RB80’s: VMRHCD 12


Chapter 12- Why she asked

The man who had been following Xu Cuihua not far behind at this time walked two steps faster to Xu Cuihua’s side.

“All right, cut the crap hurry up and get to work.”

The man’s tone was not good but it gave Xu Cuihua a reason to step down.

Xu Cuihua snorted coldly and stared at Jiang Ran again, then quickly walked forward.

Jiang Ran simply did not take to heart these small actions of Xu Cuihua.

What Jiang Ran was thinking now was that she hopes she could persist on going down to the county town.

At this time, it reflects the importance of the car.

But if they have a bike, then it won’t be too difficult.

However bicycles were expensive at this time and not something anyone could just buy even if they wanted to.

Thinking about how everything was in disorder, she slightly diverted her attention to the next section of the journey and walked quite relaxed.

Pei Shanshan kept holding Pei Jing’s hand and walked slowly so Pei Jing could also easily keep up so she didn’t need to hold him up all the time.

Along the way, Pei Shanhsan always couldn’t control her eyes and looked at Jiang Ran from time to time.

She don’t know if it was her illusion but she always felt that today’s Jiang Ran was a little different.

But what exactly was different, Pei Shanshan could not say what.

Although Jiang Ran has been gritting her teeth to hold on but after walking halfway she stopped.

There’s no way around it, it’s just too exhausting.

Seeing the stone pier on the side of the road, Jiang Ran sat up and gasped heavily.

Even if Jiang Ran couldn’t see her face at this time, she could imagine what she looks like.

Her face must be red and was full of sweat.

And her big fat face with acne would really look hot in anyone’s eyes.

Jiang Ran was right, Pei Shanshan at this point was feeling that same feeling and frowning her eyebrows.

But Jiang Ran hates people saying she’s fat and she also hates people saying she’s ugly.

Regardless of what Pei Shanshan thinks inwardly she doesn’t dare to say anything on her face.

Jiang Ran rested for almost ten minutes before her breathing smooth down and not gasping air, did she slowly stood up.

Originally they were not that far from the county and there should be no problem going back and forth.

But if she delays any longer, they’ll return late.

Seeing Jiang Ran started walking again, Pei Shanshan pulled Pei Jing and followed without saying a word.

This time, no matter how tired Jiang Ran was she gritted her teeth and held on. She didn’t stop.

When she finally arrived at the county, Jiang Ran took a deep breath.

Finally here!

Before Jiang Ran crossed over the book, she was also a person who had seen different era’s in dramas. She though she knew a few points of understanding about the small county in the 1980’s.

But now seeing the county with her own eyes, Jiang Ran knew that the county in the 1980’s was just beautified in TV dramas.

Seeing Jiang Ran standing there motionless Pei Shanshan was surprise.

“What are you looking at?”

As soon as the words were asked, Pei Shanshan regretted it a bit.

Why did she ask!

Jiang Ran’s reflect respond would be: Why do you care what I was looking.

While thinking about this, she saw Jiang Ran open her mouth and said.

“I wasn’t looking at anything.”

Pei Shanshan’s eyes widened when she heard her reply.

Although the meaning behind the words were similar, the tone was much better than she expected.

Her previous suspicion were not wrong, today’s Jiang Ran was really something different!

(End of Chapter)


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