, almost six or seven points similar, especially Zhang Xiaojiao low eyebrows and eyes. She looked a lot the first time she saw Zhao Anan, that time Zhao Anan was still a simple and cute little girl who don’t know how to scheme nor how dirty the world was.

Xue Jiayue was stunned and couldn’t believe what her ears heard.

“You said Zhang Xiaojiao looks like Tang Yichuan’s first girlfriend? Impossible!”

“It’s true.”

Xu Yanwen parked the car on the side of the road and turned sideways and said to Xue Jiayue.

“They really look a bit alike, and Tang Yichuan has already met her.”

“Who are you talking about?”

Xue Jiayue still couldn’t accept what she heard.

“You mean Tang Yichuan has already seen Zhang Xiaojiao? What did he do to her? Did he treat Zhang Xiaojiao like those women outside? Zhang Xiaojiao is such an honest girl, her life is already pitiful enough, he must not hit her, you tell him not to hurt Zhang Xiaojiao!”

See Xue Jiayue so upset that Xu Yanwen had to hurriedly calm her down.

“Tang Yichuan only met Zhang Xiaojiao one time and has not done anything to Zhang Xiaojiao, I just thought of these things and to let you give her a warning to stay far away from Tang Yichuan so as not cause unnecessary trouble. Tang Yichuan side, I will also take the time to remind him.”

Xu Yanwen said this because, one was for the sake of Xue Jiayue, Zhang Xiaojiao was her friend, he also does not want Tang Yichuan to get acquainted to Zhang Xiaojiao when the time was not good.

The second was that he was actually thinking about Zhang Xiaojiao, him telling Zhang Xiaojiao to avoid Tang Yichuan was for her own good.

And Tang Yichuan that person, he sometimes cannot figure out what he was thinking, since the incident happened with Zhao Anan, the whole person has changed. He could control him and advise him.

But there were always times when he could not control him, after all, that was someone’s private affairs, he could not be everywhere at all times to interfere.

Xue Jiayue looked at Xu Yanwen and said.

“How exactly did Tang Yichuan meet Zhang Xiaojiao, and how did you know about it? Even if Zhang Xiaojiao looks like his first girlfriend, she’s still a different person. He can’t blame others for the loss he suffered at his first girlfriend’s place?”

Xu Yanwen sighed and told Xue Jiayue about the day Tang Yichuan’s birthday, when they ran into Zhang Xiaojiao in Tongcheng Xiaoyue.

“Is that where you ran into Zhang Xiaojiao at Tangcheng Xiaoyue?”

Xue Jiayue asked.

Xu Yanwen “hmm”, said continued.

“At that time, Tang Yichuan has asked Zhang Xiaojiao why work at Tongcheng Xiaoyue as a escort, she said her mother is sick and she need money.”

“No wonder she told me that she found a job and said that the income was good enough for her and her mother to live, so it was like that.”

Only then did Xue Jiayue know what kind of job Zhang Xiaojiao was talking about when she said she had found a job.

“If it’s convenient for you, tell her that Tangcheng Xiaoyue is a mixed place. If she can find another job then don’t work there. If she has the opportunity, change to another place.”

Xu Yanwen said.

Xue Jiayue laughed and said sarcastically.

“Are you afraid that Tang Yichuan will go to Zhang Xiaojiao for trouble? Can Tang Yichuan be a little like a man and take care of himself?”

It was not a question why Xue Jiayue’s words were so ugly. As a rich second generation, Tang Yichuan came later and longer than most average people.

When Tang Yichuan met Zhao Anan in college, he concealed his identity as the second youngest child of the Tang family.

But also went out to work and study at the same time so Zhao Anan really thought he was really a poor college student. Tang Yichuan did not tell her the truth, but also said he believed in true love and that he may need to live a hard life with Zhao Anan.

Later, Zhao Anan participated in a celebrity talent show and was selected from thousands of people who wanted enter the entertainment industry.

After seeing the flashy, extravagant and glamorous life of the entertainment industry, Zhao Anan’s whole person began to change and gradually began to resent Tang Yichuan for being poor.

For not being able to help her, for not being able to give her the resources she wanted, for not being able to make her popular and become a big star in the limelight.

For the sake of popularity, resources and her so-called goals and wishes, Zhao Anan caught up with a rich man behind Tang Yichuan.

The rich man invested in a play. Zhao Anan followed him so she could get the female number one of the play.

But the investor only has a slight good brain but big bellied, a round waist and a bald head. He was five years older than Zhao Anan’s father.

Even so, Zhao Anan choose to be with the investor behind Tang Yichuan’s back.

At first Zhao Anan hid it from Tang Yichuan, but then Tang Yichuan once accidentally found out about it and led people to block that investor and Zhao Anan in bed.



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