ECM 56


Chapter 56

It was Xu Zhaixing has the heart of a thief but missing the thief’s guts to say it.

Trustfully, it was not a thief’s heart. As a diligent career mother, she was still very decent! If she really wants to do something else she actually wants to ask her idol to do a traditional Chinese medicine massage…

Cen Feng’s old injuries were caused by his hard work when practicing dancing. Whole body massage helps promote blood circulation, remove blood stasis and eliminate fatigue. It was really a necessary medicine for trainees to rest and relax.

But it sounds like her ‘little son’ who was a little serious would be suspicious if she mention health care.

After thinking about it, Xu Zhaixing decided to put this choice in the hands of her idol, she replied: can do all~!

She’s already happy with eating a meal, chatting while eating ice cream on the road.

Cen Feng replied back quickly: good see you on New Year’s Day.

Xu Zhaixing: See you on New Year’s Day QVQ~!

So this year’s New Year’s Day became Xu Zhaixing’s most anticipated New Year. As soon as they stopped texting she began to prepare for this “date”, looking for a hotel to check the route and pick out clothes.

The hotel should be in line with the taste of her idol and not too far from where he was at. After all the taxi fare was not cheap. She couldn’t find a place like a tryst like the last time. It should be bright and lavish but it couldn’t be too noisy. After dinner, the surrounding environment was even better if they could stroll around it. It’s cold to eat ice cream at this time so it’s bet to have a good milk tea shop nearby.

With something to look forward to, time starts to slow down.

Previously, every time she had to go to class and work, she felt that time was not enough but now that she’s counting down the days, she feels that it was too slow.

Looking forward to the day and night, it was finally the D-day before the New Year’s Day Xu Zhaixing was already. When she arrived at school she was in a good mood, she was not feeling tired nor bored attending the lectures held by the department.

The Department of Media often holds lectures, not to mention how boring the content was but they were not allowed to be absent. If they don’t come to these lectures their credits would be deducted, and these lectures should be attended every three or five times making all the students in the department complain.

Xu Zhaixing follower her roommate into the auditorium to find a seat, looking at the sixty-year-old professor on the podium who looked friendly and lovely.

Perhaps the excitement in her eyes was too obvious that Xin Hui asked curiously.

“What are you happy about, share it with us to make us happy too.”

Zhou Yue lying on the table wanly turning the pen, hit the nail on the head1. (TN: to draw blood on the first prick)

“Is not obvious? She smiling happily with all the hearts hovering around her, it’s love.”

Xu Zhaixing: “?”

She raised her hand and knocked her head,

“Shut your mouth.”

Zhou Yue doze up and was lazy to react.

“Don’t be shy having a boyfriend, just remember to bring him to show us. This sister will you by then.”

While the two of them were playing around, the department director opened the microphone and reminded/.

“All find place to sit down, the lecture will begin immediately. All mobile phones should be turned off or muted. Listen to the lecture attentively and the counselors of each class will receive 2000 words.”

The hall suddenly wailed.

Zhou Yue howled the loudest.

“Did I go to college or high school?!”

It was no use howling again, after all it’s all fate when you meet a strict discipline department.

But the good thing was that today’s lecture with the old professor was different from the past, it was more interesting. Xu Zhaixing listened for a while and was instantly interested, she takes out notes and began to listen carefully.

The lecture lasted for three hours and ended in the evening. While collecting her things, Bai Feifei said to Xu Zhaixing who was also taking notes carefully.

“The department should have more professors with this kind of humor.”

Xu Zhaixing nodded in agreement.

After packing her things, she took out her phone and as soon as she unlocked it she saw two missed calls.


Why does she always miss the call from her idol?

Was it the immortal sister again???

The phone call was more than two hours ago, Xu Zhaixing was distraught. Not waiting for her roommates she took her phone and rushed out of the classroom, while running she dial back.

No one answered. The counselor who saw her hurriedly called her over.

“Hey Xu Zhaixing, wait a minute. Don’t run.”

Xu Zhaixing braked sharply and turned around to looked at the counselor.

“Huh, teacher, what is it?”

The counselor came up to her.

“The application you submitted before is still missing a page so hurry up and fill it in, I’m going to submit it later.”

Xu Zhaixing was puzzled.

“I wrote four pages, it’s not enough?”

The counselor said,

“Your first page is all information introduction, and the application content is only three pages. Other students write more than ten pages. You can add another thousand words.”

Xu Zhaixing: Don’t you know about formalism?!

The counselor looked at her reluctant look and said directly.

“You go directly to the office to write, this time there are only five places in our place. Don’t waste it because the application is unqualified. Come on, come with me.”

Xu Zhaixing looked at the phone, Cen Feng was still not answering her call so she had no choice but to go to the office with the couselor.

Joining the pary was a very serious and sacred thing, and the selection of departments and colleges was also particularly strict. As the first batch of people to join the party, of course, Xu Zhaixing couldn’t be careless.

The application could not be printed yet, but had to be handwritten. The counselor took her to the office, gave her a formal letterhear and pen then supervised her to make up the documents.

Xu Zhaixing began to rack her brain again to write in a small paper.

Less than hald of her writing, the phone rang. She quickly took a look at it, it was Cen Feng called back.

She peeked across the office at the counselor, covered the receiver she answer the call. She lowered her voice and said.

“Hello, brother I was just in class.”

The other end froze at the sound of her lowered breath and asked in a low voice.

“Still in class?”

Xu Zhaixing hurriedly asked.

“No, no I was in the teacher’s office making up materials. Brother, what’s wrong?”

Cen Feng paused for a few seconds, his voice was a bit deep.

“I can’t spend New Year’s Day with you tomorrow, sorry.”

Xu Zhaixing’s brain blank out for a second, but only a second. She immediately said.

“It’s okay brother! It’s okay, it’s okay, your business is the most important!”

Cen Feng said.

“I’m calling to ask if you have time this afternoon.”

Xu Zhaixing’s heart was dripping with blood, but her tone was lighter.

“The department held a lecture in the afternoon, the phone was muted. The next time you have time to find, I am free!”

Cen Feng did not speak for a while.

Xu Zhaixing thought there was no signal, she took her phone away from her ears and looked at the screen, she called out in a low voice.

“Brother, are you still there?”


He asked in a low voice.

“Are you free now? Let’s have dinner together.”

Xu Zhaixing’s eyes stared for a moment, and felt unbelieving. She looked down at her application that was not half done, she was in pain and stammered.

“I…I need a while. I’m still in school I may take an hour to finish.”

Then she heard her idol said.

“I’ll come at your school to see you.”

Xu Zhaixing almost passed out.

What did she hear???

Did her idol went crazy??

Xu Zhaixing’s voice raised in shock.

“No, brother, I’m fine! Next time if fine too!”

The counselor sitting across the table looked up and cast a puzzled look.

Xu Zhaixing smiled apologetically, pointed to the phone and walked out towards the outside and when he reached the door, Cen Feng’s low voice came over the receiver.

“Xu Zhaixing, I’m leaving tomorrow.”

She paused and asked subconsciously.

“Where are you going?”

He said.

“The company arranged to go to country H for training and we’ll leave tomorrow.”

He paused and continued in a light voice.

“Go for two years.”

Xu Zhaixing was knocked unconscious like a blow to the head.

Both of them were silent for a long time at the same time.

Half a minute later, Cen Feng said.

“Next time is too long, see you today.”



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