TMBAM 20.1

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Chapter 20(1)

The person in charge of Baoxin was surnamed Pei, called Pei Lixin. Her husband’s name was Yan Xunhua, according to his seniority he was the uncle of Yan Chao.

When Gu Xueyi’s group arrived, Yan Xunhua was not in Baoxin only Pei Lixin was.

Baoxin’s building was repaired in a rather grand manner, but not like it was reaching to the sky like the Yan’s rather the building was quite wide and covers a wide area. At first glance it looks like a ZF department.

After entering the door, Chen Yujin’s assistant showed a work permit.

The receptionist immediately took them upstairs.

It was not surreal for them to actually show up.

Chen Yujin and Jian Changming were all quite famous faces, even Gu Xueyi these days also gradually possesses popularity because of the hot search.

The elevator door open.

Gu Xueyi went out first and saw the middle-aged woman waiting there looking at them.

The was woman was in her forties, with a fashionable curly hair perm, and was wearing a high class ready-made clothes. It’s just that her aesthetic doesn’t seem to be very good, and the outfit chosen does not suit her. The large prints on her clothes and the excessively wide waist seems to be clothes wearing human, not human wearing clothes.

The woman was followed by row of people, all of whom were senior or secretary-lie figures here.

The woman greeted them with a smile and quickly step up towards them but passed by Gu Xueyi and directly stopped in front of Chen Yujin and Jian Changming.

“Secretary Chen! And this, isn’t this Mr. Jian? Why is Mr. Jian here? It’s really a great honor.”

Gu Xueyi slowly lifted her eyelids and looked at the people were following behind the woman.

Those people who were following the middle aged woman also followed suit and greeted the two after being amaze at first. These two people were the big people in the many industries, one was the mouthpiece of Yan Chao, and the other was the owner the Jian Family. They could decide their life and death in the industry.

“Hello, Mrs. Pei.”

Chen Yujin smiled and said.

“Madam wanted to come over for a visit.”

This was what he and Gu Xueyi agreed with each other.

The rusty and polite smile on Pei Lixin’s face instantly became more cordial.

“So it’s madam who wants to come over and take a look.”

Pei Lixin turned her head to look at Gu Xueyi.

That’s when the other only followed suit and greeted Gu Xueyi.

“Madam Yan.”

Gu Xueyi appeared to have a cold look and did not even look at Pei Lixin.

Pei Lixin had long heard of her reputation for being spiteful and did not find it strange, it’s just that she was a little upset at the bottom of her heart.

Pei Lixin smiled and said.

“What did Madam come here to see? This is not the place for cosmetics, jewelry and ladies’ clothes…”

The tone clearly carries a bit of sarcasm towards Gu Xueyi.

She was ridiculed for only knowing how to put on makeup and dress up these things, and only came here to join the fun.

Gu Xueyi’s face was not the least bit angry, and maintain the coldness in her eyes. She had a kind of inherent pride and contempt surrounding her. She asked.

“Is this the property of the Yan family?”

Pei Lixin’s expression changed, there was a feeling of being firmly suppressed by the other party’s arrogance.

“…Of course, of course, it’s the property of the Yan family.”

Pei Lixin smiled.

“Then who am I?”

“Yan…Yan Chao, no, President Yan’s wife.”

Pei Lixin’s expression stiffened even more as she answered.

“So do I have the right to come here and look?”


The smile on Pei Lixin’s face could no longer be maintained.

Reasonably speaking, she was Gu Xueyi’s elder.

But Gu Xueyi asked three questions consecutively, and she asked these knowingly. Wasn’t that deliberately stepping on her face to eliminate her momentum?

“Well, that’s right. Even if this is a place where arms are made, and I want can see it if I want to come and have a look at any day.”

Gu Xueyi said unhurriedly.

Baoxin senior management and secretariat all couldn’t help but stand up straight.

This Madam Yan, was too arrogant and oppressive.

But not only did they not get angry but they improved their attitude toward Gu Xueyi.

Dogs look down on people1. (tn: modern idiom describe a person who is arrogant and despise, and or could also be a curse)

The weak always bully the weaker.

Chen Yujin took this scene inwardly and thought sarcastically.

When his eyes fell on Gu Xueyi, Chen Yujin couldn’t help but sigh in appreciation.

….she does have skills.

When Gu Xueyi’s ears traveled to Pei Lixin’s ears arose her anger and dissatisfaction in her heart, stirring it up all at once.

She stiffened her face and squeezed out her voice.

“Yes, as you said so.”

“Then what are you still standing there for? Lead the way.”

Gu Xueyi said indifferently.

“Where do you want to go?”

“Is there an accounting record? I want to see the accounts.”

When Pei Lixin heard this, she inwardly burst in laughter.

And commenter to herself,

Sorry you can’t see this.

Pei Lixin smiled and said.

“Sorry madam, when this is freely presented to you, it’s not only us but you will also go to jail.”

Gu Xueyi frowned, as if she was impatient.

She said,

“So what can you show me? Project plans?”

Pei Lixing’s gaze flickered.

Gu Xueyi was really unruly. The hot search praised her for the aura and skill of a rich lady but her opinion it was only her face that looks like rich lady.

This Gu Xueyi is really trouble.

“Sorry, this one won’t work either.”

Gu Xueyi’s face was cold as she stared at Pei Lixin.

“Are you deliberately targeting me? Hmm? This is not allowed, that is not allowed either. Now I want to go to the warehouse, show me immediately. Otherwise….”

When Pei Lixin heard this, she couldn’t help laughing inwardly again.

Sure enough, they don’t know anything.

One moment she wanted to see this, the next she wanted to that. Now with such tone, wasn’t she just trying to save her face, right? Pei Lixin feels like Gu Xueyi only came here to live to experience her craving as the madam.

Or maybe they were here to take a stock of the Yan’s “legacy?”

Chen Yujin and Jian Changming came here was to most likely accompany her, afraid that she would break something in the Yan’s property.

With this thinking, Pei Lixin’s contempt rose.

In addition, she already hated Gu Xueyi in her heart so she instinctively thought of how stupid Gu Xueyi was.

“Okay, I’ll take you there. Don’t mess around.”

Chen Yujin stopped his tracks,

“Mr. Jian and I will have tea over there, take your time madam.”

Pei Lixin grumbled inwardly, hating that she was forced to accompany Gu Xueyi to toss and turn.

After all she really didn’t want to come with Gu Xueyi.

Pei Lixin immediately took Gu Xueyi downstairs.

The rest of the executives were up there with Chen Yujin and Jian Changming gossiping, and was all careless as they their thoughts all went to Gu Xueyi.

Looking at the accounts.

Pei Lixin refused.

That’s the most important thing.

Then comes the project plan.

But this was not counted as confidential, it has no real problem that could expose Baoxin not unless it was reviewed by Chen Yujin and Jian Changming, who would obviously harvest a lot if left in their hands.

So Pei Lixin refused.

Finally, there was the warehouse.

Chen Yujin and Jian Changming couldn’t see it, but Gu Xueyi can and since she couldn’t take it with her to let others check it for her it would certainly not expose any problem.

So Pei Lixin agreed.

This was a very simple game play.

Putting forward impossible requirements, then decreasing it layer by layer before putting forward the final real requirement. This was often easier to achieve than putting forward the real requirements at the beginning.

She’s smart.

So much that she was quite experience in general….as if playing her with the palm of her hand.

Chen Yujin clasped his teacup, his face smiling but his heart was floating up—a little anxious.

Was it really okey for her to follow Pei Lixin to the warehouse alone?

So many people were here.

With him and Jian Changming staying, Gu Xueyi finally went down while he Chen Yujin had complex emotions surged up in his heart.

While Jian Changming had an indifferent expression.

And those several executives who stayed with them made every effort to ingratiate themselves.

Jian CHangming’s gaze crossed over them.

….she is really a top notch actress.

Even her arrogant and domineering appearance just now makes it difficult for people to sense ill will, on the contrary it feels as if she was born to be honored and pride.


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