TMBAM 20.2

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Chapter 20(2)

What exactly was the trouble with Baoxin?

Previously Gu Xueyi specially searched for relevant information on the almighty internet, but the relevant information was very little. She only saw a few words and phrases from a forum of an unpopular enthusiast’s forum.

To this moment, Gu Xueyi only roughly understood what Baoxin did.

It undertakes projects.

However, it was not just a construction type of project that they undertake.

It undertakes military projects from the official family.

Gu Xueyi and Pei Lixin arrived at the warehouse.

The warehouse covers a large area with various containers placed around it…

Gu Xueyi’s perception of just how powerful the Yan family has taken on a whole new level.

Two hours later.

“Have you seen enough?”

Pei Lixing asked.

Gu Xueyi lifted her chin.

“En, let’s go.”

Pei Lixin then breathed a sigh of relief.

After seeing her finished her “fancy inspection” and as how she understands Gu Xueyi, Pei Lixin was afraid that Gu Xueyi couldn’t even read the words on the container, so how could she know shit?

Everyone soon returned to the reception hall.

When she saw Chen Yujin and Jian Changming drinking tea, Gu Xueyi said in a cold voice.

“What is Secretary Chen doing? We are leaving. Next, we have to go to Qinghe.

Qinghe, that was another subsidiary company of the Yang’s.

Sure enough, it was all about “inheritance”, right?

Pei Lixin contemptuously commented inwardly.

Chen Yujin put down the tea cup and followed Gu Xueyi.

Gu Xueyi walked a few and suddenly turned her head and said.

“Mr. Jian doesn’t have to come along, right?”

Between smart and clever people a little information like this was enough for each other to understand.

Jian Changming said lightly.

“Yan Chao is not here, I have to protect Madam Yan for him.”

Gu Xueyi coldly turned her face away and went into the elevator.

This made all Pei Lixin’s speculation all sat true.

She smiled and sent Gu Xueyi away.

This time the smile was genuine and heartfelt.

Jian Changming went back to his car.

While Gu Xueyi and Chen Yujin got into another car.

The two cars drove out together, and really went on a trip to Qinghe before they returned respectively.

“Pei Lixin is not a problem, the old turtle hiding in the back is the real problem. If this matter is not solved, the business of the Yan family will come to an end.”

Chen Yujin suddenly spoke.

After that Chen Yujin suddenly realized that he was talking to Gu Xueyi, for what?

Gu Xueyi may be smart now.

But such problem was not something her ability could solve.

She maybe instead be worried about Yan’s bankruptcy after hearing what he said?

Chen Yujin pursed his lips and was hesitant to speak out to calm Gu Xueyi when he heard Gu Xueyi calmly responded, then picked up her phone and made a call. She said.

“I’m coming over now.”

It’s as if what she saw and heard today didn’t have the slightest effect on her.

Chen Yujin was stunned for a second before he spoke again.

“To the set?”


Chen Yujin unconsciously blurted out.

“I’ll send you?”

“En, good.”

Gu Xueyi responded as a matter of course.

Chen Yujin choked, after a few seconds later he showed a helpless smile. Even Gu Xueyi who was taken for granted was much more lovely than Gu Xueyi in the past.

Chen Yujin personally drove Gu Xueyi to the set.

And by this time, it was already seven o’clock in the evening.

Only then did Chen Yujin regret a bit that he spent all his time here, he should still be working in the Yan’s building at this time.

Gu Xueyi got off the care and was greeted by Director Li first.

And recognized Chen Yujin right away.

Who doesn’t know the spokesperson of the Yan? How many people doesn’t know that if they wanted to be picked up the Yan, they need to be pick up the Mr. Chen first.

“Hello Mr. Chen.”

“Hello Madam Yan.”

After greeting them.

Gu Xueyi looked down at the time on her phone, she turned her head and said to Chen yujin.

“It’s very late, it’s hard for Secretary Chen, you should go back first.”

She took it upon herself to say that it was very late.

Chen Yujin’s lips moved and said.

“There is no rush.”

When Gu Xueyi heard this, she stopped asking questions and turned to Director Li for more details.

“Pinggu skydiving is done during the day, but the young master has to jump at night. His agent confirmed this, he thinks Pinggu is more beautiful at night…”

Director Li said while touching his head.

Look since the taping started.

How much has he gone bald?

“Where do we start?”

Gu Xueyi asked.

Director Li immediately found the staff.

“This is their parachute jumping point, you take Madam Yan over.”

The staff responded busily and led Gu Xueyi on the foot up the hill.

When she got halfway the hill, Gu Xueyi saw a small house.

Noticing her gaze the staff member introduced.

“This is where we put on our safety equipment.”

Gu Xueyi stopped in her tracks.

“Well, give me a set to wear as well.”


Chen Yujin who had been following not too close behind, had his eyelids jumped violently and blurted out.

“Are you crazy?”

Gu Xueyi, however had already pushed open the door of the small house and walked in.

Chen Yujin pursed his lips hard.

Suddenly realized that the current Madam Yan, was very assertive…this point of hers seems to be more difficult than the past Madam Yan.

Gu Xueyi quickly changed and came out.

Chen Yujin’s lips pursed more tightly as if her heart was hanging up.

It’s not his place to be in charge.

Chen Yujin tried to convince her.

But the more he emphasized it in his mind the more he couldn’t help thinking that Gu Xueyi shouldn’t care about Yan Wenjia, does she not know how dangerous it was?

Secretary Chen who has never been in a hurry even in the case of big thing suddenly surged up with strong anxiety.


Gu Xueyi said.

Yan Wenjia soak in the hot spring in Pinggu, after sleeping he got up to change his clothes and prepared to parachute.

After boarding the helicopter, it quickly rose to a certain altitude.

The beautiful night sky become within reach.

Pinggu also becomes more beautiful under the night sky.

The door of the helicopter opens.

Yan Wenjia knew that the coach was sitting behind him.

He closed his eyes and opened them again.

He took a deep breath.

Suddenly there was a sudden force from behind and Yan Wenjia was kicked down.

The feeling of weightlessness enveloped him abruptly and his heartbeat rose to its peak instantly.

Yan Wenjia: “Ah!”

Immediately after he grabbed the belt behind him with one hand and lifted it.

Yan Wenjia felt his shoulder straps tightened as if an eagle grabbed a chick, and he was the one being carried. The other party firmly grabbed him and the two seemed to be tried together.

That person also jumped down.

They fell close towards Pinggu…

Then the parachutes opened.

The wind blew fiercely against the cheeks.

Yan Wenjia opened his eyes with difficulty and looked away.

It was the originally dark-skinned coach.

Instead it was little white skin came to light.


His voice was blown away by the wind.

Under the beautiful night sky.

Yan Wenjia almost had a heart attack on the spot.

How dare she!

While Chen Yujin narrowed his eyes and looked at Gu Xueyi’s figure.

It was recklessly bold and excessively beautiful like a fluttering butterfly.

Under the strong visual impact, Chen Yujin’s heartbeat suddenly accelerated.


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