Chapter 31(1)

This voice was unusually familiar—Jiang Mian’s brain began to automatically search for the owner of the voice but even after a while she could not remember it.

She took down her phone to look at the display name, it showed: big man.

Jiang Mian: “!!!”

It’s her detective father who has been missing!

Jiang Mian hasn’t interacted with her detective father yet, and the original owner’s memory of the detective father was also particularly vague. She doesn’t know what to say for a moment.

Fortunately, the detective father had long been used to it and didn’t care about her silence. He said,

“Is it at home or at school? I brought a gift back. See if you like it.”

In a few words, Jiang Mian had a first impression of the detective father— it should be a more of a serious type, with a very indifferent voice.

“I’m not at home.”

Jiang Mian said and added,

“I’m not at school either.”

Unexpectedly the detective father misunderstood. He said,

“Then you have fun outside. I’ll call you in the evening and pay attention to safety when playing.”

“If someone makes a move on you, greet them properly with the grappling technique I taught you, no need to be soft.”

The detective father’s light tone had a bitter chill on it.

Jiang Mian: “….”

Dumbfounded, she hanged up the phone. And doesn’t have the time to think more, Zhang director speaker resounded.

“Actors enter.”

Taking a deep breath, Jiang Mian put aside her whirlwind interaction with her detective father’s sudden call, she handed the phone to Tang Anan, smoothed out the folds in her clothes, and entered with Guan Xin with a smile under Tang Anan’s gesture of cheering.

“The 142nd scene of “Green Onion Love Language” 1 shot take 1, start!”

“Li Wanjing, stop right there! You ungrateful dog, for the sake of a man, even my father’s death, are you still human!”

Guan Xin rushed over from the corridor as she tried to grabbed at Jiang Mian’s shoulder with a fierce push.

Jiang Mian dodge away, her gaze was not sad or happy.

“From the moment I left the village, I am no longer a member of the Li family, I am now the daughter-in-law of the Song family, what happens to the Li family is none of my business.”

“Sure enough, you are a white-eyed wolf, actually saying such words.”

Guan Xin was disgusted and angry.

“If my parents hadn’t adopted you as a child and fed and clothed you, would you have survived until now?!”

Jiang Mian looked at her and suddenly said with a smile,

“But I’ve paid it off, haven’t I?”

“The betrothal gift for your marriage, the betrothal gift for your two brothers, the new house your family built… Which is not my money? I give everything and become a free labor force for your Li family. What do I get in the end? You deceive me together and blame me for being ungrateful in the end.”

“Li Wanrong, don’t you feel ashamed?”

Her smile stopped as she said one word at a time.

That gaze was too sarcastic, too pricking. Anger rose high in Guan Xin’s heart, and suddenly she substituted reality for Li Wanrong—wasn’t that how Jiang Mian looked at her and mocked her on a regular basis?

With her family’s money, she buys people’s hearts and makes the crew love her while loathe her ……

At that moment, the anger of the reality and the anger of the characters in the play were superimposed. Guan Xin’s state was unprecedented. Just because of anger and jealousy, it made that face extremely ferocious and hideous.

“I’ll beat you to death, you ungrateful, white-eyed wolf!”

She said her lines, then slapped Jiang Mian’s face fiercely with great speed.

She secretly expected that Jiang Mian could not respond in time. In this way if she hits her, it would fall down on Jiang Mian’s slow and wrong response, which was none of her business.

However, she was doomed to lose her hope. Jiang Mian quickly intercepted her wrist and slapped her back.

A crisp sound resounded.

Jiang Mian in the end did not receive her heavy hand and the slap that just sounded loud was Guan Xin feeling the pain.

To take one’s revenge was not worthwhile.


Director Zhang stood up,

“Guan Xin what’s wrong with you! After Li Wanjing slapped down, what you have to show is disbelief, followed by even more heightened anger, not humiliation!”

“You are now Li Wanrong, not Guan Xin!”

“Start over!”

Guan Xin’s eyes widened

Start over?

Doesn’t that mean Jiang Mian has to hit her again?

She felt that she performed well, she already thought of herself as Li Wanrong so how could this scene not pass.

Director Zhang has been looking at Guan Xin—what if Jiang Mian deliberately asked director Zhang to let her ng many times? If this was the case, Jiang Mian could not only slap her but also push the bad pot to her.

The more Guan Xin thinks about it, the more she thinks that’s the case. If that’s the case, then how many times would she be beaten by Jiang Mian?!

Director Zhang has been paying attention to the monitor. A director who has been refined like him has seen many actors and plays.

Guan Xin’s expression made him instantly guess what she thought. From the beginning, he didn’t like Guan Xin very much—she was too materialistic.

When Guan Xin was given a chance to meet and audition alone because of Shen Shiqing, and she even pretended to be her first love, which was disgusting.

But director Zhang has been in the circle for so many years. He was old and his heart was not as hard as before.

Even if he was angry, seeing that the other party’s acting skills were commendable, he wouldn’t care too much as long as she enters the group and makes a good film without being a demon.

So, seeing the other party’s expression he could easily guess what the she was thinking. He has some regrets and a flash displeasure was seen in his eyes. If he had known that this woman was so narrow-minded, he shouldn’t have agreed to let her participate in the crew.

“Guan Xin, come here.”

Director Zhang’s expressionless voice sounded.

Guan Xin looked up when she had already collected her expression, she came over.

“Sorry director, just now I did not handle it well, I will definitely play well in the next scene.”

“You watch your own replay first.”

Director Zhang did not take this, and called Jiang Mian.

“You also come over to see.”

After watching it, director Zhang asked.

“Do you see any problems yourself?”

Guan Xin had a hint of unreconciled glance seen at the bottom of her eyes. Even after watching the playback, she didn’t feel that she didn’t act it well but she lowered her head.

“It’s my last emotion that hasn’t been handled well.”

Jiang Mian shrugged her shoulders, thought for a few seconds and then said.

“Did I not hit hard enough?”

Since Guan Xin did not accept her good intentions to spare her, then she would accompany to her till the end.

“Director Zhang, I’ll slap it a little heavier next to be a little more realistic.”

Jiang Mian smiled at Guan Xin,

“Ms. Guan, I hope this next time you follow the scropt through, otherwise I am embarrassed to continue hitting you.”

She shook off her hand.

“I also got hurt, whenever I slap you for the scene. My own hands also hurt a lot. And if you don’t perform well and the director shouted ng, do not know think that I colluded with the director.”

She just said what was in Guan Xin’s mind directly— Director Zhang could see what was in Guan Xin’s mind through the monitor, and naturally Jiang Mian who was close to Guan Xincould also see it.

Guan Xin’s expression changed and she subconsciously went to look at Director Zhang, who gave her an indifferent look:

“Okay, let’s start again.”

She doesn’t know if it’s because of guilt conscience or feat but Guan Xin didn’t make any more mistakes in this reshoot and director Zhang called it smoothly.



“Mian Mian, just now in the scene you should have taught her a good lesson.”

Tang Anan watched whole the process, and now that the scene was done, she could not help but ask Jiang Mian, thinking Jiang Mian was just too “gentle”.

Jiang Mian: “We are decent people, we can’t bully others with our power.”

Tang Anan: “…..”

Jiang Mian took the phone, clicked on the contacts of her detective father’s number. Now that her work was over, should she give her detective dad a call?

But what would she say?

This is really strange.

She recalled the first time she saw her other dads. It seemed that when she saw them, her mind could automatically provide their memories.

Does she have to see her detective dad’s face before she could unlock the exact memory about him?

“Mian Mian.”

Chen Xueyi hurriedly ran over. Seeing her coming towards her Jiang Mian had to temporarily slow down paused the thought of whether to call her detective father.

“I just ran into a guy. He dressed strangely, sneaky to be exact he didn’t feel like a good guy.”

Jiang Mian: “?”

Why was she telling her this.

“Go check with the security crew.”

Chen Xueyi whispered.

“No …… that person is in a Taoist robe, he had a curly hair, full of beard, he looked like a magician rather than a taoist. He drag me to tell my fortunes, but the main point is that I just don’t know if he is a scum or not, but I still let him calculate, and then he said that I will be miserable for the rest of my life and I will not have any good results. You say is this person a scum or ……”

Jiang Mian: “….”

Jiang Mian interrupted her.

“Are you sure this person you met is dressed the way you say he is?”

Chen Xueyi nodded affirmatively.

Jiang Mian got up.

“Lead the way, I’ll go check it out.”


After completing the mission and returning, Lian Feng’s private phone was returned to him by the bureau. After ending the call with Jiang Mian, he clicked into WeChat and checked his circle of friends.

Then he saw several @ messages send by Han Xu.

Lian Feng: “….”

He decisively quit WeChat, put down the phone and thought about it. He put on his coat and prepared to get out of bed.

“What are you doing?!”

When Yuan Jinfei pushed the door in, he saw Lian Feng’s action going out of bed. He walked three steps and said.

“There are more than ten wounds on your body, and the stitch have not been removed. The doctor said you should lie in bed for at least half a month. If you have nothing, just lie down honestly.”

He moved his hand to press Lian Feng back to the bed, the latter’s wrist moved instantly and pressed on his hand the two exchange a few moves, and finally Yuan Jinfei was blocked by Lian Feng and twist his hand behind temporarily making him immobile.

Yuan Jinfei: “….”

“Stop, stop, stop.”

Yuan Jinfei was very upset,

“If it weren’t for the sake of you being the injured would I let you have the upper hand?”

Lian Feng let go of him and left a sentence.

“I’ll give you a hand and compare again?”

Yuan Jinfei: “….”

“I told you not to move. The wound is still fresh.”

Yuan Jinfei was lazy to argue back, he had a general understanding about him. He pointed to the blood in Lian Feng’s chest that was reopened.

“This injury is not a problem.”

Lian Feng did not care.

“Where are the clothes I was wearing when I came back?”

Yuan Jinfei: “…”

“If it’s thorn like that, of course it’s thrown away.”

Lian Feng’s gaze sank, and the temperature in the ward dropped a few celsius.



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