Chapter 48

Bei Mingfan used his ultimate mace.

“It’s mainly because he offered high price, aren’t you short of money? Don’t you want to buy your mother the best prosthesis and stay in the most expensive nursing home with the most powerful doctors?”

He sighed earnestly.

“It’s all money.”

Sheng Qiao: “…”

Bei Mingfan: “What is there to fear about ghosts? Can it be compared to people? You have no money, no name, no status, and everyone bullies you, that’s the most terrible. But this one it was only bad, you can go to the temple to ask for an amulet and buy an enlightened Bodhisattva. Even if there are ghost do not dare to get close to you.”

Sheng Qiao finally said.

“You’ve done marketing before?”

Bei Mingfan smiled.

“This variety show is a big production, it will greatly improve your popularity and value. Others can’t ask for it. They take the initiative to come to our door, it’s like pie falling from the sky.”

Sheng Qiao heard that he has more to say.


Bei Mingfan sound righteous.

“So when the program team contacted me, I already agreed for you. The first phase of recording start in half a month.”

Sheng Qiao didn’t say for a long time.

Bei Mingfan asked.

“Xiao Qiao, are you angry?”


She sighed.

“I’m just doing a mental preparation, what about the Starlight Junior’s side if we have to record in half a month?”

“The recording time for ‘Escape from Life’ is three days, which just happens to be staggered with Starlight Junior and does not conflict.”


Bei Mingfan thinks he likes the girl more, she could bend and stretch which was a good character for an artist and made him happy.

“Let me tell you another good news. The workplace drama that I have been helping you with is almost finished, it’s also a big production this year and it going to be starred. This year’s modern drama market is a bit sluggish, but this drama is a very good choice and is estimated to explode.”

Sheng Qiao said.

“You just arrange it, then I’ll go to the temple this weekend to pay my respect and ask for a charm in return.”

Bei Mingfan: “…”

Still really wanna go ah? She seems to be really afraid of ghost…..

Since Sheng Qiao said she would go, she immediately checked the internet to find out where the temples were more effective, she also looked at the yellow calendar and picked up a day suitable to lit an incense. After preparing, she wrapped herself with hat and scarf, and went out.

Instead of letting the assistant follow, she called a car and reported the address. The driver knew she was going to the temple as soon as he heard the destination, he told her.

“The temple is on the mountain, the mountain road has been renovated recently, the car can’t go up. There is a section of mountain road that you have to walk, and since it’s good to show sincerity it’s good to walk.”

An hour later the car arrived at the mountainside, looking up the trees on the mountain were lush and green and the sound of ringing bells could be heard from afar, which give a feeling an ancient temple in a deep forest.

The roadside was piled with stone, leaving only a path for people to walk on. Sheng Qiao wore headphone and listened to songs while walking up the path. When she almost reached the mountain gate, she saw a family sitting under the linden tree by the stone steps to rest.

The figure was familiar, and when she fixed her eyes on them, it was actually her parents and her brother.

Sheng Qiao remembered something and fished out her phone to look at the calendar and found that today was the day Mother Qiao fasted. Every year on this day, the family would go to the temple to worship the bodhisattva at east fasting food.

No wonder the yellow calendar told her that today was a good day, it turns out that she would meet her family today.

She was so happy that she pulled her headphones and ran over to then, and because she was wearing a hat and a mask they didn’t recognized her at once. She squinted her eyes and shouted with a smile.

“Auntie, uncle, what a coincidence.”

Removing the mask, Mother Qiao said joyfully.

“It’s Qiao Qiao.”

Father Qiao did not move and looked at Qiao Yu, looking at each as his gaze was questioning: Did you call her?

Qiao Yu: …No, really not.

Mother Qiao was not in a wheelchair today, she had some problems with her legs but she could walk occasionally. She pulled Sheng Qiao to sit beside her, held her hand and asked.

“Did Qiao Qiao also come to worship the bodhisattva?”

Her mother’s hand was so soft and warm that she didn’t want to let go.

“En, I came to ask for a safety charm. I’m going to go abroad to record a show in a while.”

Mother Qiao nodded, she didn’t know if it was because of the Buddha’s light but the more she looked at the girl in front of her the more affectionate she felt, as if, once upon a time she was also a piece of flesh that fell from her own body, she held in her hands to raise her and the bottom of her heart she wants to spoil and pamper her.

The slight ringing of the bell was like water ripples echoing round and round in the hills, Mother Qiao listened to the sound of the bell for a few moments in trance and then looked at Sheng Qiao when tears suddenly fell from her eyes.

Sheng Qiao was so distressed that she hurriedly wiped her tears with the back of her hand and asked softly.

“Auntie, what’s wrong with you? Are you tired?”

Mother Qiao looked at her and shook her head with a smile as she held her hand and stood up.

“It’s nothing. Come on, let’s go inside.”

It seems that she went back in time when she, her parent and brother went to the mountain to fast and made Sheng Qiao very happy and didn’t let go of her mother’s hand. After entering the door, they lit five incense and worship the buddha in the main hall. Each bodhisattva has three kowtow and three worship for full devotion.

Sheng Qiao also went to ask for safety talisman, asking Bodhisattva to bless her and to havge all evil spirits and villains retreated.

After worshipping the Budhdha and offering incense, they rest in the squatter’s room for a while and drank a pot of tea when a monk came to invited them to use the fasting meal. All these were ordered by Father Qiao in advance.

Although the food was light, but the taste was good. While eating and chatting Qiao Yu remembered a gossip.

“I have seen your video disliking a plagiarize work, you really looked so heroic ah.”

Sheng Qiao said.

“Thank you, eat your meal.”

When she was with the Qiao family, she always unconsciously forgot her identity. After saying this, Mother Qiao burst out laughing and said curiously.

“What video?”

Qiao Yu was offended by her, seeing that she winked at him trying to tell that she didn’t want mother Qiao to saw it he responded with a smile and immediately took his phone, found the video and handed to his mother.

“Mom, look, this is it!”

Sheng Qiao: “….”

How come her brother’s attitude was still exactly the as before ah?

Father Qiao also went close and curiously took a look, the two of them watched the whole process of Sheng Qiao scolding especially when she rushed onto the stage with her skirt. Mother Qiao couldn’t help laughing and said,

“Qiao Qiao is so fierce.”

After watching Father Qiao gave her a thumbs up.

“Young lady dared to bather the evil forces.”

In the end, it was Mother Qiao who thought broadly and asked her.

“You exposed that player and made him lose face, and he didn’t give you a hard time?”

Sheng Qiao remembered the previous death threat and smiled.


Qiao Yu said.

“These people have a lot of eyes, dare to blatantly plagiarize it means that they already did bad things. You should be careful if you are threatened or intimidated you can talk to me.”

At the last moment, she thought he was not pleasing to the eye but she was moved at this time.

Sheng Qiao looked at him eagerly.

“Qiao Yu, it’s very kind of you. Thank you.”

Qiao Yu turned away uncomfortably.

Father Qiao looked left and right who was sitting next to him and suddenly asked Sheng Qiao.

“Is this lady in love?”

Sheng Qiao was kind of flustered be her father’s sudden question.


Father Qiao said smilingly.

“That’s good.”

Qiao Yu: “….

What good? Why good?

Sheng Qiao added.

“The company does not allow.”

Father Qiao slapped his chopsticks and said with a huff.

“How can that be? How can the company still control whether you fall in lover or not? So what if you want to be with us….”

Qiao Yu stomped his father under the table.

Father Qiao: “….”

The corners of Qiao Yu’s mouth were twitching.

“Stars are not supposed to fall in love casually, you know what, dinner! Mom, you control him!”

Mother Qiao also smiled as she glared at Father Qiao and said.

“Shut up and eat your meal, worrying blindly all day long.”

After they talked and finished their meal, they rested for a while before leaving. When they passed the Dharma hall, there was a monk preaching on the steps outside the door wearing blue clothing. It was already cold in the mountain but he was still fanning himself.

Mother Qiao bowed when she saw the monk and as she passed by the monk suddenly smiled and said.

“I see that benefactor has a fate with the little girl next to you.”

Mother Qiao’a steps halted, she turned back and smiled as she asked.

“Can you explain this to me, little master?”

The monk shook the fan.

“Far away from the sky, near in the front of the eyes, they are like flowers in the mirror and the moon in the water.”

The monk speaks in a puzzled way, Qiao Yu never believes in these he just came here every year to accompany Mother Qiao. He was most annoyed by these people who played puzzles, he helped Mother Qiao and said,

“Mom, let’s go.”

The no longer said anything, and happily turned back while Mother Qiao nodded. Father Qiao and Qiao Yu together with Mother Qiao were about to leave when they saw Sheng Qiao took two or three steps towards the monk. Frowning, she asked.

“Can I still go back?”

The monk looked up at her and smiled.

“Benefactor can’t go back.”

Her body shook a little and she said in a pleading voice.

“But I want to go back.”

“All mortal karma has a destiny. You cannot go back.”

He then no longer said anything, shaking the fan away and repeated with a smile.

“Cannot go back.”

Sheng Qiao stood frozen in place until Mother Qiao came over to pull her and realized she was crying.

Mother Qiao asked.

“Qiao Qiao, where do you want to go back to?”

She didn’t say anything, after a long time she raised her hand and wiped her tears then broi\ke out into a smile.

“Auntie, the senior monk said we have a destiny.”

“Yes, I liked you as soon as I saw you, isn’t it just fate?”

She looked down and took her mother’s hand in hers in all seriousness.

Even if she couldn’t go back, what she has now too was good.

She could take her new life now and live it well, too.

It didn’t take long for the big production, big investment, big flow variety show ‘Escape from Lfe’ to announce the guest list. Once the list was released, the whole network paid attention.

The first flow of the entertainment industry which was a few years ago, some netizens joked that Huo Xi occupied half of the traffic in the entertainment industry and the other half was Shen Junyi.

In recent years a large number of people have emerge and small fresh meat has also emerge one after another, which has gradually broken the situation that the two people occupy. However Shen Junyi was still a big mountain that couldn’t be pried after she was Huo Xi’s number one opponent in those years.

The second was Luo Qing, the queen of double film, the goddess of her parent’s generation. She was known as the jade girl in the film world at that time but she has stopped acting for many years. Although her traffic and popularity were not as popular as current stars, her qualifications and reputation were definitely a hanging blow.

The third was Fang Zhi, the singer as well song-writer and dancer Wan Wan known as the queen of iron lung songs. In the recent years of Wan Wan’s rise in the capital she released her album the could still be on top three sales chart which shows her popularity even after declining.

The fourth was known as the little prince of ancient puppets, Zeng Ming he was his mother and grandmother’s male god. And when watching TV, he must watch the plays he plays.

The fifth was not an insider, but was very popular on the internet. It was Ji Jiayou, the game god who was popular with live game broadcasting. He was young, just over 18, mixed race and looked like a young plum but with his game operation he has attracted a large number of fans who couldn’t even play the game.

They were all Yan Gou1, they just need to watch him command the game calmly and coolly then they could scream.

Sixth was Sheng Qiao.

Ahhh, what kind of backer does she have? How does she get involved in this kind of large scale production, high popularity and large flow of program??

It was later revealed that Sheng Qiao was invited by the program team on their own initiative.

The eyes of the those first-tier artist who had submitted their resumes but were rejected were red with envy.

Weren’t she afraid of ghost? She going to a horror variety show ah! If she was afraid of ghost then she have the ability to refuse!

Just jesting, such luxurious and awesome program she has to go even if she was scared to death by ghosts!

After the official announcement of the program, Qiao Qiao’s fans were really excited and worried at the same time. Finally they sent gifts to her company one after another, some wrote to cheer her up, some sent her heart warming gifts and some sent her amulets.

The gifts sent by fans have always been received by the assistant, even the letters were read on behalf of the fans but Fang Bai knows that Sheng Qiao spoiler her fans, so the things received were packer uniformly and given to Sheng Qiao to take home.

She was very happy to see it, she sat on the floor and opened the gifts and letters. She read every letter seriously and said to Fang Bai.

“I’ll write back to them sometime.”

There were so many things that she took apart all afternoon, towards evening she posted on Weibo:

–@Sheng Qiao: I received all the gifts and very touched, thank you. I would like to ask, I understand those who sent yellow amulets, crosses and even peach wood swords, but what it the meaning of those who sent garlic?



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