TMBAM 19.2

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Chapter 19(2)

Netizens eat melons as they chatted with great interest.

By twelve noon.

The news that Jiang Meng was evicted from the Celica Hotel dinner banquet completely ignited the hot search.

[She really wanted to get rid of her fans by doing this…is she crazy? Really, I wasn’t angry when she was pregnant after all Yan Chao is awesome. She may have gone the wrong way for a while but you’re a fucking mistress! What are you doing at a party hosted by the original wife? You are really not afraid of being poked in the back, do you have no brain?]

[? Niu bi1, and you’re dressed up to come to the door! It’s not wrong to be thrown out and not beaten is light]

[Do you think you are a pheasant? Do you think you’re beautiful? In the end you were utterly defeated by Gu Xueyi, if I am your fan I would feel ashamed.]

The comment section has just become a large off-page insult page.

Another actress in the circle, Ji Mingming who has clashed with Jiang Meng and was always grabbing resources sent out a weibo post.

@JiMingming=3=: Someone finally took off.

And once again it detonated the network.

Jiang Meng’s original ‘good’ plan to escape was ruined with just one wrong move, when she opened her eyes again she found that she had fallen into the mire of public opinion.

While at this time Gu Xueyi and Chen Yuji went to Baoxin.

Jian Changming on the other hand also went there alone.

Jian Rui’s voice came from Jian Changming’s bluetootj headset,

“Uncle have you gone to Baoxin?”


“If I remember correctly, that seems to be a subsidiary of the Yan’s right?”


“You’re going to there to help?”

Jian Rui said in amazement.

“Return the favor.”

Jiang Changming said succinctly.

No wonder.

After hearing this Jian Rui instantly remembered Gu Xuemin and his wife who came up with a shy face at the banquet including at the Yan’s house.

Gu Xuemin’s wife. Zhang Xin inadvertently helped Jian Changming make a very important phone call that year, in Jian Changming’s favor.

Later, Gu Xueyi wanted to marry to the Yan’s and the Gu family knew that Jian Changming and the Yan family’s friendship so they took this matter to exchange with the favor.

Jian Changming doesn’t like the Gu family and he also hopes to cut off the friendship between the Gu family, so he chooses to owe a favor to the Yan’s.

At present, the Gu family was now in-laws with the Yan’s and was desperately trying to get benefits from the Yan family.

He youngest uncle felt that he owed Mr. Yan an even bigger favor.

After Jian Changming and Jian Rui finished talking, Chen Yujin’s car approached.

Jian Changming got out of the car, and Chen Yujin quickly got out of the car also but not to say hello to Jian Changming but instead he turned and walked to the other side and opened the door.

Then Jian Changming saw Gu Xueyi walked out of the car.

Today she wore a Morandi-style cadmium green dress, her long hair was simply tied with dark green ribbon, a few strands hanging down from the ear.

The breeze blew gently ruffling the hem of her dress, and so was the ribbon at the back of her head and the hair around her ears.

The slender figure looked like she was floating to fly.

For a moment, Jian Changming actually gave birth to the illusion of not being able to catch her.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Jian.”

Gu Xueyi greeted him and also handed out paper bag.

“Mr. Jian, want to try the special snacks from Yan’s canteen?”

Jian Changming’s gaze flashes and suddenly returned to his senses.

His eyes fell on the paper bag, with character printed “Yan” outside the bag.

No one has ever brought small gift nor something trivial to Jian Changming before.

Because those who want to please him, would be desperate to carefully prepare expensive and unique gifts. But how many of those expensive gift could be unique?

Jian Changming took the paper bag with calm expression.

“Thank you, Madam Yan.”

This stuff was rather unique.

He does not lack money or status nor power not to mention expensive gems, and gold or even various collections. The special snacks from the Yan’s canteen that she brought with her seems to contain her heart, as if she was thinking of the other person all the time and remembers to share even such small things, yet it does not seem solemn and representing that such things were sent without a purpose.

It would make people feel satisfied and comfortable at the same time.

The three of them exchanged greetings and also walked together towards the building in front of them.

As soon as they approached, Gu Xueyi’ phone rang.

She picked up the phone and a thief like voice came from the other end,

“Ms. Gu, no, Madam Yan? I’m the director of the crew working with second young master Yan, we just found out that the second young master’s assistant booked a parachute jump tickets for Pinggu online.”

Pinggu Parachuting!

That’s jumping form 11, 000 feet ah!

He was really worried that before his film was finished, his important character would be gone!

Gu Xueyi’s expression did not change.

“Okay, I know, I will get to the set tonight.”

As soon as Chen Yujin and Jian Changming heard it, they immediately knew what was going on.

“Yan Wenjia is missing again?”

Jian Changming asked out loud.

Chen Yujin hesitated for a moment, but still spoke out to remind.

“Madam, don’t worry it’s common for the second young master to disappear.”

“Not missing.”

Gu Xueyi paused.

“He was going to Pinggu to parachute.”


Chen Yujin paused.

“Five tourists almost died there last month.”

As soon as Jian Changming head it, and thought of what Gu Xueyi said on the other end of the phone, “I will get to the set tonight.”

Jian Changming’s heart instantly surged with a nameless anger, and three or two strands of guilt.

There was nothing good about the whole Yan family.

This was a marriage that has harmed the Yan, but also harmed Gu Xueyi. She has to clean up the mess for the Yan family’s little bastards.

Jian Changming felt that he owed out more and more favors.

Jian Changming: “I’ll have my bodyguard go and get him back.”

“No need.”

Gu Xueyi refused. These people didn’t seem to be good at all at raising the children in the family.

Gu Xueyi: “If such a simple and rough way can solve the problem I might as well throw him to death in Pinggu.”



The Author has something to say: Everyone thinks: Gu Xueyi is so tired, I want to help her.

Sister Gu: Surveying. [pinch wrist and make up for it]


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