Chapter 178

During the subsequent shooting of <<White Castle>>, Director Jiang also came over to see Fu Zhen several times and would occasionally offer some suggestions and opinions on the film shooting which benefited Fu Zhen greatly.

After Director Jiang’s war film was finished, they leaved the shooting place so Director Jiang came to Fu Zhen’s crew as a guest.

Director Jiang was not only the representative of the new generation of directors but also Fu Zhen’s senior brother in the industry.

“You have your own style, I have nothing to guide you.”

Director Jiang patted Fu Zhen’s shoulder.

“I am very optimistic about your film.”

No one doesn’t like to hear words of praise and Fu Zhen was no exception. He smiled and said.

“Thank you, senior brother.”

“Thanks for what, I didn’t help you with anything. When are you planning to release this movie?”

Fu Zheng said.

“If the shooting has been smooth, it will be finished at the end of this month and then do the post editing and dubbing, as well as special effects. It also needs a month time and sent up for review, so February can be considered the fastest release.”

Director Jiang Li nodded and said to Fu Zhen.

“Then you’re saying, it’s not good to hit the Spring Festival slot.”

“You can only go with the flow.”

Although Fu Zhen privately hope that the film could be released on Valentine’s Day but the time was too late, he could not help it.

Director Jiang Li turned his head to look at Zhou Wenliang who was wearing a police uniform and standing behind He Ming who was kneeling on the ground, holding the dying Chen Meng.

“She’s not a spider.”

Zhou Wenliang said calmly.

“You’ve picked a good cast, especially this little girl Chen Meng, very agile ah. Zhou Wenliang is also getting better and better.”

Director Jiang Li praised them one by one, after his eyes turned around in the crew and asked Fu Zhen.

“By the way where is Gao Tian?”

Fu Zhen replied.

“Her scenes were finished long ago.”

Director Jiang exhaled and patted his chest,

“I thought you really hired her as the female lead.”

Fu Zhen smiled and did not say anything.

“How’s Gao Tian’s acting?”

Director Jiang asked in a curios whisper to Fu Zhen.

“It’s okay.”

Fu Zhen didn’t really want to talk about this topic, he asked Director Jiang Li.

“By the way, what’s the subject of the film of senior brother?”

Director Jiang Li replied

“I’m shooting a historical drama next door, it’s just started. It’s estimated that it will be released in May or June next year.”

Fu Zhen gave an acknowledgement, Director Jiang sighed and said.

“Historical dramas in recent years are not selling at all, what are you planning to do after this drama?”

“I want to try horror movie.”

Director Jiang Li immediately gave Fu Zheng a thumbs up.

“Now the horror films are more daring than historical films.”

The two men looked each other for a while and suddenly burst into laughter.

December passed quickly during filming, at the end of the month the film was successfully finished. And to celebrate they had a banquet together, laughed and cried before they went on their separate ways.

Shortly after, <<White Castle>> was finished Cocoa had her teeth, it was small and white looking a little cute that Old Master Jiang couldn’t help but teased her all day about her teeth.

Fu Zhen has been contacting various special effects companies in Pinghai since last month and near the end of the year he found many special effects teams but better special effect companies have been booked and couldn’t take over the work temporarily.

So it took a long time for a special effect company to contact him, Fu Zheng took a look at the films they had produced in recent year. They were all okay so he decided to set up this certain company.

Long later, when Fu Zheng chatted with the person in charge of the special effects company, he learned that this company was established when Fu Ting learned that he studied video photography and wanted to be a director a few years ago.

And Fu Ting asked them to contact him actively.

After New Year’s Day, Fu Zhen finished the film, he and Jiang Hengshu then went to Yunlu temple. He had a Changseng card dedicated to him here, Fu Jianchen set up it for him.

He was not in good health when he was a child which he doesn’t know why but as soon as the Changsheng card was set up his health began to improve.

After that Fu Jianchen donated a sum of money for the incense every year.

Fu Zhen has not been here for a long time, Yunlu Temple was still full of incense. There were an endless stream of pilgrims here. The host master in the temple was just like a few years ago, wearing a red cassock, solemn and dignified but amiable.

When he saw Fu Zhen, he stopped and asked him with a smile.

“Young Master Fu, why did you come by yourself this year?”

Fu Zhen did not expect this host master would remember him, except that this question seems to have other meanings.

As if reading Fu Zhen’s mind, the host smilingly told him.

“Master Fu comes here every year on this day.”

Fu Zhen froze for a moment, he though that after Fu Jianchen kicked him out of the Fu family he would never come to this place again but he has been coming every year?

The host master looked behind Fu Zhen and said.

“Master Fu, you are here.”

As soon as Fu Zhen turned his head, he saw Fu Jianchen standing at the door of the main hall. He stopped outside the door and did not come forward but just gazed at him quietly there.

“Go ahead.”

The host master said softly to Fu Zhen.

Fu Zhen still hesitated, he turned to look at Jiang Hengshu beside him and Jiang Hengshu nodded at him.

He walked towards Fu Jianchen, the latter had thought Fu Zhen would pretend not to see him when he knew he was outside but to his surprise he was walking towards him this time.

He was a bit overwhelmed for a while.

Fu Zhen and Fu Jianchen went all the way to the backyard of the Yunlu temple, in the southeast corner of the yard there was a huge cedar with lush branches and leaves, next to it was a water tank with a thin layer of ice.

“You were…..”

Fu Zhen stopped and turned to Fu Jianchen, he asked.

“Why don’t you believe me?”

Yesterday, there was a snow falling on the gray roof tiles so from a distance the roof all looked white. The strong wind blew and the snow on the roof fell continuously.

After a long silence, Fu Jianchen said three words to Fu Zhen.

“I am sorry.”



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