Chapter 7(2)

This poor marriage caused a lot of sensation in the rich circle at that time, fortunately Tang Ruifeing also has good brains and with the help of his father in law his career gradually improved.

The Lin family has a large number of men and few women, except for the first youngest Lin who has two sons and the second youngest Lin who has no desire to start a family there was only one girl, Tang Xinyu.

Lin Vincent: “Back then, when Mr. Lin’s only daughter got married, the dowry was 50 million I don’t how much will the dowry if Miss Tang get married this time?”

Mo Yifan looked out the car window at the receding street scene and asked.

“You’re concerned?”

Lin Vincent: “Many people are placing bets on whether Miss Tang’s dowry is more or the Mo family’s dowry is higher.”

Mo Yifan lightly “hum”, his pursed lips slightly curved a cold smile.

“Advised you not to follow the trend of betting. Whether this wedding can be held is still unknown, if you enter the field too early aren’t you afraid of losing your money?”

Lin Vincent thought of Miss Tang’s engagement party with great fanfare but secretly have other plans. And listening to his boss order he close his mouth.

When they arrived at the restaurant, the direct elevator took them up to the top floor sea view private room.

Pushing open the door, Mo Yifan saw a champagne rose standing in front of the wide French window. The magnificent sea view outside the window was eclipsed in front of this rose.

Tang Xinyu heard the movement and slightly turned around, the tail of her slightly curly hair swung an elegant arc in the air gently sweeping Tang Xinyu revealing her beautiful butterfly backbone and also swept Mo Yifan’s heart making it slightly itchy.

After greeting Tang Xinyu, Lin Vincent sagely retreated and close the door with him.

Tang Xinyu took the initiative to take care of Mo Yifan, pushing the wheelchair to the dining table where she could see the vast sea view. Leaning down slightly she asked in a soft voice.

“Mo Shao, is this seat okay?”

Mo Yifan looks sideway and could see Tang Xinyu’s own shadow reflected in his pupil like water flowing. Mo Yifan nodded slightly indicating it was just right.

Tang Xinyu straightened up at ease making the tip of her hair gently brushed the back of Mo Yifan’s hand causing the itch that just faded from Mo Yigan to creep up again. The tip of his nose seems to still smell the perfume on Tang Xinyu’s body, it was like the fragrance of cape jasmine flower.

Tang Xinyu walked lightly to her seat, the hem of the light apricot knitted long skirt sways rippled behind her and then softly stuck to the side of her legs with the posture of the master taking her seat. The opening of the skirt faintly reveals the white slender calves, and a pair of bright red fish mouth shoes.

The beauty hooked up her hair behind her ears, it was a simple little action but she made it so special.

The first two meetings he met her were just like a fresh lily, today it suddenly turned into an enchanting rose which made the heart strings of Mo Yifan that has been dusty for many years tremble slightly.

The dishes on the table look exquisite and delicious, basically the golden signature dishes of Shiyuan Restaurant and there were several dishes that were often not booked.

Mo Yifan’s lips slightly hooked.

“Today I get the chance to take advantage because of Miss Tang, I heard that Shiyuan has hold medal eight road finally I have the opportunity to taste them all at once.”

Tang Xinyu: “This is simple matter, Mo Shao can just give my name when you come to Shiyuan in the future. This sea view room is for family dining only not open to the public so it won’t disturb Mo Shao’s mood.”

Mo Yifan playfully turned the word “family” on the tip of his tongue and looked at Tang Xinyu with a smile.

Tang Xinyu took it for granted.

“Speaking of which, Mo Lanqing is my fiancé I still have to follow Mo Lanqing to call Mo Shao little uncle1.” (tn: Romanization for this should be xiao shu meaning husband’ younger brother or in simple English brother in law)

Mo Yifan cold eyes narrowed slightly as he looked at the cunning woman across the table and spread out the napkin on his lap.

“This name little uncle, do not rush to call me with that. The time is still too early.”

Tang Xinyu’s eyes were playful.

“So little uncle doesn’t welcome me to marry into the Mo family? Then if I insist on joining the Mo family, will little uncle make it difficult for me?”

Mo Yifan smiled meaningfully.

“I will welcome you to marry into the Mo family, but it depends on who you’ll marry to.”

Tang Xiyu’s eyes fluoresced as if carefully weighing the truth of Mo Yifan’s words, the Mo family has many side branches and Tang Xinyu really couldn’t remember who was the same age was Mo Lanqing and who was in the same camp as Mo Yifan.

Mo Yifan’s eyes stared at her and under the light of the crystal lamp in the restaurant there was compelling and infectious effect. Tang Xinyu blinked and decided to bring the conversation back on track, she didn’t come here today to carefully prepare everything for idle chatting and racketeering.

Tang Xinyu: “I don’t know who I can marry, but it definitely can’t be Mo Lanqing. I think in this point Mo Shao and I have the same tacit understanding.”

Mo Yifan reached his fingertips and made a posture of listening.

Tang Xinyu noticed that this seemed to be a habitual action of Mo Yifan when he was focused. She saw it several times. Perhaps Tang Xinyu didn’t realized that she had unconsciously paid so much attention to Mo Yifan.

Tang Xinyu: “I’m not afraid of letting Mo Shao see a joke, Mo Shao also knows that the real love in Mo Lanqing’s heart is not me, he only regards me as a ladder for him to participate in the power struggled of the Mo’s but I’m not willing to be a stepping stone for others and embroider a dress and let others wear it. Mo Lanqing, he will never get the opportunity to rise straight from me.”

Mo Yifan picked up the jade-colored fine porcelain shallowly sipped some tea in the porcelain cup, slowly and methodically.

“And then?”

Tang Xinyu asked rhetorically.

“Isn’t this also the situation that Mo Shao would be most happy to see?”

Mo Yifan tapped his fingers on the porcelain cup.

“The Tang family and the Mo family can counterbalance each other to a certain extent and I think no one can force you if you don’t want to marry. Why do you have to go near and far to seek cooperation from a crippled person like me?”

When Tang Xinyu heard him mentions his physical disability her heart inexplicably twitched and ached, she smiled slightly.

“Correction, it’s not me looking for your cooperation. This is my reply to Mo Shao’s previous offer of a bargaining chip.”

Mo Yifan’s eyes flashed unexpectedly.

“I’m a businessman and pay attention to fairness in business. What chips can Miss Tang take out to trade with me?”

Tang Xinyu felt that the heartache she felt a few second ago could be fed to the dogs.

Tang Xinyu said.

“Help you get rid of Mo Lanqing, a strong competitor is not enough? Mo Shao’s appetite is too big, right? I dare to swallow it but I have to be able to digest it.”

Mo Yifan smiled like a warmed spring day and tapped his fingers on the table, emphasizing.

“That’s five percent of Mo’s shares.”

Tang Xinyu’s two eyes flashed as she smiled charmingly.

“Mo Shao, there is more important one in the business world called contract and mutual consent…”

Mo Yifan nodded.

“I’m reluctant now.”

Tang Xinyu’s voice lowered a little like a soft and bright moonlight flowing slowly from the tip of Mo Yifan’s heart.

“Mo Shao, do you know why your third brother that is Mo Lanqing’s father was the first to lose the power struggled of the Mo family’s struggled for power?”

Mo Yifan looked lofty and unmoving, just as if he hadn’t heard the words.

On Tang Xinyu’s pretty face the smile deepened.

“Because someone had already put eyes in the subsidiary company that Mo Lanqing’s father was in charge back then, monitoring the subsidiary’s every moved, deliberately misleading and encouraging him to merge and acquire the shell company that deliberately hid the crisis causing the capital chain to break and creditors to block the door. If Elder Mo knew about this, would he still place his hopes of wielding power on jackals who dare to fight hand to hand?”

Tang Xinyu looked across the wide table of Mo Yifan, her smile was gentle and elegant even when threatening people she maintain the style of young lady although her eyes were full of fox like cunningness.

The certainty in Tang Xinyu’s words made Mo Yifan quickly reflect on the incident of that year the informants have been transferred to the field but still let Tang Xinyu catch the handle?

A few moments later, Mo Yifan had regained his composure.

“Miss Tang’s storytelling skills are first class.”

Tang Xinyu picked up her chopsticks and put a piece of Thai lime perch in her mouth.

“Mo Shao can gamble to see if I have no proof of my words or hold the real material in my hand…well, this fish fillet is very tender and smooth, fresh and delicious I recommend this to Mo Shao to try.”

Mo Yifan: “I didn’t expect the bottom card in Miss Tang’s hand to be this, so it seems that this deal can only be your contract and my consent.”

Tang Xinyu arched her eyebrows and raised the wine glass towards him.

“Mo Shao happy cooperation.”

Mo Yifan’s lips curled up when he saw Tang Xinyu’s imperative look.


The wine glass holding the red wine clinked lightly in mid-air with a crisp clink.



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