IRBB90’S 4


Chapter 4

The breakfast was a simple watery porridge, so watery that they could see their reflection in the bowl. Su Weiwei fished it with chopsticks, there were few grains of rice in the bowl but the bowls of Liu Yumei’s son, daughter and grandchildren were full of rice. Su Weiwei sighed and thought that she couldn’t continue living this way, she had to separate the family or make money early. If she had the ability to be independent there was no need to look at her mother in law’s face.

Liu Yumei has been satirizing Su Weiwei’s laziness at dinner. Because it’s autumn, sowing of corn was what people do before dawn but Su Weiwei did not work early and it’s more than nine o’clock now she was still at home. It’s bad luck to meet such lazy daughter in law.

She told her off but Su Weiwei remained indifferent.

So what if the autumn sowing was not sown? Even if there was no food to eat, she was not the only who has no food to eat, does she not know how to do the farming work for the whole family? Besides, she does not believe that she was so lazy and doesn’t finish the farm work. After all the best time for autumn sowing has passed, what else could Liu Yumei be hurry for? Years ago, Su Weiwei was bullied by the company’s old employees when she first started working, using this trick.

So she still ate in a leisurely manner, no matter how Liu Yumei scolded her she act as if she didn’t hear her at all.

Liu Yumei was very angry, it was almost ten o’clock after eating their breakfast when she saw Su Weiwei dangling carrying bread and water bottle, wearing a straw hat ad carrying a hoe ready to go to the lake. She shouted.

“This lazy woman! This little bitch is full of evil ideas, I really underestimated her before.”

Because Xie Zhenjiang still has resentment against Su Weiwei, Jiang Tao also reacted with contempt.

“The dishonest bitch, Zhenjiag told me that Su Weiwei usually teases him and he hasn’t paid her any attention.”

When she said this, Liu Yumei was guilty and didn’t answer after all she knew her son’s character. Xie Zhenjiang liked to tease the widows in the village in early years, he was even caught once by the widow’s mother in law so she spent money to hide the matter down. Xie Zhenjiang was always on heat, but men on heat was not a big deal, but because of Jiang Tao’s strict control Xie Zhenjiang dare not go too far with his naughtiness and could only take from time to time advantages. Thinking of how Jiang Tao managing Zhenjiang Liu Yuemie the mother in law was inevitably unhappy.

Jiang Tao took out the hidden sugar cake and stuffed them to Zhuang Zhuang who was used to Jiang Tao giving him a preferential treatment and let him stood in the corner with the sugar cake.

He don’t know when Cheng Cheng came in, the half of his age child was not sensible. When he saw Zhuang Zhuang eating sugar cake he stood there and stared at him without blinking.

Liu Yumei was angry seeing him like this, she immediately said.

“Go! Go away! Is this something you can eat? You unlucky child!”

Cheng Cheng who doesn’t know how to speak could only look at the things in Zhuang Zhuang’s hand and swallow his saliva.

Liang Xiaomei saw this, pity him so she took him away.

“Good boy Cheng Cheng, when sister in law makes money she will buy you good food.”

Cheng Cheng touched his stomach and said nothing in an understanding manner.

Su Weiwei dawdled until more than ten o’clock before going out, she put the hoe on her basket and picked up Cheng Cheng who was at the door.

Cheng Cheng blinked and confusion was written all over his face. Su Weiwei wiped his sweat and said with a smile.

“Mom will bring you too. It may be a little hot but Cheng Cheng can sit in the shade.”

When Cheng Cheng heard that his mother was taking him with her he immediately pursed his lips and smiled.

Autumn was the time to sown corn, at a glance the soil in the field has been turned over. Every household was sowing corn, Su Weiwei on the other hand has never done any agricultural work before but she had the memory of the original body of shoveling some soil into line and then dig a pit to put the corn kernels into and flattened it afterwards.

It shouldn’t be difficult, right? She soon knew that what she thought she was thinking too much, was in fact too much. After planting a few times she knew that it was not a hoe planting the ground but a hoe planting her. Su Weiwei almost planted her feet, with the sun high she wasn’t able to do much work in the end and instead her cheeks were red from the sun and her head was sweating.

Cheng Cheng ran over and wiped her face with yellow handkerchief, Su Weiwei’s heart warmed up. Although the child was autistic, did not like to talk and was a acting a brat sometimes the child was really sweet. No, he knew that her mother was hurting even when he was still young at a young age of three years old.

Cheng Cheng pointed to the corn kernels in her hand.

“You mean you want to help?”

Cheng Cheng nodded his head.

Su Weiwei smiled.

“Then do you know what this is? This is corn, can Cheng Cheng say corn?”

Cheng Cheng blinked and opened his mouth but wouldn’t produce a sound. Su Weiwei was not in a hurry and put the corn into his hand.

“Remember what I taught you last night? Put four corn in a pit, look at here, 1, 2, 3, 4, there are four kernels.”

Cheng Cheng spread his small hands, counting the kernels one by one. The golden corn kernels in his palm had a pleasant color. His mother didn’t like talking to him before, this was the first time she was so close to him. He must behave well so that his mother would love him more.

He put the corn kernels into the pit without missing one then raised his head high and stared unblinkingly at Su Weiwei.

Su Weiwei didn’t notice it at first but only after a while did she realized that the child was still staring at her. She turned her head.

“You’re not waiting for your mother to complement you, are you?”

Cheng Cheng nodded very seriously.

Su Weiwei chuckled, but still stroked his head said exaggeratedly.

“Cheng Cheng is too good! Four kernels is just right!”

Cheng Cheng finally smiled, carrying the bag of corn kernels and sow behind Su Weiwei. Although he was small he was able to do a decent job and just like this the two mother and son dug a pit and sprinkled corn kernels harmoniously. Their speed was getting faster compared before, and Su Weiwei was able to get a hang of it. It was during the autumn sowing that every family was in the fields, countryside people don’t go back at noon during farming they made do with bread and vegetables in the morning. Su Weiwei naturally couldn’t eat this kind of suffering but she must do it, if she does not look like she was suffering how would people know that she was forced by Liu Yumei to work in the middle of the day with empty stomach and also had to take care of her 3 years old Cheng Cheng?

Sure enough, several village aunts gathered around during lunch. Zhang Guihua’s house was close to Su Weiwei’s house, seeing that she and her child were eating dried buns she was immediately on fire and put her hand on her waist as she asked.

“Your mother in law made this for you?”

Although they were countryside people, the people who work in the farm were the breed winner and meritorious heroes of the family therefore in the past the family would reward the workers with delicious foods otherwise where could they get strength to work? But Liu Yumei was the complete opposite, all she gave Su Weiwei for many days were dried buns and dried radish though it was only perfunctory. Besides even if Su Weiwei could eat it, Cheng Cheng was only 3 years old. Liu Yumei doesn’t even want to bring her grandson but let her other grandson come to the field, was she not afraid of the child getting heatstroke?

Su Weiwei glance at Zhang Guihua, the latter gets along well with Su Weiwei’s mother in law so she always manage the affairs of the Liang family. Although Liu Yumei was in an evil mother in law she likes to behave in front of the people in the village, hoping that everyone could say that she was good and since the original body did not dare to go out and complain, always suffered in silence. But now that Su Weiwei crossed over she does not care, do farm work? If she wants her to do it, why would she be the only one suffering?

People, even if you do ten points in the eyes of others you only did one point—Su Weiwei knows this, she was not stupid.

“This Liu Yumei is really funny! She forced her own daughter in law to jump into the river and now that Weiwei is not yet well she lets her out to do work, and doesn’t even help her children. Do you think she can be a mother in law like this?”

Zhang Guihua shouted.

It was hot at noon, and all the workers snuggled up under the big tree to enjoy the cool. As soon as Zhang Guihua shouted other’s echoed.

“It’s really outrageous. Just look at how tanned Cheng Cheng’s skin is.”

“But how can they let one person do so much work? Liu Yumei is not from the city, and her son and daughter in law are not young masters and young ladies so why not work?”

“That Weiwei was honest and sincere but guileless, if it were me I could not forgive her.”

“That’s right, it’s too much! Look at what they were eating, poor Cheng Cheng ah eating such coarse food. Come on Cheng Cheng, come and eat grandmas’.”

Aunt Hongyu forced a rice cake into Cheng Cheng’s hand. Su Weiwei sighed with red eyes.

“My mother in law is the one who prepares the food, maybe she was just too busy with housework at home.”

“She prepares the food? Look what you’re eating! I say this Liu Yumei is also too shameless, just because Weiwei is not her own daughter in law. She cooks at home full time but ask Weiwei to eat dried radish, if it’s not bullying then what? Weiwei you listen to me, don’t be too good. You, just go home and don’t do anything or go to your mother’s house to hide for two days. I want to see how much work Liu Yumei can do, you need to pay them back!”

Su Weiwei squint her eyes and pretended to be embarrassed.

“Isn’t that bad? In fact it doesn’t matter if I suffer a little, who told me to be a widow? People say it’s hard to be a widow, I didn’t know that before but now I understand. It’s inevitable for me to suffer as a widow and Cheng Cheng is now orphaned and if I don’t have anything, I just feel sorry for Cheng Cheng…”

Then patted Cheng Cheng, she didn’t expect Cheng Cheng to react after all the child couldn’t speak and since he suffered everywhere but to her surprise, Cheng Cheng blinked his eyes and cried.

The bean sized tears fell as he pursed his lips but has a stubborn expression. This picture of his was clear how the little boy was bulled because his father was dead by his evil grandmother, on the other hand Su Weiwei was stunned.

Seeing Cheng Cheng cry, it simply aroused public anger. They denounced Liu Yumei and said that the child was truly wronged!

Liang Heming was basically brought up by their elders so when the word spread in the city that he died, who in the village didn’t cry? Su Weiwei’s mother in law was kinds, everyone likes her and remembers her so when Liu Yumei comes it was inevitable that they would be compared. And the more they looked the more they feel that Liu Yumei was not pleasing to the eye.

“Weiwei listen to your Aunt Guihua, tomorrow morning you will take the child back to your mother’s home. There are us to cheer for you up, don’t be afraid!”

Su Weiwei refused for a long time and finally reluctantly agreed.

When they left, Su Weiwei who achieved her goal hooked her lips. She glanced at Cheng Cheng asked curiously.

“Say son, did you know how to cooperate with your mother just now? Is it possible that you know what your mother meant when she said that?”

Cheng Cheng’s dark eyes stared at Su Weiwei as he nodded seriously.

Su Weiwei was surprised, although it was said in the plot that Cheng Cheng was a genius painter but such a young child doesn’t know everything, does he?

“So you are crying in purpose to match mom? You know that if you cried everyone would be more upset?”

Cheng Cheng’s hmmed shocked Su Weiwei, she had a feeling that her IQ was crushed. What was she doing when she was three years old? Of course she didn’t have the brain to remember and it was such a long time ago but she clearly remembered that when she was in college she was not very good at reading people’s faces and only after graduating from college and entering the workplace did she know how read’s people actions and expressions but Cheng Cheng had such high IQ at the age of three?

Anyway their first cooperation showed an unprecedented tacit understanding. Su Weiwei narrowed her eyes and expressed her satisfaction, she mimicked Cheng Cheng several times which made Cheng Cheng blushed and shyly touched his face.

There were rules in the countryside, Su Weiwei was only a daughter in law and if she really wanted to make trouble against her mother in law there was no one to support her. She had a hard time at home and in the village, but with Aunt Guihua behind her back even if she tears her mother in law’s face she could have a little confidence.

As for the autumn sowing, what does it have to do with her? Anyway, she doesn’t intend to stay here for too long. She doesn’t have any money and couldn’t even afford a pair of socks, at least she should keep some money in her hand? Su Weiwei decided to make some money and send some to Liang Weidong who had studied for three years in senior high school but was not able to pass the university entrance exam.




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