Chapter 29(1)

Zheng Xue was now also considered to be severely injured, but because of the protection of Jiang Chi, the fool, he was not desperate enough.

Tang Tang tries to convince Jiang Chi to get rid of Zheng Xue.

Tang Tang asked again.

“Then which one do you think is more powerful than Jiang Zhu and Jiang Xue?”

Without thinking about it, Jiang Chi said.

“Then it must be Jiang Zhu.”

Tang Tang nodded, thinking that although this person looks arrogant and silly, he could say whatever he wanted but he didn’t have so many tricks.

“Look at my hands.”

Tang Tang lifted her gauze-wrapped hands and gestured Jiang Chi’s direction again.

“They were all injured by Zhang Xue.”

Jiang Chi frowned, he seems a little confused about this. However, Tang Tang was not ready to wait for him to understand. She directly pointed.

“Zheng Xue is hiding his strength and deliberately shows a weak fire ability in front of you, but in fact his ability is a think line that can burn.”

“Really? Why should I believe you?”

“…Then think about it, when I was with you guys before, didn’t I say several times that I wanted to leave?”

Tang Tang asked.

“Yes, what’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong? Of course, it’s because he tied me with that thin line to keep me from leaving that’s why I asked several times! Didn’t you notice the fluctuation of the ability when you were next to him?”

When an ability user uses his ability, the person who also has ability could detect the other person’s ability fluctuations. This was also something that has been discovered by Tang Tang since she had gained her abilities.

Jiang Chi frowned as he thought, after a long time he shook his head.

“I did not pay attention, after all why do I have pay attention to this?”

Tang Tang was helpless but she has no choice.

“Anyway, that’s it. Zheng Xue hid his strength, think about what he really wants to do!”

“What does he want?”

Jiang Chi asked.

“You go back and observe more yourself! Will you believe me if I say he wanted to harm you and the rest of your team?”

Tang Tang asked angrily.

Jiang Chi thought.

“Then okay, I’ll go back to observe but today the fight is still a fight. Let Jiang Zhu out.”

Tang Tang: “….”

She did not expect that he was such a persistent child.

“That team of yours, besides you, who else came?”

Tang Tang suddenly asked.

Jiang Chi honestly answered.

“Just me, and Feng Xian.”

“Who is Feng Xian?”

Tang Tang only knew two people, Jiang Chi and Zheng Xue.

“It’s the girl whose ability is sight.”

Jiang Chi answered.

Tang Tang nodded, and as soon as her mind started thinking she thought of the key point.

“Zheng Xue didn’t come? Just the two of you came?”

Jiang Chi was impatient.

“Yes, hurry up and let Jiang Zhu out.”

Tang Tang got the affirmative answer, she turned back at Jiang Zhu and the latter gave her a slight nod which means that what Jiang Chi said was credible. This time Tang Tang was sure.

She stood up straight and shook her head.

“No, you don’t seem to understand the current situation. There are many of us now and only two of you, you can’t beat us so you’d better go back before it’s too late. Jiang Zhu won’t fight with you.”

Jiang Chi did not expect that the woman’s face to change so quickly and suddenly her tone was also tough.

He stared at Tang Tang, while the latter was worried that he would use his ability again so she took a big step back silently. At this time Jiang Chi hmmed heavily, he was angry as he turned away.

The other people in the store that were hiding felt a little disbelief as Jiang Chi left just like that? They thought that with Jiang Chi’s temper he would not leave without a fight tonight!

However, that very person was now gone, Jiang Zhu perceive his ability outside and felt that there were no fluctuations and there was no living being.

Tang Tang raised a chair, several people came out from where they were hiding.

Qin Zhang slapped his palm on the table making a “bang” sound, he cursed.

“Fuck! That dog Zheng Xue! He even tied a rope to threatened you to keep you from leaving! I’ll bury him in the ground next time!”

Qin Zhang’s ability was earth, when used it could be cast into an earth shield, or a large-scale attack could be carried out using it. Of course, the same could be said with burying in the ground.

Tang Tang smiled and agreed.

“Then when you’ve buried him, I’ll hit him with my ability.”

Qin Zhang laughed out loudly.

“Good! When the time comes, we’ll use our ability and hit him like a volleyball!”

The trio who recently joined them looked at each other, they opened their mouths as if to say something and then closed them back again.

Tang Tang did notice this, because at this time Jiang Zhu came over and helped her sit on the chair. She noticed that the hand on her shoulder was slightly gripping her hard, she looked up and saw the deep anger hidden in Jiang Zhu’s eyes.

Tang Tang didn’t understand why for a while.

Was the force on her shoulder a reminder that he remembered what she had scolded him for at that time?

Before she could even think further about it, Jiang Zhu notice her line of sight and found himself gripping her shoulder with force under his hands, and slowly loosened up.

In passing, he rubbed her.

This made Tang Tang confused again.

In the end was he angry?

The windows in the store were broken and the glass was blown everywhere by the wind, it was impossible for them to stay longer here. After they discussed they found that there was no better place in school.

It was decided to go to an uncopied residential building off campus overnight.

They travelled at night, relying only on Jiang Zhu’s ability to emit a warm yellow light. Jiang Zhu held Tang Tang who was walking in front followed Qin Zhang and the others.

This made Tang Tang feel a little uncomfortable, she always felt that there was someone staring behind her. And she hurt her hand not her leg so it was really strange to be supported.

Thinking, she tilted her head in the direction of Jiang Zhu and negotiated in a small voice.

“How about I walk by myself?”

Tang Tang didn’t wait for Jiang Zhu’s answer, she looked up and saw that he was looking at her. She didn’t know what Jiang Zhu was looking at. She poked him carefully with her finger and asked.

“What’s the matter?”

Jiang Zhu still looked at her without saying anything.

The darkness of the night was strange and scary.

Tang Tang poked again in another place.

“What’s the matter? Why don’t you talk?”

Jiang Zhu raised his hand, grabbed her little hand that was poking everywhere and put it in the palm of his hand, finally he spoke but she couldn’t distinguish what tone he was using.

“Did Zheng Xue threaten you?”

He asked.


Tang Tang whispered in confusion, not expecting this person’s name to pop up suddenly.

After hearing what he said, she still doesn’t know what to say. Admit it? But the bad words were her own, then deny it? But it seems that this has something to do with Zheng Xue…

Tang Tang blinked, then heard Jiang Zhu’s voice suddenly ringing in her ears.

“Is it very difficult? Then let me ask you, you answer me.”

“Would you have said those words if Zheng Xue hadn’t tied you up with a thin line to keep you from leaving that group?”

“Then definitely no ah, I’ll just run away!”

Tang Tang euphoniously said.

“So why didn’t you tell me, worried that I wouldn’t believe you? Or, do you feel yourself that what you did was wrong?”

“I just said something bad about someone and then turn around and say ‘no it’s not true’, won’t it look like I’m being cunning?”

Tang Tang also asked back.

“Then you should be cunning, and if you are cunning, I will believe it.”

Tang Tang opened her mouth and closed it back, her mind in complete chaos for a while. The system told her that even if she stayed in this world, it would definitely not change the overall direction of this world.

And once there was a major change, it would definitely come back to fix it. It’s as if it won’t allow her to dramatize the future of this world in advance, as if it refuses to give her too many golden fingers to keep her alive.

So, what’s going on now in this case…..

What’s going on now, rather she should ask that dog system!

The residential building near the school were still under construction, they were afraid that the construction was too incomplete to be their shelter. And those units who once occupied by people may have zombies, so after they left the school, they went to a building that had just been built and had not had time to have someone live in.

The first floor and basement were two preferred places, the first floor was mainly convenient for running and the basement was convenient for hiding. The floor above the first floor was more dangerous, if it was blocked, she’s afraid there was only one way to escape and that was to jump out of the window.

Eventually several people arrived at the first floor.

They chose one of the sets of rooms and since the door was closed, they climbed right in through the window. Inside the room was full of dust that choked people to coughed.

“Let’s clean this place briefly!”

Someone suggested.

When everything was cleaned up, they were all tired. Tang Tand sat on the ground and asked them if they wanted to eat when they nodded, she took food from the hidden space.

“Then the next time we go looking for food, I’ll go along?”

Tang Tang waited until they had almost finished eating and spoke.

Several people looked at each other and finally looked towards Jiang Zhu.

They thought it wasn’t a big deal if they took Tang Tang with them but they didn’t know if Jiang Zhu was willing to take risks. After all, looking for food was different from hiding zombies. The most dangerous thing they encounter may not be zombies but their kind, humans with abilities.

Jiang Zhu nodded.

“When Yan Zhen wakes up, the eight of us will go out together.”

Although they don’t know how Tang Tang’s ability works but she should still go out and practice, otherwise if in the future she would be in danger and they couldn’t protect her in time it would be tragic.

At the moment it was already dawn, due to their encounter all night they were very tired and soon fell asleep on the ground again at daybreak.



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