ECM 55.2


Chapter 55(2)

Xu Zhaixing was a little surprised and picked her phone to look at it.

The post was posted ten minutes ago, it was not yet popular but because the tiitle has big name many people have clicked in to leave a message.

“I’m Xia Beibei, here to formally apologize to student Xu Zhaixing.”

First floor: because I misunderstood the relationship between Xu Zhaixing and my ex-boyfriend, I mispresented the news of her cohabitating outside school without verification which had a very serious adverse impact on Xu Zhaixing. Here, I solemnly apologize to Xu Zhaixing, I hope she can forgive me, I also hope other students don’t believe the rumor—Xia Beibei

Second floor: front row, what’s the situation?

Third floor: Xia Beibei herself? It’s not an impostor, right?”

Forth floor: Crap? Is it the rumor about a freshman living with Qi Ze before?

Fifth floor: Is Xia Beibei is crazy? Sending this post?

Sixth floor: So the rumor was spread by Xia Beibei? It is too disgusting to spread such rumors that ruin people’s reputation

Seventh floor: Isn’t the point was that after she spread the rumors she now runs out and apologizes?! It’s too hard to hit yourself in the face.

Eight floor: Which fool posed as out Beibei to post? And throw dirty water on Beibei’s head?! Isn’t the rumor true?

Ninth floor: I also think this was not the original Xia Beibei, this is a big announcement, it’s like she was chewing her own tongue? Xia Beibei is so lofty that she won’t do such a thing to destroy her image.

Tenth floor: I am Xia Beibe, I will take a photo of myself as a proof. I hope the students will stop making malicious guesses. This time, I did something wrong, I am also aware of my mistake and apologize to Xu Zhaixing again.

Photo: bedroom selfie.

The photo shows Xia Beibei without makeup, haggard-looking with a blue alarm clock on the desk beside her, showing the time exactly one minute before the reply post.

Eleventh floor: hell really! Eighth and nine floor let’s hit each other’s face, hahahaha. Why didn’t Sister Xia inform the family and friends group before she did this?

Twelfth floor: summer school sister also has this kind of day ah. Not the first time to do this kind of thing, right, for a scum vilification of how many innocents girls, in addition to Xu Zhaixing, shouldn’t you apologize to others, ah?

Thirteenth floor: How did Xu Zhaixing manage to get Xia Beibei to ruin her reputation and apologize voluntarily? Physical threat?

Fourteenth floor: This freshman is not small ah



When Xu Zhaixing read the post, the reply was already several hundred floors. She really did not expect Xia Beibei to do this. This girl was ruthless to others and even more ruthless to herself, really “can bend and stretch”.

Xu Zhaixing’s three roommates wasn’t listening to the class and was instead reading the comments and post. Bai Feifei asked.

“Zhaixing, what did you do to Xia Beibei?”

Xu Zhaixing: “I really didn’t do anything.”

I even gave her a chance to be selected.

I can be a really good person.

Finally after class, Zhou Yue was able to speak freely. Catching Xu Zhaixing, she shook her and asked.

“How did you do it? How did you do it?! Did you go to Qi Ze?”

Xu Zhaixing pushed her away in disgust.

“Am I crazy to go to that scum? Go back to dorm first.”

The four of them walked outside with their books in their arms and just after they left the classroom, they saw Xia Beibei walking over with hurried steps.

Several people were stunned, and Xia Beibei had already walked up to the front. She looked even more haggard than in the photo, her eyes were swollen from crying for too long and she had lost her old elegance.

She took a beautiful wrapped gift box in her hand and handed it to Xu Zhaixing, a little nervous she said.

“Eldest Miss, this is an apology for you. I hope you can accept my apology.”

Xu Zhaixing swept a glance and said in a light voice.

“No need.”

Xia Beibei had face full of regret and pain.

“Eldest Miss, I’m really sorry I…I know it’s too late to say anything, but I am sincere with my apology to you…”

It was end of class time so there were many people around watching, Xu Zhaixing had a little headache. She took the gift in her hand and said.

“Okay, I will not hold onto you. You actually don’t have to do this.”

With a slight tremor and gratitude in her eyes, Xia Beibei whispered.

“Thank you Eldest Miss, for not taking it personally.”

Xu Zhaixing wave her hands and walked away with the gift and book in her arms.

The tree roommates looked at each other, inwardly shocked but in front of so many people it was not good to ask more questions so they rushed to follow.

Arriving in back to their dormitory, Zhou Yue closed the door while the others couldn’t help glancing at each other. They directly pressed Xu Zhaixing on the bed and said.

“Say! Tell us! What exactly are you hiding from us! Why did she call you Eldest Miss!”

The two of them pressed her, while Bai Feifei tickled her. Xu Zhaixing beg for mercy.

“I’ll say it I’ll say it I’ll say it! Zhou Yue take your salty hands off my breast!”

Four people made a mess, Xu Zaixing gasped and rolled up from the bed, looking at the three people across the room like a three-room meeting, helplessly said,

“The company that Xia Beibei interviewed for is owned by my family.”

They have long known that Xu Zhaixing was well-off, after all she was wearing full brand names, Mercedes-Benzes pick up and sending her, the way she talk and her upbringing were showing that her family was not ordinary.


Zhou Yue hesitantly asked.

“But I remember, isn’t….Xia Beibei went for an entertainment company for interview?”

Bai Feifei followed her and also read a lot of gossip.

“Chenxing Entertainment, the company that is currently base here.”

Shi Lin was not a popular folk singer in the streets, Xu Zhaixing heard Bai Feifei humming his songs several times in their dorm room.

The group of three were dumbfounded,

“Is Chenxing owned by your family?!”

Xu Zhaixing nodded.

Zhou Yue pounced with a scream.

“Give me Zhao Jinjin, autograph!!! I want Zhao Jinjin’s autograph!!!”

Xu Zexing: “You actually like Zhao Jinjin??”

Zhou Yue: “Ahhhh, who doesn’t like beautiful sister!!! I’ve seen every play of her! She’s the way I want to live!”

Bai Feifei has always been quiet and introvert, but right now she couldn’t help but blush with excitement. She whispere,

“Zhaixing, that Shi Lin… can I also ask for a signature?”

Only Xin Hui who didn’t pursue stars and was immersed in the joy that Xia Beibei just bumped into Xu Zhaixing.

“I don’t know if I should sympathize with Xia Beibei, it’s really a surprise in life.”

The four of them was in a mess for a while, before Xu Zhaixing introduced herself again. It’s good that they know about her identity and wouldn’t spread it on other after all there were too many popular artists in Chenxing. In case anyone wants to come ask for autograph it would be harder for her to go school though selling autographs could give her a fortune.

With this, the rumors finally disappeared on their own. However, Xia Beibei;s reputation in the school was not as good as before because of this matter. Qi Ze who was watching at the show was eager for the rumor to blow up, thinking that once this happens Xu Zhaixing would come to him and ask him to clarify. At that time he could take the opportunity to make some request.

However, she didn’t expect Xia Beibei to act opposite from what he expected. Qi Ze simply thought through his head and could not think of reason why.

In the afternoon after school he took the initiative to wait for her under Xia Beibei’s dormitory building. Every time Xia Beibei saw him before, she would dart to him like a shy little girl and this greatly satisfy his vanity as a boy.

But as soon as Xia Beibei saw him today, her face sank and ignored him and kept walking inside.

Qi Ze subconsciously pulled her wrist and softly called.

“Bei Bei.”

Xia Bei Bei: “Scum! Let go!”

Qi Ze: “?”

Xia Beibei just walked away like this, pulling all her contact information Qi Ze tried to call her but couldn’t go through. He simply confused.

Who would tell him what was happening?

After Xia Beibei passed the audition in Chenxing, she spent even less time at school and began to concentrate on preparing for the live action. With more time in the company she would often run into Xu Zhaixing.

She was still a little afraid of Xu Zhaixing. She was timid and respectful every time she saw her but Xu Zhaixing as what she said did not create trouble for her and never took the initiative to mention the incident again and she was not targeted because of this matter.

She often heard from the company’s employees talking about how nice Eldest Miss was and how kind and tolerant she was to her employees.

So Xia Beibei was only afraid at first and then gradually she really turned into awe and worship of Xu Zhaixing. She vowed to work hard, perform well, make money and atone for the eldest miss!

When the live casting was officially launched on Chenxing, Xia Beibei lived up to the unanimous approval of the executives and became one of the most popular among all the live contestants.

Every day, the gift of plane and rocket couldn’t finish brushing the screen. Xu Zhaixing looks at the increasing income and smiles like a landlord.

The live draft was a very novel program which ash successfully reached the top in many draft programs. The daily surge in audience and traffic attracted the attention of the capitalist. Many advertising endorsement came to the door, and made a lot of profits with sponsorship for Chenxing.

Not only Chenxing, because the live broadcast platform was placed on Xingchen, the download and viewing volume of entertainment videos also increased sharply at the same time. The daily user on-demand traffic exceeds three video points in the same period, and this made Father Xu overjoyed, as soon as he was happy he bought Xu Zhaixing two global limited edition LV bags.

Xu Zhaixing: “Dad, don’t buy this, I’m tired of this. Change to xiang nainai.”

The direct broadcast was in full swing, and when the winter started, Zhao Jinjin’s play was finally finished. The “Building Mountains and Rivers” was a big production, shot for most of the year, and every detail was done to absolute perfection.

Chenxing has been making so much noise recently that people in the circle were looking at their every move. As soon as “Build Mountains and Rivers” was finished filming, many video platforms of film and television companies throw olive oil branches one after another and were willing to buy the exclusive broadcasting copyright of “Building Mountains and Rivers” at a high price.

This kind of thing, of course, was not leaving outsiders’ fields for fertilizer and water.

Father Xu came to B city and took the exclusive network broadcasting rights of “Building “Mountains and Rivers” in Chenxing Entertainment, and signed a contract with Xu Zhaixing.

Father Xu looked at the father and daughter’s names on the document and simply had a feeling of laughter.

Who would have thought that one day he would be talking to his own daughter about cooperation.

He flipped through the documents several times, and finally touched Xu Zhaixing’s head with a sigh.

“Your mother is home every day to talk about you, come back early from winter break.”

Xu Zhaixing was actually quite busy, plans have been done during winter holidays. After all, she now has to go to school, so work matters could not be centralized and could only be pushed back on a daily basis. Basically piled up in the holidays.

Still, she nodded heavily and promised Father Xu that she would return home as soon as the holidays were over.

The guest list for “Come to My House as a Guest” was finalized after two months of screening and inviting, and the filming was scheduled after New Year’s Day.

Although Zhao Jinjin repeatedly said that she could control her temper and promise to perform well, Xu Zexing still didn’t agree to give her on. Just to appease her, she promised to let her go as a mysterious flying guest for one issue.

At the end of the year, there were many projects and Xu Zhaixing also has to study for the finals exams. She was busy to death.

With New Year’s Day a week away, she decided to treat herself and used up the opportunity she’d been holding onto to treat her idol to dinner!

And how meaningful New Year’s Day was, a new year, a new day a new beginning. This kind of time with her by the side of her idol, ooh, thinking about made her fee like she was in heaven.

When she arrived home in the evening, she lay on her bed and deleted and wrote for half an hour before finally editing the text message and clicking send.

–Brother QVQ, are you free on New Year’s Day? Please eat a big meal!

In less than five minutes, received a reply from Cen Feng: free.

Xu Zhaixing was so excited that her little couldn’t help swaying: What would you like to eat? This time I will buy everything!

Cen Feng: Not gonna rob you

She don’t know why, but Xu Zhaixing saw his smile from his bland rely that didn’t even have punctuation.

She was full of flowers, her little face was red with excitement, and was thinking about how to reply when Ceng Feng’s message came over again.

He asked: what else do you want to do besides eating?

Xu Zhaixing: ???!!!

Is there anything else I can do?!!!

Can I?!

Is it possible?


Idol is forcing me to commit a crime.



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