GTKWF 47.1


Chapter 47(1)

Bei Mingfan felt that he really picked up a treasure, you never knew when she could surprise you. He contacted the team that night to fire up a wave of contrarianism further improving Sheng Qiao’s impression as a passerby.

Sheng Qiao slept and woke up the next day, ready to play with her phone for a while before getting up as usual and found a bank card income message lying quietly in her mailbox.

She opened the mail, looked at the string of zeros after the number and rubbed her eyes then counted again.

The next moment a scream could be heard as she rolled up from the bed.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh I’m rich!!! I’m rich!!!”

Wah wah wah she has never had so much money.

Bei Mingfan’s call came at the right time and asked with a smile.

“Have you received the transfer?”

“Ohhh received, lots of money!”

Bei Mingfan couldn’t help but laugh.

“This is the endorsement fee for the sanitary napkin ad and the “Starlight Junior” side hasn’t been closed yet. It has to wait for the program to finish, you will have a lot more money later.”

She could buy a house and a car, she could also give her mother the best prosthetic leg and of course spend money on Huo Xi’s albums and concert. Ahhhhh, her future was really good!

After the excitement subsided, she calmed down and told Bei Mingfan about her mother’s situation and asked him to help contact a reliable medical team.

“The prosthetic limb should be made of the best materials and the best rehabilitation nursing home should be found!”

Bei Mingfan praised.

“Xiao Qiao is really filial.” And agreed to do so.

After hanging up the phone, she happily got up and ran around the house thinking the things she needs to replace; painting on the wall that her mother like could be replace with the real thing! At the end of the month was Huo Xi’s new album would be release then she would buy a thousand copies to rush the sales! She could also buy new clothes, new shoes, new cosmetics, she could buy, buy, buy!

Ah, it feels good to be rich!

She first called Mother Sheng to tell her that she would be able to pick her up to Beijing soon and then went to place an order for the super expensive serum she been eyeing for a long time!

Finally, she poke on the address book and after hovering with her trembling finger for a while she finally plucked the courage to poke and dial Huo Xi’s number.

After a few rings, the call was answered and came his faint voice.


“Huo Xi, it’s me!”

He said: “I know.”

“I’m back!”

“I know.”

She bit her little nails, scratched her head as she gathered enough courage to say.

“Huo Xi, I’ll buy you dinner, I have money.”

He was finally amused by her and let out a low chuckle.

“Sure, what’s for dinner?”

Sheng Qiao thought for a while, thinking that if they go out to eat it would not be safe to go anywhere and there was the possibility of being secretly photographed. She could not make any more scandals so she deliberately said.

“You can order food, I will cook it for you at home.”

Huo Xi said.

“Mixed sauce noodles will do.”

She was overjoyed.

“Mm-hmm, so when are you coming over?”

“Doing a magazine cover shoot, come as soon as it’s done, about two hours.”



After hanging up the phone, she went to the refrigerator and found that it was basically empty so she quickly changed her clothes and went to the supermarket to buy vegetables. She hasn’t been there in person since she moved here, she puts on her hat and mask and opens the map navigation before going out.

At this time the supermarket was full of uncle and aunt picking things noisily and lively, Sheng Qiao first selected vegetables and bought some fruits. Finally, she went to the fresh meat counted to select a good cut of meat, she motioned to the butcher inside and said.

“Cut it in half, fat and meat.”

The butcher who cut the meat was a young guy wearing a chef’s hat, he said to her.

“You can’t cut like this, you can only cut vertically.”

Sheng Qiao said,

“But I don’t want the back half.”

The young man replied.

“It’s hard to sell this, when you cut it like this.”

Sheng Qiao sighed.

“Then forget it, wrapped the while piece instead.”

The young man nodded and smiled as he filled the bag and said,

“You sound like my idol, but how could my idol come to buy streaky pork, hahaha.”

He punched the price and handed it over.

“You take it, be careful.”

Sheng Qiao came over and whispered.

“Is your idol’s name Sheng Qiao?”

The guy was shocked.

“How did you know?”

She pulled the mask down a bit, lifted the brim of her gat and wink at him.

“Because I am, shh don’t shout. Work well and I’ll come back to you for meat next time.”

With these words, she turned around and ran away dragging her shopping basket with her.

The young man finally reacted and shouted heartily.

“Qiao Qiao! I’ll cut it for you! Cut horizontally, vertically and diagonally, cut how you to cut ah!”



When she got home, Sheng Qiao first cut up the meal and boiled it to make a mixed sauce then counted the time to make a few small dishes that Huo Xi loved, brewed fruit tea, cut up fruit and waited for the doorbell to ring before leaping to open the door.

But it turned out it was Meng Xingshen standing outside the door.

Sheng Qiao: “….”

He saw her wearing an apron, and smelled the scent of mixed sauce in the air, he also saw the fruit plate on the coffee table. He smiled and said.

“How did you know I was coming? And prepared these in advance?”

Sheng Qiao: “….”

No, really no.

Meng Xingshen wanted to go inside but Sheng Qiao blocked the doorway and to prevent him from entering….

He looked down at her suspiciously. Sheng Qiao swallowed her saliva and said,

“Teacher Meng, my friend will come later. I can’t have class today, I’m sorry.”

Meng Xingshen smiled and asked.

“Is it Huo Xi?”

Sheng Qiao nodded.

He grunted and took two steps back, sizing her up nicely for a few moments.

“Xiao Qiao when did you fall in love with Huo Xi?”

Sheng Qiao was startled.

Crap, is it so obvious? Even he can see it?

She said hesitantly.

“We’re just friends.”

Meng Xingshen looked like he heard some kind of joke, his eyebrows were raised for a moment but his tone was closed to a laughter.

“Xiao Qiao, you still haven’t learned how to hide your feelings.”

Sheng Qiao: “???”

Meng Xingshen no longer said more and just faintly said.

“Next time I come over I will call in advance.”

With these words, he turned and closed the door then leaved.

Sheng Qiao: “…..”



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  3. chinesefanreader Avatar

    Awww poor discarded lover has to give way to the new man🥺 It’s nothing wrong with you Senior Meng, just her taste has changed along with her soul 😳

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