ECM 58

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Chapter 58

This parting shouldn’t be sad, it should contain the expectation of reunion. Wasn’t it just two years? Even if she couldn’t meet with her idol for two years, she still has the exclusive solo video and photos to lick!

Xu Zhaixing’s experiences made her practice Ah-Q’s spirit to the extreme. She was the best at self-regulation and comfort, and soon shed her sad mood.

She took the cherry hairpin out of the box and pinned it in her hair, happily asking Cen Feng.

“Brother, does it look good?”

In fact, she was long past the age of pinning such hairpins.

She still has this sense of a young girl.

But because it’s a gift from her idol, even if she feels like a child, she feels the cutest girl on the street.

Cen Feng picked the cherry hairpin on his way to the boutique, both as a New Year’s Day gift and as a farewell gift.

He has never given a girl a gift, and only remembered the first time he saw Xu Zhaixing. As she pinned a cherry brooch on her dress, he thought she would probably like this.

He nodded, “It looks good.”

Xu Zhaixing was overjoyed.

“I super like this gift! Thank you, brother!”

After she finished, she froze and said nervously.

“But I didn’t prepare a New Year’s Day gift for you.”

From then to present her idol has given her milk tea, ice cream, mechanical puppy, the book titled ‘Don’t want to escape! The angry little wife of the overbearing president (this was crossed out), and now he gave her cherry hairpin but she does not seem to have sent him anything.

How could a fan take advantage of their idol!

Seeing her distressed little face, Cen Feng took the initiative and said.

“Then go buy it now.”

Xu Zhaixing stood up with a scuffle.

“Boss! Give me the bill!”

Beside the snack stands that could be seen in the street, there were also other stores that sells other things. Most of them were lattice shops that students like to visit. They sold everything for cheap. Xu Zhaixing looked around and felt that nothing in this street was worthy of her idol!

She tentatively required.

“Brother, why don’t we take a taxi to the shopping center?”

However, Cen Feng refused.

“Just buy it here.”

“But there’s nothing good here.” Xu Zhaixing muttered in a small voice.

“What you like is good.” Cen Feng looked at her and smiled.

The gift was never about price and quality, as long as one liked it, it was the best.

Xu Zhaixing thinks her idol was right!

“So, what do you like brother?” She asked.

Her eyes were serious and firm, as if saying ‘I’ll buy whatever you like’ and muse Cen Feng. He didn’t need any gifts, but he didn’t want her to lose.

He looked at the small store across the street selling scarves.

Xu Zhaixing followed his line of sight and nodded once with understanding.

“Good! Just buy that one!”

It was winter, country H was colder than here. It’s quite suitable to buy a scarf. Xu Zhaixing ran over and conscientiously looked for a long time in front of the shelf. She kept on asking him.

“Brother do you like this color? What about this style? This was whiskered, and this has soft cloth.”

Finally, Cen Feng picked a black cotton scarf.

Xu Zhaixing happily paid, she turned around and saw Cen Feng lowering the lapel on his shirt and wrapped the scarf. He looked good — he looked good in whatever he wore. The scarf wrapped around his slender neck, slightly covering his sharp jaw. The contours of his face were much softer and his entire being looked gentle.

Which star chasing girl doesn’t want their idol wear their gift! Xu Zhaixing deeply felt that this was not her gift to her idol, but her idol’s gift to her!

One’s life was really worth it.

It was getting late.

Just now there were people coming and going in the snack street gradually cooled down, some vendors also began to close their stalls, the night was already late and cold. Xu Zhaixing knew it was time to say goodbye.

She hopped the entire way as she walked Cen Feng to the taxi.

There were a lot of things she wanted to say but they all became a single sentence.

“Brother, take care of yourself. Eat well and sleep well.”

“You too.” Cen Feng said.

The taxi arrived.

Xu Zhaixing tried to curl her lips and wave at him.

“Goodbye brother, I’ll wait for you to come back.”

Cen Feng nodded.

He pulled open the car door, leaned over to get in and when he closed the door Xu Zhaixing couldn’t help but take two steps forward. Her finger on the car window, shaking slightly but still smiling. She hesitantly said.

“Brother, I…..can I see you off at the airport tomorrow?”

“It’s too early and it’s far away from you.” Cen Feng looked at her in the eye.

Xu Zhaixing understood what he meant. She choked for a moment and nodded obediently but couldn’t help but ask in a whisper.

“So….then when you get there, can you report to me safely?”

“Okay.” Cen Feng said.

“That….” She wanted to say something else.

But her heart was already chiding.

Enough Xu Zhaixing, enough!

She closed her eyes and when she opened them again, she withdrew her hand from the car window and took two steps back.

“Goodbye, brother.” She said with a smile.

Cen Feng eyes were light, all emotions were hidden in the dim street lamp light. His voice was low and deep.


The taxi drove slowly forward, farther and farther away from her. Xu Zhaixing watched the figure in the car through the rear window and subconsciously pursued it for two steps and then forced herself to stop, covering her face and sobbing.

The snow fell heavier and heavier, and her wet eyelashes were almost frozen.

She cried as she raised her hand to touch the cherry hairpin on her head.

She said in her mind: I will cry this once.

I will cry this last time and then wait for his return in the best condition.

The next day, the thirty trainees of Zhongtian Entertainment went to H for training. Xu Zaixing was depressed for a whole day, and Zhou Yue even suspected that she had fallen out of love.

Later in the evening, she received a private message from Cen Feng on Weibo.

He said: I’m here, everything’s fine.

They probably hadn’t applied for new phone card yet so he chooses to use Weibo to message her privately. Xu Zhaixing stared at the message for a long time, tears ready to roll down her cheeks. But remembering that she already vowed to cry only once last night, she didn’t let it fall.

She didn’t reply with extra words, simply saying: mmmmm, go brother!

It was followed by a struggle emoji that looked playful and light-hearted.

The news of Zhongtian sending trainers to H for training soon spread in the circle and caused a great stir. This was a bold decision that cost a lot of money. After all, not everyone had the confidence of Zhongtian.

If F-Fly’s debut before only made the other companies[1]  ready to move, now this signal was like the gunfire at the beginning of the game, making everyone run hard.

Xu Yan told Xu Zhaixing that, as far as he knew, several established companies were preparing to launch their own male groups, and that within the next six months there would be four or five male groups coming out.

The idol model and fan circle culture that Xu Zhaixing expected to come, arrived much earlier and the words “cultivating idol”, and “fan circle girl” have gradually entered the public’s field of vision.

While every company was scrambling to launch male groups and prepare to eat into the traffic market, Chenxing’s trainee division has not moved much and was still training peacefully.

In Xu Zhaixing’s opinion, as idols abrupt decisions [2] was the original sin.

Strength must above all else.

It was indeed important to get a head start but if the business’s ability was poor, it would eventually be eliminated from the market. She has seen the performance of  Chenxing trainees; they were still far from debuting as an idol.

Of course, it was also related to her perspective. After all, after seeing Cen Feng’s stunning stage skills, other small shrimps were no longer as eye-pleasing. But it also showed that once she approved, there was bound to be no problem.

So while other companies fought over male groups, resources, and market space, Chenxing was working peacefully on its own variety show.

Domestic variety shows were weak and had difficulty breaking into the market, but once they were in, they were solidly in place. Shortly after Cen Feng left, Chenxingg’s variety show “Come to My House As a Guest” was officially put on air.[3] 

The weibo “The Guest” was also launched at the same time. The official media of Chenxing launched a wave of promotions and then began to preview the mysterious guests. Each time there was only one or two blurred message such as “she is a sexy singer”, “he is known as the eyes most like in the world”. The posters were also silhouettes, it was impossible to see who the guests were, which whetted the appetite of the audience.

This newfound “variety show” has unsurprisingly gained super-hot attention.

It adopts the form of recording while broadcasting; after recording the first two episodes the first episode would be launched in the entertainment video of Xingchen.

Xingchen Entertainment[4]  has a large number of users. The star has given the largest, longest and best publicity space for “Come to My House As a Guest”, which has been hyped for a month. When the winter vacation was officially launched, the number of reservations had reached 500000.

This was a completely groundbreaking figure in the offline phase of domestic variety shows.

The first phase to attract the audience was directly free advertising-free viewing. This phase of the guest selection was also very good, very topical: one was the capital just-divorced very decent straight male actor Feng Xingzhi, one was Taiwan to hot and sexy famous female singer Yao Sheng.

They don’t need to have a look at it, just by imagining how much they could see when these two people with completely different personality experiences got along.

The catch was that they didn’t even know each other’s identities.

Feng Xingzhi did not know who was coming to his house as a guest, he thought for a while that it was a big brother who was coming, and also prepared beer and peanuts at home, ready to have a good talk about life with his big brother.

Yao Sheng also did not know whose home she was visiting, and thought it should be a little girl according to the euphemistic style of mainland variety, so she prepared chocolates and bracelets as a meeting gift.

This dramatic opening was so successful that the premiere of “Come Be My Guest” had a five-point higher VOD than its contemporaries. Nearly everyone was talking about the show overnight.

And from the second issue, “The Visitor” will require viewers to pay to watch, not only ad-free, but also on-demand all VIP videos, because the effect and content of the first issue was so good that ninety percent of the viewers chose to open a R&B membership to continue watching.

So Xingchen and Chenxing received profits again. With the broadcast of “The Visitor”, the topic and heat were high. Many sponsorships advertisements came to the door one after another. Xu Zhaixing had even started to plan the second season with the previous group.

While the guest of the ninth issue was recorded, Zhao Jinjin successfully became a flying guest in the first issue. Of course, her task was not only to attend the variety show, but also to publicize Zhushan River. After all, Zhushan River would be aired during summer vacation.

To this end, Chen Xing also invited Su Ye as a mysterious guest, generating enough interest.

After Chenxing succeeded in gaining a foothold in the variety industry with “The Visitor”, launching a new variety show was much easier than before. After all, Chenxing would now be recognized by the capital and the market. Xu Zhaixing struck while the iron was hot and planned three more variety shows with the planning team, namely tourism slow synthesis, competitive outdoor reality show, and terrorist secret room escape. All of them were unanimously approved by the senior management and put into the recording agenda.

During the summer vacation, “Building Mountains and River” aired on the provincial station, and the entertainment video was simultaneously broadcast online. Zhao Jinjin and Su Ye ran a lot of variety shows and announcements before the release of “Tsukiyama River”, all to promote this ancient power drama.

Both of them have high popularity and a large number of fans. In addition, the entertainment video and Chenxing publicity and development department spare no effort to publicize that the on-demand rate of TV and network reached the top on the day when Zhushan River was launched.

In this drama, even the runes on the male lead’s belt were provided in detail; it wasn’t necessary to say how well made and how magnificent the entire picture was.

In the words of the fans: as long as you watch the first episode, you lose if you do not follow the drama.

Xu Chuixing was right. In those years, plagiarized dramas could be popular all over the country. There was no reason why the original works couldn’t be popular. The fire of “Building Mountains and Rivers” was predictable. Zhao Jinjin directly sealed the gods with this play and became the first of the four little flowers in one fell swoop. Many films took the initiative to come to the door.

Nowadays, Chenxing was booming in three aspects of film, television, music and variety. The small workshop that was once unfavored by people was climbing the peak at an amazing speed.

The kingdom that Xu Zhaixing promised Cen Feng has begun to take shape.

And she didn’t tell anyone. She just counted down the days one by one, waiting for him to come back.



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