GTKWF 47.2


Chapter 47(2)

Looking pensively, she returned to the kitchen to continue preparing and half an hour later Huo Xi finally arrived.

The worries brought by Meng Xingshen were instantly left behind, she looked at him with her squinting in happiness. Seeing something wrapped in oil paper in his arms, she asked curiously.

“Huo Xi, what is this?”

Huo Xi walked in and handed it to her.

“A gift for not climbing the wall.”

She was overjoyed.

“I will never climb the wall in my life, so will I receive gifts for the rest of my life?”

Huo Xi sat down on the sofa and poked a grape with his fork and eat.

“You can try.”

She place the gift on the coffee table and carefully unwrapped it. It turned out to be a picture frame and as the wrapping ripped open, the framed painting gradually unfolded before her eyes.

It was a Chinese landscape painting, signed “Shen Qingyun”.

Sheng Qiao looked up at once at the person who was still eating the fruit.

He said as if nothing happened.

“Last time I visited the art exhibition, I bought it when I saw it.”

After saying this, he notices that there was no reaction so he turned his head to look only to find that she was crying.

Eyes still looking at him, but tears silently flowed all over her face not moving a muscle like a fool.

Huo Xi froze for a moment, he reached out to pull her.

“What’s wrong?”

She seemed to finally reacted as she raised her hand and wiped her tears and choked but smiled at him.

“I’m so moved, to the point of crying. Huo Xi, it’s very kind of you.”

She looked at him seriously.

“You are the best person in the world!”

Huo Xi chuckled.

“Well, just think I am.”

She smiled, and happily went to replace the fake painting on the wall with the new painting. She touched the seal with her fingers making her heart warm and sweet. The idol that she loved had bought her mother’s painting and given it to her.

Huo Xi asked who was behind her.

“What’s cooking in the pot? It seems to be mushy.”

Sheng Qiao turned and ran: “Ahhh my love omelette!”



The noodles with mixed sauce were served with a love shaped omellete, along with small dishes and fruit tea. As she ate, she secretly asked for praise.

“Have my skills improved a lot?”

Huo Xi said.


“I won’t be an artist in the future, so I can not only be a writer for you but also a nanny for you, right?”

Huo Xi: “Yes.”

“So I can get a double salary?”

Huo Xi: “Yes.”

Sheng Qiao: “Huo Xi, you spoil fans too much. I’m so happy to be your fan.”

Huo Xi: “You should be.”

She was so happy that she bit her chopsticks and looked at him as her two little legs wiggled under the table and ended up accidentally kicking him. He looked up at her and said in a light voice.

“Eat well.”

There was a smile in his eyes.

He has a trip in the afternoon so he left after dinner. Sheng Qiao cleaned up the room, close the curtains and turned on the TV, while watching and brushing Taobao. Towards evening the received a phone call from Bei Mingfan, wanting to talk about Mother Sheng.

“I have a friend who happens to be in rehabilitation medicine, I asked for you. The price of a better prosthetic limb is around one million, and the nursing home he works in costs there hundred thousand a month for care.”

Sheng Qiao: “???”

Sorry to interrupt buy can I still return the bottle of essence?

When Bei Mingfan said,

“You can give your mother first change to ordinary prosthetic limbs, while the general nursing home is only about 20,000 a month. But it’s best not to replace the prosthetic limb too often after all it takes time for the body to adapt.”

Sheng Qiao thought about it.

“You book me first, and I’ll pick my mom when the money from Starlight Junior is settled.”

Bei Mingfan answered and added.

“Xiao  Qiao, I have good news and bad news to tell you. Which one do you want to hear first?”

Sheng Qiao: “Bad news.”

Bei Mingfan: “….let’s listen to the good news first. This afternoon, a variety show took the initiative to invite you to be a permanent guest and the price is not low. The production team is the top team in Korea-China cooperation and they do all the popular variety shows in China. As far as I know the investment in this variety show is as high as ten million, it has been preparing for more than a year and is screening guests recently. Many companies of the first-line artist are competing for the slot, I was also going to give you a chance to get a slot but you see this good thing came knocking to us, this good thing can’t be stopped!”

Sheng Qiao: “….I want to hear the bad news.”

Bei Mingfan laughed twice.

“The bad news is that the variety show is called ‘Escaped from Life’, taking the horror theme, striving for a realistic sets and props so that guests and audience seem to be in the real word.”

Sheng Qiao: “….”

Bei Mingfan said.

“I know you are afraid of ghosts, the whole county knows. But it’s because you’re afraid of ghosts that the program team invited you. Think about it, isn’t it super interesting seeing you scared in the show and reciting the core socialist values wildly?”

Sheng Qiao: “….”

Bei Mingfan: “By then you will not only memorize the core values, you can also memorize the scientific concept of development, Marxism, Leninism, Mao Zedong thought, Deng Xiaping Theory and the important thought of three represents! Won’t you think the party and the Central Committee will love you more?”

Sheng Qiao: “…..”

You are toxic.



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