Chapter 7(1)

Lin Tong heard the sound and came over to see.

“Did you stab your hand?”

Tang Xinyu looked at Lin Tong who was nervous about her and gently shook her head.


Lin Tong carefully looked ay Tang Xinyu’s hand before she put her heart down.

“It’s good that she’s okay. Auntie Liu bring up another fruit plate.”

Aunt Liu answered and ordered someone to clean up the floor, and right after the carpet was clean as if nothing had happened.

“Sister, it’s for you to eat.”

The little boy was dazed when he saw Tang Xinyu sitting on the table and stuffed a cheery with crystal drops into her hand.

Tang Xinyu took the cherries with mixed feelings and stared at the little boy’s face for a moment trying to find some traces of her cheap dad Tang Ruifeng on his face but on his face but all in vain. Tang Xinyu did not know what this so called cheap dad looked like, there was no photos on display at home.

Tang Xinyu raised her palm and caressed the little boy’s fleshy face.

“Come, let’s play games. What’s your name? How old are you? See if you can answer.”

The little boy’s diction was clear and it seemed that the adults did not teach him much.

“My name is Yang Sirui and I am five years old.”

Tang Xinyu sneered inwardly.

Sirui? Even the name is blatantly obvious. This group of people deceived Lin Tong and coaxed her to recognize the product of adultery as her son, lend money to them to open a company, cheat people and cheat money. They are very proud! I don’t know if He Bilian is laughing at Lin Tong’s stupidity when she talks about her sister Tong every day? Or does she really consider herself as Tang Ruifeng’s concubine?

Tang Xinyu couldn’t help looking at Lin Tong, Lin Tong was exchanging He Bilian about the company’s management and business direction instructing He Bilin unreservedly about business studies. Tang Xinyu suddenly felt her eyes hurt bitterly.

Troublesome things all at once flooded in front of her at once, no matter how strong Tang Xinyu’s resistance was she was still unprepared.

Flies could not be slapped all at once, the bad things could only be solved one by one. The immediate priority was the engagement party a week later.

Tang Xinyu found an excuse to go to the garden, there she saw Lin Tong and He Bilian through the French window from a distance and her heart kept sinking. Lin Tong was deceived by someone she trusts, so she Tang Xinyu could never give Tian Wanwan the chance to give birth to an adulterous son. She just need to pile up the slag man and Tian Wanwan, and make the female and male protagonist of this world their lamentable loyal love come true.

She took out her phone and called Yun Xiuyao.

“Hey, Xiuyao there’s something I need your help with.”

“Tsk, why is my life so bitter? You look for Tian Wanwan for good food, good drink and fun but you only think of me when there is hard work.”

“Do you feel your conscience when you say that? Who said I must called her when I screw them up? Well, probably I remember wrong, then I’ll find someone else.”

“Hey, hey, hey don’t ah, no more teasing.”

Yun Xiuyai grinned.

“I’ve been pumping and preparing for a long time.”

“I need a couple of hidden cameras to be installed in the wedding room at Dragon Bay.”

“A small one. When?”

“The sooner the better, we must hurry before their fire died down.”

Yun Xiuyao whistled.

“They that brave? That villa is the wedding house given to you by the Mo family, is that bitch Mo Lanqing gnawing his brain, or can’t tie his pants and belt? He doesn’t even look at the place.”

Tang Xinyu’s fingertips brushed against the blooming wisteria flowers.

“Tian Wanwan is the white moonlight of Mo Lanqing’s heart worthy of all the best things. There, in Mo Lanqing’s heart is their wedding room.”

Yun Xiuyao unceremoniously cursed a few sentences while not delaying in the least to explain the people below to do the job.

With a slight force on her fingertips, Tang Xinyu pinched down a cluster of delicate purple vines and turned them crushed against her fingertips. Listening to Yun Xiuyao’s speech like machine gun and how she would put sieve on the dog man and woman, but heart feels unusually peaceful.

The light purpled flowers with verdant stems, when touched by the stems would fold into two sections.

Tang Xinyu’s hand loosened allowing the crumbled flowers to fall down on the soil with the wind.

Preliminary preparations were to be done and the engagement party mustn’t have less people, and there was another person to find….

“Xinxin! Auntie He is leaving first.’

He Bilian held Sirui and Siyu as they stood at the entrance of the villa waving goodbye to Tang Xinyu.

Tang Xinyu in response send them a bright and harmless smile.

At the Mo family mansion.

Mo Yifan was in his study, concentrating on his writing. Holding the langhao1 with his fingertips he dipped it in the black ink, continued writing on the paper vigorously, powerful ad elegant handwriting. (Tn: 1 writing brush of weasel bristle)

“Knock. Knock”

“Come in.”

Lin Vincent pushed the door in, stood at the desk and looked at Mo Yifan finishing his work and said.

“Mo Shao’s writing is getting better and better.”

Mo Yifan casually threw the langhao into the pen wash, picked up the warm towel next to him and wiped his hands.

“A disabled person can’t do anything else except writing. Can he not make progress?”

Lin Vincent’s gaze darkened.

“Mo Shao…”

Mo Yifan raised his hand to stop his words.

“I’m not decadent, just rare idle for so long almost moldy.”

Mo Yifan’s was facing him sideways and because of the sunlight through the window his face look more angular, eye like ink jade and transparent, added with his calm voice and indifferent. He was clearly sitting on the wheelchair but it seems that Lin Vincent was still a lot shorter, and standing in front of him he habitually bows slightly. Facing the slightly raised gaze of Mo Yifan Lin Vincent always feels the pressure of being looked down.

Mo Yifan:  “What’s the matter?”

Lin Vincent: “The gossip in the restaurant that days also spread to Elder Mao. He may have said something to the third madam privately and added some valuable funds and jewelry to the engagement gift list.”

Mo Yifan: “Who chewed his tongue in front of Elder Mo?”

Lin Vincent: “The first madam went back to the old mansion a few days ago.”

Since Mo Yifan was sitting on a wheelchair and often stay in on his own east side of the building and didn’t care about the guest coming in and out of the main building, let alone knew what happened between a group of women.

Mo Yifan: “Heh~ Now with just a little oil leaking it already attracts the house cats and wild cats who want to steal the fish. Power and money are really good and bad thing.”

Lin Vincent: “Although it is the first madam who comes, it is difficult not to ensure that the Eldest Master’s authorization is brought.”

Mo Yifan said lightly,

“Let them go, dog bites dog that way I can save some effort.”

After talking about the business, Lin Vincent relaxed. He believed that Mo Shao would be more interested in the next thing.

Lin Vincent: “Mo Shao, Miss Tang’s family has called and wants to ask Mo Shao to meet.”

Mo Yufan tidy up the xuan paper when he heard Lin Vincent and rose his eyebrows.

“Called your number?”

Lin Vincent hastily explained with paled expression

“Uh, Miss Tang should have wanted to call Mo Shao directly but thought it would be more formal.”

Mo Yifan put away the written words.

“Time, place?”

“If it’s convenient, go over there now to Shiyuan restaurant.”

Mo Yifan drove the wheelchair and led the way out of the study first.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been out, it’s good to get some sun so that I don’t get moldy.”

Lin Vincent silently followed behind and couldn’t help but slandered him inwardly: Mo family garden is so big but I never see you come out to see it even glance at it but with just Miss Tang’s phone call the wheelchair drove too fast. Mo Shao you hired a high paying gardener who racked his brain just to decorate the garden to attract you out of the house.

Moreover, Miss Tang is your nephew-in-law ah. Mo Shao you showing interest in Miss Tang like this is making me panicky ah…

Li Vincent naturally did not dare to let Mo Yifan hear the wailing in his heart an could only go to the car.

Shiyuan restaurant was one of the property of the Lin family. The Lin family made a fortune in restaurant and hotel, Lin Tong’s father has two sons and one daughter unfortunately only his daughter Lin Tong inherited the mantle. One of his two sons was a gold medal playwright who focuses on film and television creation and a photographer who travels around. Mr. Lin was not optimistic about Tang Ruifeng at first but his daughter was tired of the dandies in the rich circle, and was instead obsessed with the proud hairy boy and insisted on marrying down.



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