IRBB90’S 5


Chapter 5

Before dawn the next day, Su Weiwei packed up a few of her things and sneaked out of the house with Cheng Cheng on a bike. Liang Fugui bought the bike, but Xie Zhenjiang and Jiang Tao were the ones usually riding it. If Su Weiwei doesn’t steal it, when could she ride it out? It was only more than three o’clock and Cheng Cheng was sleepy as he rubbed his eyes and looked Su Weiwei.

Su Weiwei put him on the horizontal bar.

“Good boy, go to sleep, wait until I wake you up.”

Cheng Cheng squinted his eyes little by little as his little head swinging back and forth and finally went back to sleep.

The two of them just walked out a few steps when behind them suddenly came the voice of Liang Xiaomei, she ran over and pulled Su Weiwei’s bike and cried.

“Sister-in-law, you’re leaving Xiaomei, Xiaomei can’t live without you.”

Su Weiwei swallowed her saliva,

“Who’s leaving you? Sister-in-law will just need to go out for something, it’s not convenient to bring you.”

“Nonsense! You even took Cheng Cheng with you. You definitely don’t want me. I don’t care. I won’t let you go. If you go, you’ll never comb Xiaomei’s hair again.”

Liang Xiaomei cried morosely. She didn’t have a deep impression of her mother. Not long after she was born, her mother died. All her impressions of her mother were linked to Liu Yumei, but Liu Yumei was treating her badly. She said she was unlucky that’s why her mother died, and she won’t make any much progress in her life. Her sister-in-law was not good to her before, but now her sister-in-law was very good to her. She really doesn’t want to lose her sister-in-law.

Liang Xiaomei’s eyes were full of panic, and cried her eyes out leaving some snots. Seeing her like this, Su Weiwei don’t know if to laugh or cry and just combed Liang Xiaomei’s head. How could she leave her? So, when the child cried to her, she was not indifferent and patted the back seat of the bike.

“Come on! But one thing, what am I going to do you can’t tell others. You’re not allowed to tell your brothers and sisters either, you know?”

Liang Xiaomei who broke into tears, smiled.

“Sister-in-law I know, this is our secret I will never tell it to my brothers and sisters, you are my sister in law after all.”

“You little smartass,”

Su Weiwei laughs as she stroked her head and bringing her on.

Liang Xiaomei sticks out her tongue. If selling her brothers and sisters could make her sister-in-law like her. Then she will!

When Su Weiwei rode several kilometers to the temple fair in the county, the morning market of the temple fair had just begun. At this time, the temple fair was still very important. The venues were all on the street in the center of the city. Early in the morning, small vendors had set up their stalls. They were so dense that they couldn’t see the end at a glance. Many city people went to work in the morning, looking around here people coming back and forth.

Su Weiwei had no stalls and could only paint on a piece of land on the ground with lime as one of her materials. The surrounding vendors stared at her with curious eyes. Many of the vendors who came to catch the temple fair came from other places, and did everything, including selling food, performing acrobatics, selling clothes and ferrules. But no matter what type of stalls, there should be a product to sell, right? So, where was her stall? However, Su Weiwei has better idea, she was alone and could only rent a few small benches from the side stall so what was she planning to open?

Seeing her writing and drawing, the shopkeepers around her went around. Zhong Xiaotao was a clothes seller, she just setting up her stall when she saw Su Weiwei writing. She went towards her and said.

“Sister, what are you doing?”

Su Weiwei smiled, of course it’s white wolf with empty gloves!1 (TN: derogatory term, referring to the deception used by liars who do not make any investment and cheat everywhere.)

In her previous life, when she opened an advertising company the company had only three billboards, but she boasted to her customers that she had dozens of billboards. Later, she planted these billboards that she cheated she have. She relied on empty handed white wolves to make the company bigger and bigger, not only her, but also those who did pre-sale on Taobao in the future. She has no money now and she was obviously poor. It was necessary to cover the white wolf with empty hands! And she has no sense of guilt even doing this.

“I’m writing the slogan, no, the red cloth is already written.”

Su Weiwei hung up the red cloth and smiled,

“Look! My handwriting is not bad, right?”

Zhong Xiaotao wants to say that the characters were really good, but her grandfather could write, so there was nothing special about the characters she wrote. Su Weiwei was not as good as her appearance. The men and women who set up stalls at the temple fair were all running for a living, but although Su Weiwei was not well dressed, her skin was white and tender, and her hands were delicate. She looks like a rich lady in the city. She looks good and has a good temperament, she doesn’t boast to any people about herself, but she thinks this person was different from others. How could such person set up a stall like them?

And a stall at least have something to sell ah, looking at the slogan hanged by Su Weiwei –

Game! Write from 1 to 600, and the person who writes all will be winner and will take away 10 RMB! No time limit, welcome to challenge!

Zhong Xiaotao pulled her, obviously anxious.

“Sister, this can’t be allowed! It’s too easy to write from 1 to 600, right? When you meet those who are literate and does who go to school, they will be able to write one right after the other, so do you have to pay 10 yuan for each one? I don’t mean to tell you, you have to give out at least a few hundred a day, are you stupid?”

The shop owner of the ferrule also advised.

“No! Isn’t this giving money to people? You little girl haven’t suffered at all right? Don’t do that!”

The lady next door who sells liangpi1 also pats her leg. (TN: noodle like dish)

“Yes, little girl, I’m not talking about you, my grandson is very good at math, he can write it right away! It’s really easy!”

The grandson who came with him to catch the gathering nodded sheepishly.

“1 to 600 is easy, ah, I should be able to write it. Sister, 10 is so expensive, you will lose money.”

People are very enthusiastic these days.

Su Weiwei smiled with narrowed eyes.

“Is that so? Then come here and take the challenge. I brought the paper, you write on this paper, write it all correctly and I will give you 10 yuan, write wrong … since we are neighbors, I will not accept money, let your grandmother give me two bowls of liangpi, how about it?”

The little grandson looked at his grandmother. The grandmother smiled and patted his grandson on the shoulder. The liangpi was made at home so it didn’t cost much money. It wouldn’t hurt to invite Su Weiwei to eat two bowls so she readily agreed. The little grandson sat down with confidence. Because he was afraid of making mistakes, he wrote very seriously, starting from 1. He writes slowly and his writings were good.

He was good at math in school and the teachers praised him for his talent in math. He never missed doing math problems. How could he be wrong in counting, wouldn’t be too simple? At first, he wrote easily, because the numbers in front were small and easy to write. When he wrote more than 100, he had obviously felt anxious. Gradually, he became more and more anxious. When he wrote more than 200, he had to check several times to ensure the accuracy. When he wrote more than 300, he began to tire his eyes, and when he wrote more than 400, he began to distract himself from what he had and didn’t have.

But he managed to finish it. After more than 20 minutes, he gave the paper to Su Weiwei. Su Weiwei looked it up with a smile and pointed to the paper and said.

“Look, there are 10 numbers missing in the middle here, and here, 457 you wrote as 451, there are more mistakes behind, look at it yourself!”

The little grandson was stunned. It’s impossible. Although he was distracted in the middle of the journey, he checked it several times and there should be no mistake.

But after checking, Su Weiwei was right. He made many mistakes. The grandmother patted his thigh and said,

“Strange! How can you be wrong when it’s so a simple?”

There were also other people who take the challenge, Su Weiwei said with a smile.

“For the following challengers you need to pay a deposit of 1 yuan before playing, if you lose I will take the money but if you win, I’ll give you 10 yuan.”

A middle-aged man wearing glasses came to the challenge, smoothing his sleeve and saying.

“I’ve been a math teacher all my life, I don’t believe I can’t do such a simple thing.”

Su Weiwei smiled:

“1 yuan deposit.”

The man gouges out a dollar and puts it on the table.

Su Weiwei smiled and gave him a piece of paper, the man was ready to write, pulling out a pen from his jacket pocket. The more he wrote the more he sweat and finally his hair was wet, wiping the sweat, he stopped for a moment.

“Can I take a break?”

“Yes, there is no time limit, but try not to rest too long, because I have limited seats here.”

The man nodded to show his understanding. Su Weiwei was a young and beautiful woman, and no man would be unhappy with her. At present, there were several people to take the challenge, and they all sat down. Su Weiwei gave them paper, and they all paid a dollar and wrote confidently.

After he came to challenge, there were more and more onlookers. Although Su Weiwei didn’t sell anything here but her area were the most people around, even more than the people next door. The more people there were, the more people wanted to come in. They thought Su Weiwei was selling something strange but found that she wasn’t selling anything. Looking at the slogan, they all questioned. That’s all right! It’s just from 1 to 600. Wasn’t that strange? Although it’s hard for everyone these days as many people drop out of school at a young age and were illiterate but it’s basic to be able to count. As long as people who have attended primary school could write, was the threshold too low? Besides, it’s just writing numbers. Some children in kindergarten could do it. How can anyone dare to invent this game to make money?

“I’ll try!”

“I don’t believe in evil! Just wait and give me 10 yuan!”

“Big sister, my friend is a college student. He was one of the top students in the county at the beginning. He was very focused. He will be able to complete this game! Come on, Gangzi, give this a try. We can made 10 yuan and go back to drink and eat meat at night!”

The college student named Gangzi looks gentle and doesn’t seem to take Su Weiwei’s game to heart. He was a cultured man. Most of the people at the temple fair were illiterate. They say that knowledge determines fate, so would he lose to these illiterate people as a cultured man? He didn’t take the game to heart. As one of the top students in the county, he was very confident in his mathematics. Besides, it not answering mathematics question. He just needs to wrote numbers. How could he not write them?

After a while, Su Weiwei sat in front of the stall with seven or eight challenging people. These people were full of confidence at the beginning and sweating in the end.

At that moment, the grandma brought two bowls of liangpi.

“Thank you, Grandma.”

Seeing Su Weiwei’s sweet mouth, the aunt smiled and handed the liangpi to the two children.

“I’ll bring you a bowl, too?”

“No, I ate in the morning, and I’m grateful that you can give the children liangpi.”

How could the grandma not see that she was in a difficult situation? They were here to set up the stall more than three o’clock in the morning, surely she haven’t eaten a good breakfast. Looking at Liang Xiaomei and Cheng Cheng’ clothes, Su Weiwei family must not be rich. From morning to now, Cheng Cheng and Liang Xiaomei were also staring at the other family’s sesame ball and were obviously drooling, if there was money how could Su Weiwei not buy for her children?

Grandma knew this because she was also used to living in poverty. It was not easy to take her children with her family when her man died earlier. If someone helped her, she would remember them for decades, so she simply turned back and put a bowl in Su Weiwei’s hand. Su Weiwei wanted to give money, but she didn’t want it.

“It’s all made by our own family. Don’t be polite to grandma, but girl, tell grandma frankly. Do you have any tricks in this game?”




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