Chapter 6

Lin Tong also heard the rumors but she looked at her daughter calmly eating her breakfast and looked to have a particularly good appetite.

Tang Xinyu felt Lin Tong’s line of sight and looked up and smiled.

“Mom why are you looking at me? Eat quickly, today Liu Ma fried a good small ball its crispy outside and tender inside.”

Tang Xinyu chuckled and clipped a small ball into Lin Tong’s bowl.

Lin Tong picked up the small ball.

“Xinxin, what happened in the restaurant that day?”

Tang Xinyu smiled.

“Mom you’ve been peeking at me since you got up, is that what this is about? The gossip outside is not true, don’t take it to heart. Your daughter knows what’s going on in her heart, by the way the dress is ready. I will wear it for you later?”

Lin Tong saw that the rumors did not affect her daughter’s determination to get engaged and put her heart at ease. She trusted her daughter’s judgment.

Tang Xinyu went back to her room to put on her dress and only when she reached the staircase did, she hear the sound of children’s laughter coming from the living room. A little boy chased a bouncing ball and ran up the stairs with his short legs, he looked up and saw Tang Xinyu coming down the stairs and called out in a milky voice.


Tang Xinyu tried to recall the plot of the novel but did not remember Tang Xinyu has a brother.

“Xinxin have you finished changing? It just so happens that your Aunt He is also here, let her praised my daughter too.”

“Sister Tong, this still needs to be praised? Xinxin is certainly beautiful and very much like Sister Tong.”

Tang Xinyu walked into the living room carrying a silver-colored dress, like she was draped in the starlight of the milk way causing those sitting in the living room to drift off for a moment. A young plump woman sat beside Lin Tong smiling kindly towards Tang Xinyu, another woman with fishtail braid similar to Tang Xinyu’s age greeted Tang Xinyu and shouted exaggeratedly.

“What a beautiful dress!”

The little boy hugged the ball and called after Tang Xinyu.

“Sister is so pretty, sister is the prettiest!”

The fishtail braided woman pretended to be angry and pinched the little boy’s fleshy cheeks.

“Well, I’m not your sister anymore?”

The little boy broke away and pounced on Lin Tong.

“Godmother, my sister is bullying me!”

Lin Tong laughed.

“Okay, your sister was joking. Do you want to try some cupcakes?”

Tang Xinyu looked at the little boy and onto the woman next to him, and cleverly called out.

“Aunt He.”

Auntie He got up and took Tang Xinyu’s hand, she turned her left and right and sincerely praised.

“In blink of an eye you’re getting married, I remember you when you were this tall you used to secretly ask me for a candy.”

Aunt He took the fishtail braid woman’s hand again and exclaimed.

“Sister Tong I really envy Xinxin for finding such talented husband, unlike my Siyu I don’t know when she will save me from worry.”

Lin Tong joked.

“What’s the hurry? When there are so many young talents at the engagement party, see if Siyu like any of them and I’ll pull the strings.”

The fishtail braided woman smiled sweetly and teased.

“This little lady thanks Aunt Lin first.”

Tang Xinyu looked on coldly, Aunt He should have a good relationship with Lin Tong but Siyu was a different story. The envy and jealousy hidden in the bottom of her eyes could not be concealed from Tang Xinyu’s gaze. Trying to find a golden turtle son-in-law with the help of Miss Tang’s engagement party, Tang Xinyu felt sorry.

On the day of the engagement party, she’s afraid no one would have the leisure to look at each other.

Tang Xinyu spun lightly in front of Lin Tong, and the hem of the dress spins like the silver white waves on the carpet.

Tang Xinyu: “Mom how does your daughter look?”

Li Tong was pleased.

“That brat Mo Lanqing is so blessed.”

Tang Xinyu smiled delicately and went back upstairs.

“Mom I’ll go up first to change.”

When she got upstairs, she heard Lin Tong said to Aunt He.

“Bilian how is you company these days? Is everything okay?….”

Tang Xinyu’s footsteps halted before she continues walking the last step.

Bilian? Why does the name sound familiar? The name that can make Tang Xinyu familiar must be a character who appears more in the novel, but now I can’t remember the identity and deeds of this character.

Tang Xinyu’s heart was little uneasy, the reason why the novel was abandoned was in addition to the tragic end of the supporting character who has the same name was hers, basically the other character was not to her liking. And now there was a familiar name of He Bilian, where Tang Xinyu couldn’t remember but felt something amiss.

Tang Xinyu could no longer take the same path as the original body otherwise only a merciless and tragic end awaits her.

Changing into light clothes, Tang Xinyu sat at the dressing table to hydrate her skin when she heard he cell phone ringing.

Heh! The scum still has the face to call her?

Tang Xinyu clearly saw herself in the dressing mirror and her pretty sneering eyes revealing a silent mockery.

The phone rang until it almost stopped Tang Xinyu’s fingertips slide across the screen lazily,


“Xinxin are you home?”

Mo Lanqing’s voice was gentle but in Tang Xinyu’s ears it was particularly rough.

Tang Xinyu tried her best to hold down her nausea and maintain a calm tone as usual.

“Yes, what can I do for you?”

“The decoration of that villa in dragon bay is all ready, when are we going to go over and take a look? So that we can change anything that you think is not good.”

The villa in Dragon Bay was the wedding house prepared by the Mo family for them. The Mo family asked Tang Xinyu for advice on site selection and decoration, the unlimited budget has indeed decorated the wedding room extremely luxurious.

Tang Xinyu: “No rush, the wedding date has not been set yet.”

Mo Lanqing: “Mom said to let you go over to see first, so if there are places you wanted to adjust there is time to adjust it.”

A light flashed across Tang Xinyu’s eyes.

“I still want to keep a surprise for myself otherwise you can take Wanwan to have a look first, Wanwan has been my best friend for many years and must know what I like.”

Tang Xinyu obviously heard a lighter breath on the other end of the phone and the mockery at the corner of her mouth became more and more obvious.

“Let’s do that, didn’t you also ask her to help pick out our engagement ring?”

Mo Lanqing: “Xinxin, you know that day was…..”

Tang Xinyu saw that the fish was about to take the bait, the most urgent thing was to give this cheap fish a reassurance and let him take Tian Wanwan to the wedding room without psychological burden. As for what would happen in the wedding room, Tang Xinyu couldn’t control it.

Tang Xinyu: “You are my fiancé, the one who is going to be with me for the rest of my life. Will you deceive and conceal things from me?”

Mo Lanqing denied.

“How is it possible?”

For the first time he denied with a rhetorical tone which was typical expression of a guilty heart but Tang Xinyu didn’t care about this.

Tang Xinyu: “So it’s settled, my mom is calling me to go downstairs, so we’ll talk later.”

Tang Xinyu did not give Mo Lanqing a chance to drag his feet, she believed that once Mo Lanwing hung up the phone his heart would absolutely jump for joy, this was the opportunity to let the dog man and woman for a fair tryst so how could they not take the bait?

Tang Xinyu looked at the beautiful woman in the dressing mirror, the corner of her mouth was curved like an enchanting blooming rose that people always indulged in the amazing beauty of rose and often involuntary ignores the sharp thorn that she could pierce people’s skin and emit drops of blood beads.

Tang Xinyu rolled up her sleeves as she went downstairs and saw a few people joking and laughing in harmony in the living room and a few moments of uncertainty about her memories surged up in her heart.

After all, at that time she did not spend much spirit to read that novel and remembered a string of names.

Lin Tong was a refined person in the business field, it seems that He Bilian and her has known each other not for a short time. If He Bilian was really not a good person Lin Tong wouldn’t maintain such a long friendship with He Bilian and even be close to recognized the other’s son as her godson right?

But when she thought of Lin Tong was blinded with Mo Lanqing’s action Tang Xinyu couldn’t help but worry again.

Lin Tong: “….it’s okay for you to work with your husband and discussed business together unlike Xinxin’s father he is always on business trip and busy with the branch office. It’s difficult for me to find someone to analyze some decisions.”

When Tang Xinyu heard that He Bilian has a husband she was slightly relieved.

He Bilian smiled very gently and appropriately.

“Sister Tong’s words, Mr. Tang is very capable the branch company is booming and the headquarters is benefiting from it, isn’t it?”

Hearing He Bilian’s comment about Tang Xinyu’s cheap dad who she has not met Tang Xinyu snorted.

In the novel, Mr. Tang was always a phoenix man who climbs up the high branch of the Lin family, after taking advantage of the all the advantages he could take he dislikes Lin Tong’s ambition and lack of femininity. He secretly raised a son and daughter outside, he also claims that Lin Tong couldn’t give birth to a son. After Lin Tong’s death he immediately married his mistress and entered the door and restored the identity of the Tang’s family descendants together with his children outside.


A son and a daughter?

Tang Xinyu looked suspiciously at Siyu and the little boy sitting and running in the living room and made an excuse to go back to the kitchen.

Liu Ma in the kitchen was preparing the dishes for noon, when she saw Tang Xinyu suddenly coming to the back kitchen she asked kindly.

“Miss do you need anything?”

Tang Xinyu: “The fruit is almost finished so I came to get another plate.”

Liu Ma instructed sideways.

“Prepare another fruit play and send it out as soon as possible.”

Tang Xinyu asked seemingly casually.

“Aunt Liu how many years have mom and auntie He been friends?”

Liu Ma smiles.

“At least almost twenty years, right, from the beginning when she was Mr. Tang’s assistant to now….”

Liu Ma was recalling the past.

“Later, Xiao He got married and soon got pregnant so she quit her job as Mr. Tang’s assistant and since Mr. Tang is very understanding to her he also lent a lot of money to the couple to open a company. Xiao He therefore respects Mr. Lin and always been in contact. Madam Lin saw that they were close and thought her little was very cute so she suggested to his godmother…”

Tan Xinyu returned to the living room with a fruit tray in a weak feet and saw the little boy who was cheerfully calling for his sister and her wrist went limp.


The delicate fruit plate fell apart like a wealthy family under the glamour, shocking and dirty…



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