Chapter 29(2)

Jiang Zhu has been sitting next to Tang Tang, the two were far from the others, at the moment everyone seems to be sound asleep except Tang Tang who couldn’t sleep even after closing her eyes.

She looked aside to look at Jiang Zhu who was leaning against the wall, his beautifully curved jawline exposed to her view only his eyes were still open.

Tang Tang came closer and grabbed his sleeve.

“Can’t sleep? Is it because you’re angry?”

Jiang Zhu stiffened as he looked towards her.

“I’m sorry, next time I will absolutely, absolutely not badmouth you or scold you!”

Tang Tang assured.

“You are forgiven.”

Jiang Zhu rubbed her hair and closed his eyes,


Yan Zhen woke up the next day, he had just opened his eyes and before he could see the situation around him he immediately shouted.

“Tang Tang, Tang Tang has been saved? Has she been saved?!”

When everyone looked at him and saw the situation he was around, he found Tang Tang and Jiang Zhu together in the corner, and breath a sigh of relief.

“Fortunately, fortunately!”

When several people saw him wake up, they were curious about his ability. They stood up one after another, Tang Tang of course also stood up but before she could take a step Yan Zhen ran towards her and hugged her.

“I’m glad you’re okay hah! I was scared to death ah!”

Tang Tang who was listening to him felt that he was crying?

Jiang Zhu stood up with a dark and sullen face, forcing the two apart.

“She’s fine.”

Yan Zhen did cry, he blamed himself so much for letting Tang Tang be blown away in front of him! Luckily she was okay!

The trio only heard about Yan Zhen and Tang Tang’s tale from Qin Zhang’s mouth before, it was the first time they saw him with their own eyes being friendly with Tang Tang.

They really did not expect that the person who hated Tang Tang was much as they did, not long ago and even more than they did was worried about her and cried directly.

Not to mention the three of them, even Qin Zhang and Qi Mu did not expect Yan Zhen to be like this.

They could imagine what the two of them have been through all those days!

Jiang Zhu turned the subject away.

“What is the ability you have awakened?”

Yan Zhen lifted the back of his hand and wipes his eyes.

“How do you know what you’ve awakened to?”

He had just woken up and didn’t know anything.

“First feel the condition of the ability energy in your body, then concentrate on focusing it towards your hand and try to release it.”

Qin Zhang explained.

Yan Zhen nodded and did as he was told.

After a minute, his whole body fluctuated several people stared at his hands nervously. Although they all had abilities, they couldn’t help but be curious.

After another two minutes, Yan Zhen’s palm gradually accumulated water. The water droplets then became bigger and bigger and bigger and finally surprisingly flooded the place directly.

Qin Zhang slapped Yan Zhen on the back of his head,

“You stupid, why did you put so much energy? The house is flooded because of you! Are you happy?”

Yan Zhen opened his eyes before he realized what he had done, and was immediately embarrassed. He hurriedly put back all the water.

Everyone: “….”

Qi Mu said silently on the side.

“I was thinking that with your water ability even if we don’t have water to drink in the future we can still take from you…”

Yan Zhen was embarrassed again.

“Then we have fire ability? So we can boil and drink?”

Now, all eight people’s abilities have been identified.

Jiang Zhu’s star belt and small light spot, Tang Tang’s big ball, Yan Zhen’s water, Qin Zhang’s earth ability, Qi Mu’s wood, Han Feng’s knife and the other two, one was Zhang Ci has fire and the other was Xiao Hui who has speed ability.

If they go look for food then Jiang Zhu would investigate the nearby for ability users, Qin Zhang and Yan Zhen could defense for them. Qi Mu and Han Feng together with Zhang Ci attack, leaving two key figures!

Tang Tang could collect food and hide it her hidden space and in case they was a mishap, Xiao Hui could protect her and ran away together with Tang Tang.

With this strategy, the lot of them found more food in one morning.

Tang Tang at the beginning was not very skilled at doing these things, but after several times later of putting food in her hidden space she could do it more smoothly.

She could also now even speculate on where food may have been accidentally left out.

Soon, the originally vacant space was now suddenly bulging again.

They have gained a lot, but at the same time they also have formed a lot of enemies.

The most important thing in apocalypse was food. Even if they have abilities, but so what? Don’t they still need food to eat?

So this group of eight people suddenly emerges with sharp style never leaves food whenever they scavenge for food!

However in view of other people, even if those things were found by the team of eight people themselves and not robbed from them, in their opinion no matter what all the food should be theirs and if not for the eight people coming out of nowhere they could have found this food one day!

So of course, everyone couldn’t tolerate them.

And according to their observation, no matter where these eight people went the zombies actually were not attacking them!

This was outrageous! Why? Why weren’t those zombies attacking them?

Was their flesh not delicious?!

And because of this Tang Tang didn’t know how many times have they encountered ambush in one day. Those people who had stones in their abilities ambush them earlier, as soon as they approached, they suddenly hit them with stones.

Tang Tang was really not sure of how her ability works, so she didn’t dare to attack nor defense. Holding a bag of snacks covered with ash she found from the table hole in the corner, Tang Tang hurriedly went to the outside aisle of the small supermarket.

The road outside was wide making it easier to run.

Unexpectedly as soon as she stood in the middle of the road, a car drover over from behind.

She almost vomited blood, she didn’t dare to stay and ran to the other side.

Xiao Hui her partner was having a hard time at the moment, although his ability was speed, those people have found their way around him these days. They were worried that the would come and run with Tang Wang so as soon as the stones were released, another person’s waster ability soon flooded them.

Since water creates resistance, no matter how fast he runs he would take time before he get back to his momentum.

Seeing this, Tang Tang couldn’t help but cry.

Jiang Zhu and a few of them were still trapped in the “sea of fire”, although they could retaliate but it would still take several times.

And these good minutes, Tang Tang would have to run by herself!

Aiyo! Her legs are short, why couldn’t she get six-meter height!

Tang Tang was huffing and puffing as she ran towards Jiang Zhu, she only ran more than ten steps when she was suddenly stopped by a man.

The man who stopped her was tall and big, and even with a glance he already looks strong! Those arms! Almost as thick as her thighs!

Tang Tang swallowed her saliva, hard and mutters as sweat drizzle down.

What if this big brother raises his fist!

Tang Tang saw the man was going to hit her, she shouted inwardly as she tried to hide calmly and quickly dodge away.


 A heavy sound resounded.

Hearing this loud sound, Tang Tang felt the land trembled under her feet. She hurriedly turned back to look and immediately crouched up!

This damned man made a big hole in the ground!

Is it his ability?

How arrogant!

Using it against a weak girl such as herself, really! Such a big accomplishment!!!

Tang Tang was so shocked, and suddenly it made her feet had more momentum.

She needs to hurry up and run, if this punched landed on her she would immediately go bye bye!

At this critical moment, she didn’t expect that her speed was actually, no, unexpectedly good? Tang Tang was really worried that she would fall to the ground if she didn’t run steadily with her current speed.

She’s too miserable!

Jiang Zhu on the other hand actually noticed Tang Tang’s situation long ago, but they were now also being held back and his star belt has distance limit.

He had no choice but to wait until the distance between the two gradually closes, until the ranged of the star belt could reach. And when that happens, he quickly divided the star belt and stretched it out.

Jiang Zhu originally wanted to wrap Tang Tang in but unexpectedly the big ball once again blocked his ability regardless of friends or foe.

Tang Tang also notices that the star belt was being blocked away making her cry.

Can this big ball be any better!

The star belt doesn’t need to be blocked ah!!!

Jiang Zhu couldn’t let any mishaps happened and immediately changed his aim, and made the star belt wrapped around the man chasing Tang Tang.

What he didn’t expect was that the man was quite nimble! Surprisingly he dodged it!

Immediately following next second was the man’s fist hammered towards Tang Tang again.

“Bring out the food!”

Tang Tang was holding the small bag that was covered with ashes, she didn’t even know whether the snacks were expired, but she painstakingly searched for this!

“Why should I take it out? We found it ourselves, how can you justified yourselves of robbing us with our fruit of labor just because you can’t find it yourselves?”

Tang Tang couldn’t resist reasoning with him.

But that’s all that was said.

Because she found that running and talking at the same time was really exhausting! She really better just shut up and run!

The man behind her was even more unreasonable after hearing her words.

“If you don’t hand over the door, I’ll slap you flat today!”

Tang Tang: “….”

She could also understand such human nature in the of the world, after all food was limited. Strong people could get more while the weak would get less.

Even for the eight of them, if they have eaten all these food and there was no more production of food then was the outcome waiting for them?

So the only way to ensure a permanent source of food, where should food come out from? How about they call people to find a place to grow a land together?

Tang Tang admired herself for have the energy to think about these things at this time.

She gasped, as the man behind her speeding up. And she ran in a straight line she would be caught soon so she made big zigzag as she run.

But running while running zigzag had easily made her tired.

Tang Tang was now panting heavily, and as soon as she takes deep breath the man behind her immediately hammer his fist.


Tang Tang wailed inwardly.

“Tang Tang—”

Those who saw this scene on the other side had their eyes bared in pain.

What they didn’t all expect was that the next second the fist hit the big ball heavily.

The pure white sparkling light on the big ball became shining and even resisted the heavy blow, however she wasn’t able to stand steadily coupled with inertia, she accidentally took several backward and almost rolled on the ground.

Fortunately Qin Zhang’s earth shield was just in time to catch her.

Tang Tang couldn’t help but breath a sigh of relief.

So close…

This big ball, still protects her in critical moments!

But even if the next attack didn’t work, the man’s next fist immediately rushed up again. Seeing this Tang Tang rushed to the side to dodge.

The fist smashed heavily on the earth shield that catches Tang Tang making the shield split apart.

Tang Tang hurriedly run towards Jiang Zhu’s side at the same time Xiao Hui came back running in embarrassment after the attack of water resistance and stone rain.

That’s terrible!

Jiang Zhu’s side has more concentrated attacks, stones, fireballs and water collide with each other. Tang Tang who was running to their side suddenly finds that she seemed to be the safest.

But the Hercules who had just chased her seemed to locker her as his target, even after knowing her intention of rejoining her team the man still didn’t stop on hammering his fist against her.

Even after being pelted with rocks from the sky.

Tang Tang was almost moved by his tenacity. If her big ball was not hard enough and didn’t tremble because of his attacks it would surely fall apart in the next second.



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