Chapter 14

Cha Cha called Yao Yi Yi to the cafe.

Cha Cha chose a cafe that was close to her place, so she arrived first and ordered her coffee first and waited.

This was a business cafe. The store was decorated in a dark tone, the atmosphere was comfortable and quiet, and the coffee was a little more upscale than normal. And the service was even better.

At this time of the day, there were not many people in the cafe, only two or three customers and their eyes were on the computer, fingers crackling on the keyboard, and the sound of the laptop keyboard pressed down with very soft sound, not as noisy as the others.

As soon as Yao Yiyi arrived, she flung her bag onto the chair, sat down and asked.

“How come Lu Ruoruo hasn’t come yet?”

“I didn’t call her.”

Cha Cha said.

“Order a cup of coffee to drink first, I have something to tell you.”

“Oh, good.”

Yao Yiyi nodded, and after ordering, asked.

“What is it?”

Cha Cha asked.

“Recently, is Ning An seems to be getting very close with Jiao Yushi?”


Yao Yiyi thought back for a moment, nodded and said.

“I remember, before she also always borrowed a pen from male god Jiao, isn’t it because she wanted to get close to him? She’s really scheming to actually use this method of pretending to be a good student.”

Cha Cha smiled: Ning An was a good student, right?

Yao Yiyi was embarrassed to say bad things about Ning An because of Luo Junming presence but now that she finally got the space to be free and liberated, she immediately poured beans and said bad things about Ning An.

Cha Cha frowned in disgust, as she had hoped.

Yao Yiyi’s heart was secretly happy, she herself hates that person so she hopes that everyone around her hates that person too, otherwise the more she thinks about it the more suffocated she would be.

Cha Cha lowered her voice and said.

“In that case, let’s make her disappear from this school forever.”

Wow this line is enough for two stupid people.

After Yao Yiyi was stunned, she became interested and asked in a low voice.

“What should I do?”

“Frame her to cheating.”

Cha Cha said.

“You should be assigned to the same class with her. First write the following answers, then throw them to her, and then tell the invigilator. She must have no time to write the following answers, so she can’t refute at that time. However, you will also be punished, but you can blame her for all your mistakes and you’ll have just a few demerits at most.”

Yao Yiyi’s was strongly hesitating. She likes to hurt others, but she doesn’t want to hurt herself.

“How about…”

Yao Yi Yi’s eyes lit up and said.

“Let Lu Ruoruo do it.”

“She ah.”

Cha Cha showed a slightly unhappy and bored expression as she said.

“She’s focused on Luo Junming recently. I wonder if she even care about us? She’s been pestering me these days and asked me to ask Luo Junming to go out together. But what about you? She asked me not to take you.”


Yao Yiyi’s voice couldn’t help rising and made several other guests in the cafe look sideways. She was a little embarrassed and lowered her head. Her face was full of complaints and hatred.

Lu Ruoruo was actually making such small moves behind her back?

Cha Cha was not worried that they will confront each other face to face, because they all like to hide their real ideas in their hearts, and because of the existence of Luo Junming, they were more and more unhappy with each other. A casual provocation was enough to make them turn against each other.

Because they have long recognized each other as bitches.

All the words, they said with each other and behind their back were the evidence that the other party was really a bitch.

“That’s right.”

Cha Cha added.

“Isn’t there still a day off after the midterm? I plan to call Luo Junming to go to Digital Plaza to buy a new camera then, do you want to go?”

Sorry, big brother, just shine for my destiny once.

Yao Yiyi looked up, her face was still a little gloomy, and said.

“Okay, I happen to be free at that time.”

After saying that, she asked.

“Will you also invite Lu Ruoruo?”

“It depends.”

Cha Cha took a sip of coffee and said.

“I’m really annoyed with Ning An, if she’s around I need to call Lu Ruoruo and Luo Junming to go sing together, after all, the more the merrier and it can dispel annoying things.”

Yao Yiyi’s mind was now focused on dealing with Lu Ruoruo, without thinking about it she simply said.

“Framing Ning An to cheat, let me do it. I won’t be like Lu Ruorou, forgetting my friends when I have someone I like.”

So, Chen Cha, get rid of that little bitch.

Cha Cha nodded and said with the same hatred.

“Indeed, I can trust in you.”

“That’s given.”

After that Yao Yi Yi said a lot of bad things about Lu Ruoruo explicitly and secretly, seeing Cha Cha agree, the more she said the more energetic she was.

Cha Cha took out her cell phone midway through and recorded her.

She put her hand under the table so that Yao Yiyi would not notice.

Yao Yiyi’s voice was getting louder and louder as she talks more and more.

Cha Cha saw someone watching her with a subtle expression, and she couldn’t help but show a face of embarrassment and disapproval but she didn’t know how to stop Yao Yiyi. Finally, she made up her mind, patted her arm and said.

“Okay, stop.”

Yao Yi Yi stopped before she was done, and had an unsatisfied look on her face.

On the day of the midterm, Cha Cha took a leisure stroll around the campus in a tense atmosphere, then saw that it was almost time to head to her exam room.

The exam process was so smooth that she was a little surprised that she could write the answers so smoothly. In the end, she was someone who has had experience and operates very steadily.

When the invigilator made his rounds, he seemed interested in Chen Cha, who was writing like a good student, stopped behind her for a moment, nodded and walked back to the podium.



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