Chapter 46

[Today’s Task]

[1.Confess once to the loveless cub.]

[2.Let the cub do himself a little favor.]

Ye Susu blinked.

What, what is this mission?

She held her forehead and suddenly wanted to be quiet.

Confession, as a proud cat she has never done this before.

“Ah, today I’m a waste of meow again.”

Ye Susu rubbed her hair in annoyance.


The trio asked weakly.

Ye Susu sighed and opened the recipe in her hand.

“Don’t worry.”

The trio blushed.

The owner, who was wearing a puffy skirt and a light gray beaded sweater today was also cute and full of energy.

The hair that was scratched was no longer soft and smooth looking as it was yesterday but those a few strands that curled on top of her head plus her little confused face looked like an elf who has just arrived in the world.

Ah….it was freaking cute!

The three were lamenting when they heard a crisp sound reading a recipe.

“Clean up the fish, cut open and flatten it from the abdomen, cut both sides of the fish, wipe the seasoning evenly, massage slightly to make it tastier….coriander can be sprinkled on the surface….”

“En, I see.”

The trio was stunned.

“En, so it turns out.”

[Today’s menu.]

[Gao liang mantou (indigestion meow) 10 yuan]

[Grilled fish with black bean sauce (hair not shiny meow) 60 yuan]

[Shrimp paste cabbage (poop does not meow) 30 yuan]

Ye Susu writing and went back to the kitchen to prepare today’s dishes.

The gao liang mantou1 were already in the steamer. She finished kneading when she came to the store. (tn: this the little mouse bun if translated in English, should I keep the romanization or translate literally to English?)

The cabbage was also delivered by the Evergrande logistics in the morning. Now most of it has been processed, so she just need to put in on the frying pan.

The most troublesome thing was the processing of grilled fish.

But this was not difficult for Ye Susu, when she finished reading the recipe she would be already very familiar with the whole cooking steps in her mind as if she had done it countless times.

“Boss, we’ll have a grilled fish, a big serving enough for three people.”

“Cabbage, rice…”

“No rice.”

Ye Susu who was separated by the glass screen didn’t even raise her little face.

The trio sent Xiao Chen to order who almost bit his tongue giving the order.

“No rice? What about….porridge?”

Ye Susu slammed the kitchen knife in her hand on the cutting board, the blade fell half an inch on the whole surface exposing the cold glint of the knife.

“Today there are only gao liang mantou.”

“It’s all written outside.”

“Uh yes, it’s written then okay, just the mantou.”

Xiao Chen answered with trembling legs.

“So boss, can we pick the fish ourselves?”

Originally if there were rice, then it should be enough but if they only have a large fish for three people it would be barely enough.

At the moment, with their situation now two fish should be enough.

This was what Xiao Chen thought, but he couldn’t help but look at the water tank in the glass back kitchen.

Against the wall was two large water tanks placed side by side, occupying an area of at least four or five square feet.

Inside was a yellow tail fish and a qingjiang were swimming with carefree.

Ye Susu threw down the knife and wiped her fingers.

Following his line of sight, looking at the fish tank her eyes instantly lit up.

“What kind do you want?”

Fish, lot of fish.

Sure enough, it’s a lie-in for a lifetime.

Making a big dried fish that could last for a long time.

Ye Susu force to hold back her salivating mouth, pulling her sleeves up high and slowly reaching into the water.

“About two pounds, two of them.”

“Less thorns… the on the left…”

Before Xiao Chen could finish his sentence, he saw Ye Susu lift up her sleeve and her tender white and slender little arms reached into the water tank without hesitation.

It was almost impossible to see the movement with her nimble fingers as she caught the two fish with a lightning speed.

In one second, the two fish which were alive and kicking were dropped on the cutting board.

The fish fell down and didn’t even struggle, it didn’t move.

So cruel.

The latter half of Xiao Chen’s sentence came out of his throat.

“The one on the left….is not bad, eh.”

A quirky and incomparable smile appeared on Ye Susu’s small face as she sniffed deeply.

“This one on the left is younger and has tender meat, the one on the right has strong meat and is older but has a chewy texture.”

When she finished saying this, she put the fish on the scale next to her.

The number on the LCD screen jumped instantly-4.01 pounds.

Xiao Chen’s jaw dropped.

Is this is a coincidence?

He said he wanted two pounds of two which was too precise.

From the whole process he watched, she never weighed the fish from the beginning to end.

How did she do it?

Was it luck?

Xiao Chen thought, at this time Ye Susu has lifted her small white face and spread her hands to make an invitation motion.

“Please go to the front desk and pay.”

“Okay, how much?”

Xiao Chen was so well behaved that he immediately pulled his phone on the spot.

“Well, please do your own math.”


It was really quite a buffet-style with personalized dining establishment.

Xiao Chen thought woodenly as he turned around.

While Ye Susu glanced at his back as he pressed the calculator and nodded secretly in her heart.

The noble cat doesn’t do math.

Mmm, nice smelling fish.

She endured while waiting.

At 12 noon, when the smell of the grilled fish gradually wafted out from the back of the kitchen, the trio was already hungry as dogs.

After waiting for an hour, if were another restaurant they would have complained about the slow service. However in this meow shop, they were in a good mood while watching the back kitchen while brushing the video of a loli master with WiFi.

“If the boss does a live broadcast, I will definitely reward her.”

“Forget it, don’t you give half of your salary to your old mother every month?”

“Hey, that’s a fund for getting a daughter-in-law later.”

Because their supervisor was away today, it doesn’t matter if they go back later at noon.

But other weren’t so lucky.

Many people choked a little when they heard that they had to wait at least half an hour for the grilled fish to be served.

But the salty smell of the grilled fish gradually filled the store making the people unable to move their legs.

If they’re late, they’re late!

The person who just wanted to leave couldn’t help thinking like this.

As time passed, finally Ye Susu’s figure turned out from the back kitchen.

“You’re grilled fish.”

“Gao liang mantou with cabbage.”

“It’s all here.”

The eyes of the crowd were glued to the baking tray in her hand.

They could see the small peppers fully spread on the fish and the vaguely roasted crispy tightened fish skin.

The whole belly fish was soaked in the ruddy and crystal soup in the baking pan, surrounded with green onions and coriander, which was also covered with a layer of tender white fish tofu.

A small fire was still lit under the grill and the fish was puffing with white heat.

The fragrance wafted out immediately.



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