Chapter 65

It’s already time to choose an opponent, and seeing as how the time being dragged by Li Rong everyone else found an opponent and only the two of them were left.

Jiang Liangchan had no other choice but to compete with her.

Looking at the exquisite screen on Li Rong’s table and her determined eyes, Jiang Liangchan was a little sad.

She’s a good girl but was silly.

Forget it, I’ll give it back to her after I win.

Li Rong opened her painting.

The painting was based on her name, she painted a pear blossom. If she talks about the painting it was not amazing but also not that bad so all in all it was still good and commendable.

Li Rong regretted that she had been so serious about painting a picture after picture, if she had known it was safer to draw casually.

She waited nervously for Jiang Liangchan to take her painting, at the same time she had begun to weave rainbow farts in her mind and was ready to force Jiang Liangchan to lie down and win later.

Jiang Liangchan also unfolded her painting.

Sure enough there was that chicken head that Li Rong had already seen.

There were even miserable looking thatched huts.

But none of that mattered after she saw the poem inscribed on it.

And who was the poet?

Li Hongru?

Was it that Li Hongru in her mind?

After getting Jiang Liangchan’s affirmative answer, Li Rong looked at the painting in front of her again and it was no longer the same painting she saw earlier.

Those chickens looked like they were covered with golden light.

The miserable looking thatched huts were also covered with golden light.

The river was a river flowing with gold.

Over all, the painting was glittering with gold.

Her sister would steadily win this game.

Right now starting with one point.

Li Rong began to reflect.

Was the silver note she bet just now enough?

Was it better to let the maid go home and get some additional?

There were not many pair like Jiang Liangchan and Li Rong that were friendly and peaceful atmosphere, who easily decided who was the winner and who was the loser.

Most of them were still sticking to their own opinions and fighting to make their painting win.

In addition to the sisterly game of Jiang Liangchan, there were only a few other who had solid wins.

One was Shang Chuxue, it seems that her painting has two brushes1. (T/N: drawn with ability or skill)

One was Song Xinrui who was also good at calligraphy and painting.

There was another one that has invited Li Hongru’s disciple to write an inscription and naturally there was no suspense.

The round ended after a long time of bickering and arguing.

All those who won were asked to gather on the left side and start the second round of competition.

Jiang Liangchan’s appearance in this group caused a wave of ridicule.

“Hey, who is this?”

“Crazy, how did she win?”

“That’s true, it wouldn’t be easy to win such a game by steeping on the little heel.”

“To engage in these underhanded tactics in front of so many people, it’s really Jiang Liangchan’s way of doing things.”

“Unexpectedly, today’s game is just cheap for her.”

Others just muttered, but Shang Chuxue did not have many scruples as she straight up raised her voice and said.

“Today, we are having a serious competition, so why is Jiang Liangchan here? Where is the in charge?”

Song Xinrui lowered her eyebrows and said.

“Perhaps, Lady Jiang also has something overpowering that we don’t know about, right?”

Her seemingly obsequious words stirred up the fire in many people.

Sheng Chuxue said,

“Bah, what does she excels at? What she excels at is being shameless. If I compete with her, I will feel ashamed.”

Jiang Liangchan really has a poor reputation, as soon as Sheng Chuxue took the lead everyone began to clamor and said to disqualify Jiang Liangchan. They would be ashamed to be with such person who came up by dirty means.

Li Rong was so anxious that she couldn’t say anything about Li Hongru’s inscription and since Jiang Liangchan wouldn’t let her so she could only listen to them as tears creeping in her eyes but said instead.

“If she wins, she wins. I admit defeat myself. You haven’t seen her painting, so why make irresponsible remarks?”

Li Rong has never spoken so loudly in front of people before.

Her words stunned others, followed by even more overwhelming ridicule.

“Aiya, I say little sister Li Rong, you have not seen much of the world as you easily eat loss.”

“Don’t say that, maybe Jiang Liangchan has promised her some benefits so we couldn’t judge her.”


Jiang Liangchan pressed down the agitated Li Rong and calmly glanced at the shouting people.

“Are you here to compare painting today, or are you here to compare who has the loudest voice and unclean mouth?”

When she said this, many people were blown up again cursing her on who has more unclean mouth.

Li Yuan, Li Hongru’s disciple was also the judge today, and was caught in the middle of the group of noblewomen which was already a bit of a headache so he hurriedly said,

“Ladies, how about this, the first round is already finished, whether we win or lose we will see again in the second round, how about that?”

He suggested,

“If you trust me, let me judge the second round. Although one of them is indeed inscripted by me, I promise with my reputation that I will judge fairly no matter whose painting it is.”

Shang Chuxue thought about it and thought it would be an ideal scenario.

Since Jiang Liangchan was dead set on denying her shamelessness then they should just simply use their paintings to hit her face, the louder the better.

They just need to stepped on her and never let her run over again.

Shang Chuxue shook her fan and thought of the words Jiang Liangchan said when the banquet has yet to start and put down the fan hurriedly.

After putting it down, her heart was even more hateful.

Later, when the painting was taken out, she must settle all these accounts.

Shang Chuxue’s mind turned around this circle so she said.

“What you say it also a bit reasonable so let’s do it.”

Everyone else had this same mindset and agreed.

At that time, when her painting was taken out, they could laugh at her and make her more laughingstock. It’s really a good idea.

Everyone agreed making Li Yuan breathed a sigh of relief and didn’t intend to ask Jiang Liangchan’s opinion he prepared the second round.

Although he said that just now, he believed in what the people had said just now.

There was no reason to target a person without reason, right?

Miss Jiang looks so beautiful that he wanted to talk to her as soon as she entered the door, he was about to get close to her when Li Rong took her and stayed at the corner of the banquet.

So, he thought she was arrogant and despised people, that she didn’t even want to mixed with them?

Then she must be what they called beautiful but fool.

With a wave of unspeakable annoyance, Li Yuan said.

“Since everyone has agreed, let’s start the second round.”


Jiang Liangchan cut off his words and said coldly.

“Did I say I agree? You both said what you wanted to teach me a lesson, so let me ask you, what I win the second round of the competition? If I win, how will you apologize to me?”

Shang Chuxue laugh loudly and mockingly.

“Do you think we are blind, or do you think we are all your little followers? If you win? It’s faster for you to have a dream on the spot now.”

Song Xinrui falsely advised.

“Lady Jiang, the result of the first round is already not pursed by everyone, why do you need to create trouble for yourself again?”

Li Yuan said,

“Lady Jiang, today we are comparing paintings, so let’s not cause trouble, okay?”

Jiang Liangchan raised her eyebrows and gave them a look.

“Why, can’t you afford to lose?”

Shang Chuxue was the first to jump up.

“Let’s bet, who’s afraid!”



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