Chapter 28

Tang Tang’s spirit has been particularly good since she woke up after a long sleep. And when closed her eyes at night trying to sleep but before she could fell asleep she heard this strange and familiar sound.

She was startled, her eyes opened wide as the sound of the wind blowing in her ears unbearably, boteh depressing and terrifying.

“Jiang Zhu, Jiang Zhu?”

Tang Tang carefully pushed Jiang Zhu who was lying on the table to rest, and called out in a small voice.

Jiang Zhu hearing the familiar voice, responded.


He woke up from his sleep and was about to ask her what happened when he heard the big wind blowing outside.

Instantly his expression went cold and sullen.

This was an ability.

At this time Tang Tang came over and whispered in his ear.

“Jiang Chi’s ability is wind. Could it be Zheng Xue who said something to Jiang Chi after he went back and brough Jiang Chi to find trouble to us tonight?”

Jiang Zhu nodded.

“It’s possible, we have to be careful.”

Saying that, he raised his hand to hold her arm,

“Let’s wake up Qin Zhang and the others first.”


Qin Zhang and the others has been every nervous outside these days so after coming back this time and they hid in the store. The store has always been very safe and there were no people attacking them with their abilities so it was inevitable that they were asleep soundly.

At this time, Tang Tang shout out them to wake them up making them all froze.

“What’s wrong?”

Qin Zhang asked as he rubbed his eyes.

“The wind outside is an ability, let’s be careful.”

Jiang Zhu said.


A few people instantly sobered up when the heard that, they were just wondering how the rain had only stopped for two days and this wind was blowing again but they didn’t expect this to be an ability?

“Then who could it be? There’s basically no food around here so who would release such taxing thing to do! Could someone be fighting with ability nearby?”

Someone speculated.

Tang Tang then said the previous things about Jiang Chi and Zheng Xue, including why she was blown of the bedroom building by the wind and Zheng Xue’s hidden strength.

“….are they here for revenge?”

Asked Qi Mu in a small voice.

Qin Zhang glared.

“We have not gone to look for trouble, and yet they still have the audacity to come! Come on, come on just let them run to us. It saves us the effort from finding them!”

Several people were angry and directly that they stood up one after another. Jiang Zhu took Tang Wang to one side and was calmly closing his yes to feel the direction of the wind outside.

“The wind ability is coming over the gymnasium and is now blowing this way.”

Jiang Zhu spoke out what he felt.

When several people heard this, their faces became more ugly.

The strong wind blows towards their direction, it blows so strong outside the store that they all thought the door would be lifted.

Tang Tang experience how strong the wind was and was very nervous at the moment.

That strange ability of hers just doesn’t make people at ease!

To say it was useless. That ball looking ability could not stop any ability from attacking her, even to say that it was a protective ability. After all Zheng Xue’s ability continued to burn her even after she reached the ball. She simply could not understand it’s principle!

Tang Tang stared closed at the wind outside that scrapped the roadside tress out of existence, if it was really Jiang Chi, she wondered if he could be persuaded away from Zheng Xue.

About a minute later, that gust of wind finally arrived officially in front of the store.

“Here it comes.”

Jiang Zhu opened his eyes and warned.

“Be careful.”

As if to say hello, the wind outside blew a tree outside the door and hit one of the windows of the store and in a flash the window was gone.

Immediately after, a gale came in from the window sweeping the store.

Tang Tang hurriedly bring out the big ball, but as soon as the ball was taken shape Jiang Zhu suddenly said in a helpless voice.

“It’s pushing me away….”


Tang Tang froze after hearing this, and turned back to look at the same time asking a rhetorical question.

Jiang Zhu was who was holding her arms was now blocked by her big ball, naturally his hand was also separated from her arm. Their current distance was estimatedly between them was about half a meter long.

Seeing this Tang Tang was considering whether to put away the big ball when the gust of the wind surrounding her body with indiscriminate attacks.

The reason she changed the big ball was that several other people have used their ability in order not to be blown away by the wind. She was also a person with ability now so of course she also needs to change her ability to protect herself.

So the situation was different from before as the wind surrounded her the big ball really blocked the wind that it didn’t even mess her hair.

But the point was!

This big ball, was a ball!

And it’s still the big ball with no grip!

Now when this blows, Tang Tang immediately feels like she has the tendency to roll!

“Put the ability away first, stretch your arms back and I’ll pull you in!”

That voice was from Jiang Zhu who was still at her back, Tang Tang nodded hearing the voice so she had one side to retract her ability while she extended her other hand to block the wind.

Tang Tang pursed her lips as she nervously began to take on small steps, but do not blow her away again ah!

Fortunately as soon as she put away the big ball, Jiang Zhu immediately pulled her arm followed by Qiao Li and pulled her towards him.

Jiang Zhu released his start belt like ability and wrapped it around them, while the other end of the star belt was tied to the only big post in the store.

Tang Tang felt the steadiness on the ground as she lay on Jiang Zhu’s chest and breath a long sigh of relief.

So close….

“Hold me tight.”

Probably because of the wind Jiang Zhu lowered his head and went to her ear as he said these.

Tang Tang: “….okay.”

They have been in the beach before, and just like this the wind in the beach was also strong.

The first time they went was because the system had a task for her to make.

It was in winter, and it was freezing cold.

She said she wanted to go see the sea and wanted to see it every morning when she got up during that winter vacation, pampering herself and wanting to sell her coquettishness.

Jiang Zhu agreed, bought a villa on the back and the two live in it together for a whole winter vacation.

Then, she caught a cold…

At that time, the system also laughed at her and give her tasks but not it did not affect him it make her more sick instead.

Tang Tang was sick and bitter at that time, she was listless and was too lazy to care about it.

The second time she went was in summer, not because the system told her but it was Jiang Zhu who asked her to go.

In summer the wind in the sea was very cool, except during the day where the sun was its on full blast heat. So it was only during the night that the wind was cooler.

That night, she stood on the beach facing the sea, her eyes open and looked into the distance.

She didn’t know what she was thinking at that time either, she was just blank.

At this time Jiang Zhu came to her and hugged her from behind, he also lowered his head and whispered.

“Hold me tight.”

Tang Tang blinked, smiled gently and hugged back.


“Don’t let go….”

The latter sentence seems to float in the wind, Tang Tang did not heard it clearly and thought he saying something. When she asked him, he didn’t say anything but touched her head instead.

Tang Tang then remembered and stood tiptoe, learning from Jiang Zhu she came up to his ear and asked,

“What was that sentence you said at the seaside before?”

Jiang Zhu looked down at her, the stars on the star belt reflected in her eyes and for more than ten seconds he was quiet. Tang Tang thought he would not say it when he suddenly spoke again.

“Don’t let go.”

Tang Tang blinked, blinked again and opened his mouth to say something, only that moment the owner of the wind ability suddenly sounded.

“I know you’re here, Jiang Zhu! Come out quickly!”

As soon as Tang Tang heard this arrogant voice she knew who it was. It was Jiang Chi, that fool!

She couldn’t believe, it’s really him!

What was he doing in the middle of the night instead of sleeping? Did he really came to get revenge for Zheng Xue?

Tang Tang turned her head and looked in the direction of the door.

But the wind was too strong, plus it was now dark she could only see the outline of the person standing in the doorway but could not see the specific look.

“Did you hear me! I told you guys to come out!”

Jiang Chi held waiting at the door for a while but still did not see anyone coming out so he yelled again.

Tang Tang was really annoyed with him this time, the was too strong so how could anyone come out to see him!

“Did you hear me! Did you hear me! If you don’t come out, I’ll blow you all away!”

“What’s all the noise! The wind is too strong, we can’t just walked out if you tell us right? You have no brain!”

Qin Zhang couldn’t help his temper, and opened his mouth to roared back.

Jiang Chu was silent after a moment, he seems to be thinking and after thinking he really put the wind away.

After the wind stopped Tang Tang’s head that was a little dizzy was now getting clear. She withdrew from Jiang Zhu’s arms but she was held in his hand.

“Get out! Hurry up and get out!”

Jiang Chi called out again.

Tang Tang looked at Jiang Zhu.

“Going out?”

Jiang Zhu thought for a moment and shook his head,

“Wait for a while and see what he wants.”

Tang Tang nodded, Jiang Chi also had a team and he must have come with them. He currently does not know the other people’s ability, in case there were any traps waiting out it would be a disaster.

He mustn’t go out and ask this person what he wants.

“Why are you here? Is there something wrong?”

Tang Tang asked as she rushed to the door.

“You’re here too?”

Jiang Chi notice that there was this woman among these people.

“I’m not looking for you, you let Jiang Zhu out!”

Tang Tang was confused.

How come they weren’t looking for her?

Against Zheng Xue, she had a part to play too, right?

Did Zheng Xue only mentioned Jiang Zhu and not her when he “complained”? But that’s right because when Jiang Chi shouted earlier he said “you guys”?

Was this “you guys” refers to Qin Zhang and them? But they were not present at that time ah?!

What was this sudden feeling of being ignored..

She thought so in her mind but on the surface she asked.

“What’s the matter with Jiang Zhu? I’m injured and he’s holding me up so he can’t go out!”

Anyway, she should delay them for a while.

She just didn’t expect that Jiang Chi would not care at all.

“I don’t care, sit on the ground and let him out!”

Tang Tang: “…”

I already am!

Tang Tang secretly grind her teeth and played with him.

“If you don’t say what’s up he won’t go out today!”

After saying that, she soon continued.

“In fact, even if you don’t say it I can probably guess it already. It’s because of Zheng Xue said something and asked you to come for trouble and revenge?”

Jiang Chi, indeed answered her with.

“How did you know?”

As Tang Tang heard his answer, she couldn’t help but think how silly he was!

“Of course I know, did you forget that my ability is intelligence?”

She instantly climbed up along the pole.

Jiang Chi seemed to believe her.

“Yes, it is because of this so you asked Jiang Zhu to come out quickly. He beat Zheng Xue like that and threw another teammate of mine into the zombie pile. I can’t let him go!”

Tang Tang was surprised.

This silly kid was quite a big fan of friendship!

But she have to say, it would be nice to think about things a little more deeply.

They couldn’t go out, they don’t know what’s hidden outside. If Zheng Xue’s annoying people were hiding outside and was ready to attack them when they go out wouldn’t they be miserable?

So, the best way now was to abduct Jiang Chi. As long as Jiang Chi was inside the people outside have to take into account what they say.

According to Tang Tang’s guess, in addition to Zheng Xue hiding his strength he also holds other people in the team and it should be inferiors to Jiang Chi’s strength.

Tang Tang continued.

“Why don’t you come in first, I have something to say to you?”

Jiang Chi asked.

“Say what?”

“Come here, I want to talk to you alone.”

“Why should I come over? Why don’t you come over here?”

….at this time he is so logical.

“I’m injured, it’s not easy to move. How about we each take a few steps to be fair?”

Tang Tang thought and negotiated.

Just after saying that, Jiang Zhu’s hand hold her arm tightened which was indicating that he disapproves of her risky behavior.

Tang Tang turned around and passed him a reassuring look.

After consideration, Jiang Chi agreed but the tone seemed impatient.

“I’m coming so you come quickly.”

As the store was dark, Tang Tang held the edge of the table and only took a step, the original dark space suddenly lit up with a warm yellow light.

She looked back and it turned out to be Jiang Zhu who conjured up a small ball of light that were gathering into a small sphere and floating around her.

“What are you going to say, say it quickly.”

As soon as Jiang Chi saw Tang Tang he immediately urged.

Tang Tang also do not go around with him, it’s a long distance from the door. She estimated that if she control her volume people outside wouldn’t hear what she would say.

So Tang Tang lowered her voice and said.

“Jiang Chi, you’ve been cheated!”


Jiang Chi frowned, confused as to what the woman was talking about.

“I say, you’ve been tricked! Fooled by Zheng Xue!”

Tang Tang repeated.

“What did he lie to me about?”

“Do you think Zheng Xue’s ability are powerful?”

Tang Tang did not answer him directly and choose to ask a question.

Jiang Chi replied arrogantly.

“That fire ability of his, what’s so great about it?”



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