Chapter 15

On the other hand, Yao Yiyi and Ning An’s examination room.

Yao Yiyi quickly wrote the following reading comprehension questions, glanced at the surveillance camera, she hesitated for a moment before she threw the crumpled paper under Ning An’s table.

Ning An was having fun doing the problem, when suddenly a ball of paper was thrown at her feet.

She froze for a moment and didn’t think much of it, so she picked it up with the intention of taking it to the side of the trash can and throwing it away after the test later. She had just picked up the paper when she heard a loud voice from the back.


Yao Yiyi’s body shook, she was still organizing her sentence to see how she was going to denounce herself when someone suddenly yelled, almost scaring her into spitting.

“What’s wrong?”

The invigilator had a serious face.

“Yao Yiyi threw an answer sheet at Ning An, I suspect they are working together to cheat.”

The student who reported it was in class one, was very dedicated to his studies and was sick of people cheating, and robbing the ranking that had belonged to him.

This was tantamount to killing his parents for someone whose heart was set on getting good grades.

Cheaters, must be reported!


Ning An looked confused.

“I didn’t.”

When she said she didn’t, she still held the paper ball in her hand making her denial seemed pale and weak.

The invigilator took the ball of paper from her hand, opened it and looked at it, and instead of immediately identifying her as a cheater, he took her test paper and looked at it, raising his eyebrows.

All the students around stopped their pens, looking at the teacher expression they couldn’t guess what was wrong, and silently ate melon.

“Teacher, I really didn’t cheat.”

Ning An was so tense because of the atmosphere causing her tone to sound like she was about to cry.

The invigilator glanced at her and continued to look at her test paper.

“I really didn’t do that.”

Ning An’s voice dropped.

The invigilator nodded and said.

“You go ahead and do the questions first.”

After saying this, he put down Ning An’s test paper and said to all the students.

“You guys do the test paper first.”

Ning An was still puzzled.

Yao Yiyi was even more puzzled.

Was this matter easily settled just like that?

The student who reported it said unwillingly.

“Teacher, they clearly cheated how can we just let it go?”

The invigilator said.

“We will do follow-up on this matter, don’t affect this exam. You take the exam first.”

The student who reported it was still reluctant, but didn’t dwell on it and sat down to continue writing the paper.

The invigilator went back to the podium and pressed a few times on the phone. After a while the class teacher of the first class came and called Ning An and Yao Yi Yi out together.

The class teacher was holding the answers to the paper with answers written down by Yao Yiyi, while Ning An was holding her own test paper and Yao Yiyi was holding nothing.

The class teacher looked at the two seriously and said.

“You have a chance now, tell me honestly what is going on here?”

Yao Yiyi spoke up first and said.

“Just on the way to the exam, Ning An cried and begged me to write the answer for her, I was soft-hearted and agreed.”

“Wh, what?”

Ning An was stunned.

“When did I find you? I didn’t meet you when I came here this morning, and I didn’t say it. And I won’t cheat!”

Yao Yiyi asked.

“Why not?”

Ningan: “Because… it’s not allowed.”

Yao Yiyi:” “….”

The class teacher handed Ning An’s test paper to Yao Yiyi and said.

“The answers to the questions you gave her, Ning An finished writing them at the beginning and the answers were more correct than yours.”

Yao Yiyi froze, and her face paled quite a bit at once. The blood rushed up to her brain trying to sort out the current situation, but it was just blank.

The class teacher let out a long breath and asked seriously.

“Yao Yiyi what is going on here?”

“It’s Ningan ……,”

Yao Yiyi said halfway, and then felt that this could not be said again, panicked she changed what she wanted to say.

“It’s Chen Cha, she told me to do this, in order to find trouble with Ning An.”

The head teacher was silent for a long time, he was not angry about this matter. If at ordinary times, this was not a high school entrance examination or the college entrance examination. He could just give warning, and then it would pass with one eye open and one eye closed.

However, the student who reported it shouted and made a big deal out of everyone in the room. They didn’t stick to it and could only deal with it as soon as possible and give the results recognized by the students.

He forced himself to calm down and told Ning An to take her test papers and go back to continue the exam first.

Ning An didn’t expect that Chen Cha was playing tricks again. As soon as she thought she was nice, she would something like this again.

Knowing this, Ning An was in a bad mood.

The midterm paper, in Cha Cha’s opinion was quite easy.

This school was an ordinary public school after all, which was not as difficult as those key high schools.

It was reasonable to say that a gifted student like Jiao Yushi, whose family was particularly wealthy, should go to an even better school.

At first, he did enroll to the provincial key high school, but unfortunately at that time he was bullied, and his retaliation was too intense that his classmates was beaten too much that they needed to go to the hospital. The parents of that classmate went to the school for a good deal of trouble, and Jiao’s family had to let him transfer to another school to get out of the way.

Later, when he came back, it was Jiao Yushi he didn’t want to go back anymore.

He also said arrogantly that he was the same no matter where he studied, and that he could get into any school he wanted as usual.

So, his father who was also very arrogant, approved of his idea.

Therefore, people in this school only know that his family was quite well off, but they don’t know exactly how well off.

Cha Cha was very attentive and very fast. She has a good memory and could basically remember the parts that need to be recited two or three times. She could read the obscure poems about ten times.

But if you want to remember, you can write it all down.

She did the parts that require memory first, then do the rest of the questions.

Cha Cha calmly and quickly solved the problem waiting for her favor. When she was about to do the reading comprehension problem, a figure blocked her light.

Cha Cha looked up and saw that it was the invigilator.



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