Chapter 13

In the afternoon, the family went to visit the tomb, afterwards they went to have a meal together.

Cha Cha has been a good girl in the Chen family for the whole day which makes Wang Qihui sick while Chen Jiamu was full of hope that this suddenly evil sister could leave as soon as possible.

He consoled himself late at night and decided to tell his parents the next day. However, by the next day as soon as he saw them, he would remember the way Chen Cha looked at him with her smile, and in turn, the feeling of his face submerged in water and unable to breathe came in rushing.

Then he was afraid to say anything.

He always felt that if he did not do what Chen Cha said, something terrible would happen, and even his parents could not protect him at that time.

The next day, Chen Cha will go back to her place. With this knowledge Chen Jiamu get up early with a lighter mood.

As soon as he came downstairs, he saw Chen Cha, who got up earlier, sitting on the sofa in the living room holding a cup of tea and sipping.

Chen Guosheng stayed at home all day except during the Mid-Autumn Festival, and then left.

There were only a few women and servants left in the family. Chen Cha’s attitude was the same as she was the real master of the family. However, she was quite reasonable in her words, did not make any excessive moves, and no one could accuse her of anything.

“Jiamu, you’re up. Do you want breakfast? Aunt Wu is still cooking. Wait a minute.”

Cha Cha saw Chen Jiamu coming downstairs and immediately greeted him.


When Chen Guosheng was home Chen Jiamu was a little more confident, but right now he was the only one at home. He and Chen Cha were the only one in the living room. He doesn’t even dare to go out and make the atmosphere weird.

“Come sit down.”

Cha Cha waved at him.

Chen Jiamu looked at her, his eyes were swirling with complex emotions, fear and probing mixed with a little resentment.

Cha Cha just smiled.

Chen Jiamu wanted to scold her fiercely, and then turned away bravely upstairs, but his body seemed rigid. He could neither speak nor move.

The way Chen Cha smiles, it really looks like the evil.

He suddenly knew what the bad guys in the anime should look like after the live action. No, Chen Cha has to be more evil.

They looked at each other for a long time. When Chen Jiamu’s psychological defense line was close to breaking, aunt Wu came out of the kitchen and said.

“Breakfast is ready and ready to eat.”


Cha Cha looked away and smiled at Aunt Wu.

Auntie Wu nodded and smiled uncomfortably, looking a bit constrained.

After two days at home, Cha Cha learned that Aunt Wu took care of her children alone after her divorce. Because she was a servant in a rich family, her salary was relatively high, so she was here.

Auntie Wu has been working here for five years, at first she was a little livelier.

However, the people in this family were arrogant and put high value on class stratification and they don’t respect her. Gradually, they grind her into a person who was silent, couldn’t fight back, and couldn’t scold back.

She should be angry inside, but there was master and a young master so she could only endure.

Chen Jiamu didn’t dare to get angry, but he dared to let out his anger on aunt Wu who he often scold around.

He walked to Auntie Wu’s side, spat and said with contempt.

“You’re almost fifty years old, and you’re still so slow in making breakfast, you’re useless.”

Aunt Wu bowed her head, pursed her lips and endured this humiliation.

Cha Cha called.


Chen Jiamu originally his straightened back but once he heard Chen Cha’s voice, he instantly shook a little. Turning back stiffly, he saw that Chen Cha was smiling at him.

Cha Cha said.

 “Auntie Wu is someone we hired, not your maid, and this relationship is equal. You can say her cooking is not good and make her work harder to make it good, but you shouldn’t insult her, understand?”

Chen Jiamu doesn’t want to apologize to a useless aunt, but Chen Cha’s smiling face could always arouse his fear of suffocation.

Seeing that the atmosphere was stiff, Auntie Wu hurriedly rounded up the situation and said.

“It’s okay, it’s okay.”

Although Chen Cha has recently become a lot friendlier and often helps her, but after all, she has to study and couldn’t stay at home for long. When she was not home, this bastard of a young master would double her difficulty, it was better to make a roundabout at this time.

Chen Jiamu glanced at her and seemed to blame her for making a noise too late.

Wang Qihui and Wei Siyun who happened to come downstairs heard their conversation, Wang Qihui was very unhappy and said in a thin voice.

“Aiyo, Chen Cha, I don’t want to talk about this but you’re usually not at home and don’t you care about Jiamu so how come when you talk about some insignificant subordinates, you start to educate our Jiamu? Are you still looking trouble to our Jia Mu, deliberately find excuses to bully our Jiamu, right?”

Usually when Chen Guosheng was around, she behaves especially tender and considerate, charming and pitiful but when Chen Guosheng was not around, she was like a mean thug.

“What are you talking about?”

Although Wei Siyun only uses Chen Cha, she must now side with Chen Cha so she immediately retorted.

“Our Xiao Cha is almost an adult so why would she fight against a child? You can eat indiscriminately, but you can’t talk nonsense. Even if you hurt our Xiao Cha’s heart, but she sincerely thinks for Jiamu. Since Jiamu is still young she can still correct his mistakes, but it will be difficult when he grows up. As his mother, you don’t care about his education? Ha!.”

The two began their dog fight.

Cha Cha who was at the side pull the corners of her mouth. This was a dog biting the dog, they’re all dogs so they could go ahead and rush to hurt each other.

With a pleasant mood, Cha Cha walked to the table and ate first.

Chen Guosheng was not at home, she couldn’t benefit staying here so plans to go back to school after dinner.

After breakfast, Cha Cha specially told aunt Wu that the breakfast she made today was delicious. But what she got was aunt Wu’s expression of fear, surprise and a little frightened.

Cha Cha just smiled and took what she needed and went back to school.

Before Cha Cha would send weibo post every day and send a group of pictures, matching many styles like “white shirt + black trousers + casual shoes + white scarf + vacation hat”.

But she never reveals her face on any of the posts.

Nevertheless, her weibo fans were still rising steadily. Now they were almost 9000. The female lead’s halo was really invincible in this universe.

Although she intends to use this number as a marketing number, she need to test the water first and use it as a private account to eat melons and gossip.

Therefore, after about half a month of weiboing, she was a little tired and casually posted a weibo that had nothing to do with clothes.

Cha Cha love tea:

‘So many successful stories have been on fire lately that I’ve come up with an everlasting formula: come buy my books/listen to my lectures and I’ll teach you how to become a millionaire. I ended up becoming a millionaire, while you are still buying books and listening to lectures and staying poor.

Is it my fault? No, it’s your fault for not learning well. How can you blame me?

I told you what I know! Although I didn’t say full coverage and left key information, I didn’t lie. The information I said was also right.

This is the so-called. I don’t lie, but I don’t say everything.

This wave of IQ tax cut is very solid [squint smile]’

After the expression of squint smile became popular, it was renamed funny. Cha Cha thought it was indeed funny, which was more in line with the core idea of this expression. (TN: something like this 折木奉太郎高清大图图片分享)

After posting, Cha Cha took a sip of her tea and suddenly remembered that she was very unlucky now. If she didn’t rub female lead’s halo, she might be sprayed.

However even after realizing this, she didn’t care after all she was used to being sprayed.

Just as she reopened her weibo and took a look, she was not being sprayed but got the opposite result instead.


In this life, you are the only one for me: Damn, it’s actually like this! Up! I tm almost had a heart attack it.

A mediocre passerby: breaking people’s way of life is like killing their parents. Cha Cha remember to cover the home address ah, so as not to be found, hey hey hey.

Xiao Yi’s wife: this wave of mockery is as steady as Tarzan hahaha!

Beep Beep: I follow fashion bloggers, right? Why are you suddenly trolling?

Pure and lovely: actually blindly saying the big truth, take off the [squint smile].

xxoo: want to see Cha Cha’s long legs and thin waist!

Cha Cha replied pure and lovely: it didn’t sound good, and it turned black [squint smile].

Pure and lovely within seconds replied back: do not ah Cha Cha ~ ~ ~

When Cha Cha turned off weibo after returning the message, she had already thought of what this result was for.

Because midterms arrived, where she has to embarrassing the female lead so her luck of being third in the world was reactivated.

She was so happy to be angry with that family at home that she almost forgot about it.



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