RB80’s: VMRHCD 13


Chapter 13- Fieldwork is important

Jiang Ran turned around and saw Pei Shanshan looking at her in horror.

Seeing her reaction, Jiang Ran was also puzzled.

What is going on?

But after seeing her like this, Jiang Ran did not ask even though she had doubts in her heart.

“Let’s go!”

“Where to?”

Pei Shansha inexplicably followed Jiang Ran to the county and just remembered to ask her the why they came.

The purpose of Jiang Ran coming to the county was very simple, she just wants to see if there were many vendors and what they were selling.

After all it was important to make a site visit before doing business.

Jiang Ran did not answer the inquiry of why she was accompanying her.

“Just follow me.”

After saying that, Jiang Ran lifted her feet and walked towards the front.

Pei Shanshan stood in place and watched Jiang Ran gradually walked away, only then her heart relaxed.

This was the Jiang Ran that she knows.

Pei Shanshan held Pei Jing’s little hand and slowly followed.

Jiang Ran doesn’t walk fast as she looks around the stall she pass through.

The county was not very big, and there were even fewer busy places. There were also only few main streets in total.

It took almost an hour for Jiang Ran to finish looking.

After looking around, Jiang Ran found that the county has now some restaurants.

There were a few big restaurants, more small restaurants that sell a variety of things.

Probably because its afternoon so there were no carts pushing food vendors.

If it’s morning it should be there.

After walking for so long Jiang Ran was a little tired, looking around she chose a small store and walked towards that store.

Two small square tables were also set up outside the store and Jiang Ran sat down directly at one table.

She had just sat down when a man in his 40’s or 50’s came out of the store.

“What would you like to eat?”

“What do you have?”

Jiang Ran asked rhetorically.

“Rice noodles, and stir fry are available, depending on what you want to eat.”

That sounds pretty comprehensive.

Jiang Ran also wanted to taste the food cooked in the restaurant at this time, after thinking about it she ordered a double cooked meat, a fried shredded potato, a bowl of rice and a bowl of shredded meat noodles.”

After ordering her food, the man turned and entered the store without saying a word.

Jiang Ran took a glance at the store and withdrew her eyes.

When she turned around she saw Pei Shanshan holding Pei Jing’s small hands standing not far away and looking her way, not coming.

Jiang Ran raised an eyebrow and waved at the two of them.

“What are you doing there? Come here.”

When saying these words, Jiang Ran wasn’t smiling at all and her tone was a rough.

Because Jiang Ran knows that Pei Shanshan would only obeys her only if she speaks like this.

Sure enough, just as Jiang Ran’s words fell Pei Shanshan walked over holding Pei Jing.

Jiang Ran pointed to the small stool opposite her own.

“Sit down.”

Pei Shanshan hesitated slightly but still led Pei Jing to sit down.

They waited for a short while before the man came out with the food.

Since this was not meal time, there was no other customer except them in this small shop so they were able to cook the food faster.

The first thing they served was the potted meat, the meat cut was quite large, fatty and lean with green peppers, fried onions and looks oily.

As soon as the meat was placed on the table the aroma spread out in the all directions.

Their food during lunch was a tasteless coarse grain noodles, there was no smell of fish oil and now suddenly smelling such rich aroma even Jiang Ran who was used to eating good things in her previous life couldn’t help swallowing her saliva.

(End of Chapter)


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