Chapter 47

A store, which was not large in size suddenly resounded with the sound of swallowing saliva.

Those who were still hesitating and standing at the cashier desk to watch immediately found a table nearby and sat down.

“Xiao Chen, Xiao Li, it’s you guys, sharing a table?”

“Add a seat, there’s just the two of us!”

The two men standing next to each other attempted to rush to the trio.

Xiao Chen who was named automatically blocked out the sounds around him.

Join together?

The fish were all for the tree of them only!

He picked up his chopsticks and plucked away the layer of peppers on the grilled fish and tore off the piece of fish close to him.

The outer skin was golden and crispy but the flesh inside was snow-white like jade, and like a silk texture, it was extremely clear.

Xiao Chen swallowed and rolled the fish over the inside of the black bean soup next to him.

Dripping with grease, accompanied by the root of tender green parsley served in the mouth.

In an instant his entire body trembled lightly and his eyes exploded with unprecedented brightness.

The chopsticks in his hand, stretched out to the grilled fish once again.

The strong, salty fish wrapped in the doubled flavor of chili pepper and tofu makes the crisp fish skin tender that exploded with its own sweetness and freshness, almost instantly making the whole body’s hunger become more intense.

The other two people at the table looking at him like this suddenly woke up.

“Nima, insidious ah, brother Chen how can you eat ahead of us?”

 “We’re brothers, we can rob each other, understand?”


As soon they said these, three pair of chopsticks instantly moved like a lightning speed.

There were no fish bones and rice so they ate had the hot grilled fish and soon after they were all sweating profusely and their face were ruddy.

“At this time, we should have another cup of fat house happy water1.” (tn: it is internet slang and also known as cola)

“So happy…”

“It feels like I can eat three fish more.”

“Sharing a table? Old Liu, forget about it, you guys wait for a seat.”

The fighting power of the otakus was swift and cruel, the two medium size fish were quickly divided cleanly, leaving only some meat on the edge of the fish.

The colleagues who had wanted to share table with the trio were completely left behind.

When Xiao Chen cleaned the gravy on the fish tail he finally took a long sigh of satisfaction and moved his chopsticks reluctantly to the gao liang mantou and cabbage next to him.

Without rice, he had to use this to fill up.

The cut and fluffy boss, she was really weird.

“Can you make some rice tomorrow boss?”

The acne-prone Xiao Li at the same table also issued a soulful plea.

Spicy oil with rich and edamame wrapped in rice was what make it first class cuisine.

However when he picked up the gao liang mantou, he found that the cheeks of this wonderful cartoon image puffed up and the two little sesame eyes seemed to become rounder.

He did not think much about it, and directly from the middle bite down and a mouthful of bursting black sesame gushed into his mouth wrapped in a super soft dough, it has sweet and soft filling the tip of his mouth.

He stared suddenly.

The slightly spicy grilled fish which was on heavy the heavy savory side was perfectly neutralized at the moment by the flaky sweetness.

At once, it makes people feel the highest enjoyment of sweet food.

“My mouth….”

Xiao Li could not help but open his mouth to feel.

The hot air instantly spread and collided with the cold air condensing into a white fog.

And the black sesame filling immediately flowed out along the half beaten white tender steamed stuffed mantou. Seeing that it was going to drip down the chopsticks Xiao Li rushed and sucked his mouth.

“Woah, this mantou…four each, its only ten yuan.”

Conscientious boss lady!

“One more of this mantou.

“No, make it two.”

The more the three men ate, the braver they became.

Ye Susu has moved on the next table of grilling fish, standing in the kitchen without raising her head.

Xiao Li slapped his forehead.

“Come on, let’s pay ourselves first.”

They almost forgot the boss’s personality!

In less than half an hour, the number of people buying was increasing and the cashier beeped from time to time to reach the money.

Only when all the customer’s dishes were served did Ye Susu wipe her hands and walked out of the back kitchen.

“Tomorrow depending on the mood, we will decided on the main course with the main dish oh.”

Passing the table of three, she dropped the sentence lightly.

The trip froze, especially Xiao LI who had just asked if there was any rice, turned back with surprise written all over his face.

Only to see Ye Susu flipped the sign outside and turned back in to rest, and just like usual she nestled on the sun near the terrace by the window of the store like a salted fish.

Sunbathing, her glistening little face seemed to glow with light.

“She actually heard what I said?”

Xiao Li looked at the back kitchen, it was four or five meter away from their table which was also separated by a portioned glass wall.

Confused, he stuffed a second bite of the cabbaged in his mouth.

“Momma mia, what a refreshing vegetable taste!”

“Hey boss, can you add mantou here?”

“And cabbage?”

Ye Susu who was sunbathing yawned comfortably.

“It’s closed for the day.”

Everyone in the store looked at the clock and were all out of breath.

It wasn’t even one o’clock yet….

At this time Ye Susu took her phone out from her pocket and lazily looked at the screen

[Xia Ningmeng: What rice? You opened a store?]

[Xia Ningmeng: Is it on Yili road? Ahhh I want to eat, I want to eat, I want to eat!]

[Xia Ningmeng: Our boss dog, had dragged us to the meeting the whole morning, I am starving like a dog… I only have one breath away]

Ye Susu hooked her lips and brought the phone closer to her mouth.

“Send me the address and I’ll send you the meal.”

After taking a step, she remembered something else.

“By the way, you help me think of a way to confess my love to a boy.”

The closet group of three otaku heard this and the next second a sound of heart breaking was heard next.

The boss was really not married yet, and the cub she mentioned was just really either a dog or cat but she has a boy she likes…


Author has something to say: Ye Susu: confess that dogs don’t need silver only cubs can!



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