ECM 57

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Chapter 57

Sending trainees to country H for training was Wen Tingting’s proposal. She submitted it to the headquarters as early as two months ago, and after several discussions, the headquarters agreed to her proposal and signed a cooperation agreement with the entertainment company in country H. The official news came not long ago.

The debut of F-Fly made Zhongtian see the market of male groups and also let them realize the inadequacy of the domestic training of trainers in area. Since the trainees weren’t learning well from their trainers, they were directly handed over to people who could enhance their skills more and keep them from making mistakes.

Korean wave culture was unanimously recognized by the top executives of Zhongtian. F-Fly was a half-baked product; they were considered popular but not that popular, so they could only take one step at a time. But after two years of strategized training, the trainees of today would step into the right direction and would be regrouped. By then, their future would be different.

After the plan for training abroad was set, Wen Tingting had to choose thirty of the more than one hundred trainees in the company. Cen Feng was not surprised to be in the list.

In fact, with his ability, there was no need to go back to train. But Wen Tingting also understood that with his attitude, even if he stayed in the country, he would still give up on himself. So, she thought that a change of environment might make him change his mind.

Seeing the development of entertainment culture in H country and seeing how brilliant those idols who debuted as trainees were now, perhaps he would change his mind and want to debut?

Furthermore, over these two years, she would also follow the trainees to H country as the general director to oversee them. Wen Tingting was interested in Cen Feng, so she obviously wouldn’t leave him in China for two years.

He already treated her coldly now; if they didn’t see each other for another two years wouldn’t she be treated like a stranger?

When Cen Feng received the notice, he took the rare initiative to see her. He didn’t want to go to H country and asked her to change the candidate.

Wen Tingting had guessed that he would refuse, but because of his existing contract, he could not. She didn’t leave any room for rejection. He seemed to perceive the firmness of her attitude, and so he did not come back to her, calmly accepting the arrangement.

The selected trainees were all very promising prospective debutants. And with the opportunity to study abroad for free and to strengthen their skills, everyone was happy.

They were previously notified that they would leave after New Year’s Day, and the company gave them four days off. After all, they would be gone for two years and needed time to say goodbye to their family.

Cen Feng had no one he needed to say goodbye to.

While thinking this, a name popped into his head without warning.

He clicked on Xu Zhaixing’s weibo.

Since the last time she ate at the Private Kitchen, her weibo style has changed back to a serious one; raising flowers and running to do charity work with a positive look in life.

Cen Feng could almost see her crying aggrieved expression when posting in this laughable style.

He wanted to call and tell her about it.

He wanted to tell her that he was leaving.

But again, there seems to be no need for special instructions.

For him, she was just a ray of sunshine different from the cold and dark and cold world. She kept him from being completely disappointed in the world.

As far as she was concerned, he was probably just a big brother who she likes to worship. Worship? Perhaps, perhaps because of his face, perhaps because of his voice, that’s why all good feelings come from the throbbing of adolescence and her natural kindness and gentleness.

He was not in a position to go specifically to say goodbye to her.

With that in mind, he left the weibo feed.

However, the next moment he received a text message from her. She happily asked him,

Brother do you want to spend New Year’s Day together.

She still owed him a treat.

He agreed, and even took the initiative to ask her if she wanted to do anything else besides eating. After all, the next time they would meet again, they may become strangers.

She may have a new life, a boyfriend she likes, other hobbies and have long forgotten about the wandering singer once she met by chance.

The only thing he could do was make the farewell beautiful.

He didn’t realize that the trip to H country was moved up two days because of the visa and the flight

The notice was sent at noon today, and the trainees who were still at home had to book tickets for the high speed train overnight to return and prepare for the departure. He didn’t want to miss the appointment and wanted to move tomorrow’s appointment to today.

Even if they could only eat one dinner.

The sound of breathing in the earpiece gradually became rough, the little girl was probably really shocked.

He waited patiently for a long time and heard her say.

“Okay, see you tonight. Where are you now brother? I’ll come to you.”

“Aren’t you doing something?” Ceng Feng said.

“That’s okay, I can make up for it tomorrow.” She said in a relaxed tone.

“No, you do it right. Send me the address.”  He whispered.

A few seconds later, Xu Zhaixing smiled and agreed.

After hanging up, he soon received a text message from her. She had posted where she would be studying on her weibo before, so he actually knew which school she was in. He was very happy that she had been admitted to such good university.

It gets dark early in winter, and when he got out there was a cold wind wrapped in light snow with depressing gloominess.

He took a taxi to Media University.

Forty minutes later, the car stopped at the busy school

Although it was both late in the evening and cold, the surrounding area was bustling with vibrant college students, and a street of snacks was lit up and the air was filled not only with snowflakes but also with a scent of food.

He walked to the street light at the exit. Instead of sending a message to Xu Zhaxing, he was leaned against the electric pole and waited for her.

Cen Feng wore a hat and a mask. His eyes were hidden under the brim of his hat. He hung his eyes and said nothing. The security guard in the guard room looked at him warily for several times. Finally, he couldn’t help coming over and asked.

“Hey, what do you do?”

Cen Feng looked up at him, his voice was low.

“Waiting for someone.”

The guard looked at him from head to toe.

“Who are you waiting for?”

Before he could speak, a figure behind the door trotted all the way over, panting and calling out to him.


The security guard and Cen Feng turned around at the same time. Xu Zhaixing ran out of breath, the bangs on her forehead  blown upward by the wind. Perhaps it was due to the cold wind blowing her face, but her eyes were a little red and as she ran towards him, she asked nervously between breaths.

“Brother, have you been waiting for a long time? Is it cold?”

He pulled the mask down to the position of his jaw, revealing a straight nose and thin lips with beautiful curves.

Those lips hooked into a gentle arc.

“Just arrived, not cold.”

The security guard walked back and muttered.

“So you were waiting for your girlfriend, but why are you so tightly wrapped?”

Xu Zhaixing had a looked of yearning, and as her heart beat more fiercely she remembered that he was leaving tomorrow. She almost cried after hanging up the phone at the door of the office just now.

She hurriedly gritted her teeth and tried to show a him a happy smile.

“What do you want to eat, brother? There are so many good foods near our school!”

Cen Feng looked up at the lively street, it was rare that he didn’t say.

“Take a stroll.” He said simply.

Xu Zhaixing endured the sadness and the pain of her slightly twitching heart and began to take her idol on a walk.

The snacks near the school were always plentiful and cheap, and street food stands extended up to the end of the street. In the past six months of school, Xu Zhaixing had visited her roommates many times and knew the taste of each stall like the back of her hands.

First, she needs to buy milk tea.

The street in winter night, a cup of sweet milk tea would bring people great warmth and happiness.

She asked for ten percent sugar as usual, added red beans and pudding then filled a large cup full of it. When Cen Feng took a sip, she couldn’t wait to ask.

“Is it good?”

He nodded.

“It’s good.”

Hearing this, she relaxed and smiled.

The two continued to walk forward with milk tea in their hands, Xu Zhaixing walked ahead at a brisk pace, stopping at every stall that met Cen Feng’s taste and pointing.

“Brother, this one is super delicious!”

They bought and bought until their hands were full and couldn’t hold any more food. Crowds filled the street. It was the busiest time of day. As they walked, Xu Zhaixing found that her idol intentionally avoided physical contact. It made her heart ache. She immediately pointed to a quiet Chinese restaurant next to the store.

“Brother, let’s go there to eat!”

Cen Feng agreed.

After entering the store, they took a seat in the corner. Xu Zhaixing laid the snacks they bought earlier out on the table, received the menu from the waiter, and asked Cen Feng to order.

Actually, snacks would have been enough to eat, but he didn’t want her to lose  and ordered a few signature dishes.

Xu Zhaixing opened all the bags and took out the small boxes filled with snacks in front of him one by one.

“Brother, try these spicy chicken strips, super delicious! And this, and this, this charcoal grilled pork skin is really delicious!”

He ate whatever she mentioned.

Soon, the ordered dishes were served, and the whole table was full and more sumptuous than before. Although they were all cheap snacks, she thought he would like them.

He really did eat a lot of it too.

Xu Zhaixing tried not to think about the fact that he was leaving tomorrow and that he would be gone for two years. She spoke to him in a brisk tone about her life at university, about being forced by her counselor to make up her application for a party, and about the boring lectures often held by the department.

Cen Feng kept quiet and listened as he ate all the snacks she pushed in front of him.

At last, she had nothing left to say to hide the sadness inside.

She was afraid that if she stopped talking, she would not be able to stop herself from crying.

It wasn’t the ordinary sadness of a farewell, it was filled with many more nameless emotions. She knew that she shouldn’t be like this, that she should respect any decisions of her idol.

Actually, when she thought about it, going to H Country to train was good for him. He would become even better with better training and teaching. And the fact that Zhongtian was willing to spend money to send him to training was enough to show how much they value him. He would not face the same suppression as he once did.

He would grow stronger and embrace a new future.

She should be happy for him.

And she did, without shedding a single tear in front of him.

Cen Feng finished his milk tea, looked at her forced smile, took out a small box from his pocket and handed it over, he said.

“New Year’s Day gift.”

Xu Zhaixing froze and stared fixedly at the blue gift box for a long time before slowly bringing it over and carefully opening it.

In the box was a cherry hairpin that looked cute and sweet.

She looked up at him and her eyes finally began to sour. She pursed down her lips, forced herself to choke, and asked softly.

“Brother, do you want to go to H?”

Cen Feng looked at her.

When she asked this question, her eyes were full of worry and concern, as if she was afraid that he was forced to do so.

Cen Feng smiled inwardly.

How could he let a little girl worry about him like that when she herself was still the age where she should to be worried about herself.

What does it matter if he wants to go or not, answering that he doesn’t want to go won’t change the outcome and would only make her worry for nothing.

He smiled gently.

“En, want to go.”

He smiled, and the tears in her eyes disappeared, and she smiled just as sweetly and nodded earnestly toward him.

“Well! Brother go, I’ll wait for you to come back!”

Since it was what he wanted, she would support it unreservedly.

When you come back, I’ll send you a kingdom.



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